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Jennifer Lopez Covers Harper’s Bazaar, Talks About Her Infamous Grammy Dress

Jennifer Lopez Covers Harpers Bazaar, Talks Famous Grammys Dress

This woman is so diva we can hardly handle it. But that’s Jennifer Lopez — impossibly gorgeous and larger than life — as is most evident from her February cover for Harper’s Bazaar, shot in Istanbul. Her interview cracked us up because we love how she thinks she sounds so everyday and normal but really isn’t. For instance, she brought up what happened to her infamous green Versace slashed dress, worn to the 2000 Grammys — you can get your memory check from the picture on the right. “I have that at home. The other day, my housekeeper put it on a mannequin in my spa, where I get my hair and makeup done. She sent me a picture. She was like, ‘You like this dress?’ Um, yeah, but I don’t know if I like it out in the house!” she says. Her boyfriend, Casper Smart, who’s also around, says, “But it’s famous! It’s the most famous dress you’ve ever worn.” Out of all of this, we basically got that J.Lo has a whole spa in her home just for hair and makeup. Of course she does. The other quote that made us giggle was, “I make it as simple and as beautiful as I can because my life is kind of big. So I pack my luggage, or dress myself, or comb my kids’ hair, pick up their clothes—that makes our life beautiful, you know? There’s something very elegant in that.” Oh, Jennifer. Never change!

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Jennifer Lopez Debuts A New Haircut In South America

Jennifer Lopez In Chile With New Haircut

We’re all getting used to the fact that where Jennifer Lopez is, boyfriend Casper Smart will be too. Which is good, because toy-boy rumors aside, they seem happy. And you know what? Casper should be lucky to have a hottie like J.Lo as a girlfriend. It doesn’t matter that she’s almost two decades older than him — La Lopez is hotter than most 20-year-olds. Having said that, this new haircut of hers is functioning like time travel. It’s so youthful and fun! Jenny’s in Santiago, Chile, right now, where she performed last night as a part of her tour. She was seen getting some downtime with Casper and her twins Max and Emme, working hair that was a couple of inches shorter than her regular ‘do, and far curlier. We love! Also, that jacket she’s wearing that you probably covet? It’s the Moto jacket from her own Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s collection. If you want to see closer photographs of the hair from different angles, click after the jump. Read more…

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Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart: United In Sunglasses And Coupledom

Jennifer Lopez has sunglasses on at night. Boyfriend Casper Smart is also wearing shades … because he’s a diva in training? Because you can only date J.Lo if you support her sartorial choices? Because he’s cool by association now? Whatever the reasons are, the sexy twosome made their way to Cipriani’s in New York after Jennifer made an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman, where she responded to questions about her ex, Marc Anthony, FYI.

When asked what it was like working with Anthony on their show, Q’Viva! The Chosen, she said, “You know, its fun because we know each other so well, but it has its moments. The same things that … didn’t really work sometimes come up. You’re talking and you don’t agree on something and you’re like ‘Oh, be quiet!’ … You’ll see it on the show a little bit!” This is also what we’d like to call her “genteel diva” outfit. It’s all shades of fawn and looks very expensive. Check after the jump for a better look at it, and of Casper, of course. Read more…

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Marc Anthony Dating A Super Hot Venezuelan Model

If you think that Jennifer Lopez is the only one newly separated and having a blast, then think again. Her ex, Marc Anthony, is doing exactly the same. While J.Lo is with Caspar Smart, news has emerged that Marc is dating a gorgeous, 24-year-old Venezuelan model named Shannon de Lima. In fact, the photograph you see above is of them, and Marc posted it on his own Facebook page. The singer also just tweeted his new main squeeze yesterday writing, “A mi Shadelima mi estatua de libertad. Besos bebe,” which translates to, “To my Shadelima, my statue of liberty. Kisses, baby.” We’d say this wasn’t just a rumor. Interestingly enough, both Casper and Shannon are the same age: 24. Do we see a competition happening?

[Photo via Marc Anthony’s Facebook Page]

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Jennifer Lopez’s New Fling, Casper Smart, In Trouble With The Law

Jennifer Lopez’s new man, Casper Smart, has some explaining to do. Firstly, his real name is Beau Paul Smart, and secondly, he’s got a rap sheet. According to Gossip Cop, her ‘Beau’ has been in trouble with the law several times due to speeding and driving without a valid license, amongst other charges. He was also arrested in April 2010 for illegal drag racing and is scheduled to appear in court to face the music on January 5, 2012, after pleading no contest earlier in March this year. J.Lo’s not going to happy about this at all, because he could receive a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and a $500 fine.

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Is Casper Smart Jennifer Lopez’s New Fling?

Casper Smart is the new man on Jennifer Lopez‘s block, according to The Insider. Who exactly is he? Giving us Cris Judd deja vu, Smart is one of J.Lo’s backup dancers. He’s the “mystery man” the paps spotted the singer with a couple of times in New York. One of those occasions was right after the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, and we all agree that Jenny looked seriously hot at the event. A source also told People, “Yes, they are dating and having a good time. They’ve been getting more open with their flirting for weeks.”

Looks like Wendy Williams was right about Jennifer and Bradley Cooper.

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