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Nicki Minaj Makes Gumballs Glam At Fashion Week

Nicki Minaj looked like she stepped off the Candy Land game board when she showed up at the Carolina Herrera Spring 2012 fashion show in New York City this morning. With Fashion Week is in full swing, we knew Miss Minaj had to up her usual bizarro steez. But she definitely outdid herself in her Amazing Technicolor Gumball Coat, aka “The Coat Of Many Flavors”. OK, it’s not actually made of candy, but it’s still pretty awesome/insane. And she even had the guts to wear it next to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour! Damn, that takes some serious gumballs. Luckily the prickly fashionista didn’t chew out Nicki’s gummy ensemble, but seemed to hit it off with the rapper. Check out the gallery below for more!

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Bella Swan Gets To Wear Her — And Our — Dream Wedding Dress

Did you go into a Twilight coma when you saw the Breaking Dawn teaser trailer, like us? It was too much to handle all at once. Jacob shirtless, waterfall lovin’, headboard shattering — we died, came back to life, replayed the trailer, and died all over again. Perhaps the ultimate moment — well, one of the ultimate moments — was a peek into the wedding scene. It needed to be perfect. This stuff means something to us, people!

Of what we saw of  the wedding decor in the trailer, it looked like no one had screwed up, thank the Lord. Which brings us to another salient part of the whole shebang — Bella’s dress.  So far, the Twilight films for us haven’t been brilliantly styled at all. Don’t get us wrong, we love the series like Jasper loves Alice (had to namecheck them somehow, guys), but the wardrobe department really needed to get their act together. So when Summit Entertainment tweeted, “On November 18, see Bella’s Carolina Herrera-designed wedding dress in #BreakingDawnPart1!” we let out a huge sigh of relief.

We love her designs which are couture personified! They’re elegant, refined, fantastical and every other trait required to — no offense, Vera Wang — make the best wedding dresses ever. About designing Bella’s gown, Carolina told Us Weekly, “It is always a great pleasure to design any wedding gown, but this one was particularly special. Kristen is a stunning girl and her character, Bella, will make a beautiful bride.” All this waiting’s going to be the death of us.

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