Carly Rose Sonenclar

by (@hallekiefer)

What’s More Embarrassing? LeAnn Rimes’ X Factor Performance Or Miss Venezuela’s Pageant Answer?

Oh boy! Rarely do we get two embarrassing videos in one day, so obviously we’re required to pit them against each other for in a cringe-off royale! First up is LeAnn Rimes‘ baffling X Factor performance with contestant Carly Rose Sonenclar last night. LeAnn’s rendition of “How Do I Live?” still makes us want to fall in love with a Southern convict who looks like Nicolas Cage, but her delivery was…well, let’s just say befuddling. LeAnn’s still got them pipes, but seems to have lost both her balance and her ability to retain the lyrics to her most famous song. “I mean are some people for real….what a joke,” LeAnn Twitter-scoffed at critics this morning. The cut to Britney Spears‘ face during their duet, however…well, her terrified eyes speak for us all.

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