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Kristen Stewart Allegedly Injured On Snow White And The Huntsman Set

We knew the upcoming Snow White And The Huntsman was going to be hard-core, but we had no idea it’d be straight-up dangerous. Don’t roll out the glass coffin just yet, though! According to her Snow White co-star Max Manganello, the fact that Kristen Stewart was injured on-set this week won’t prevent the rough-riding fairy tale princess from getting back in the saddle soon. “It’s a wrap for today. Kristen hurt herself,” Manganello tweet yesterday, reassuring her fans, “Nothing scary… We shoot [again] on Friday.” Manganello has since deleted his informational tweet, probably because Kristen crashed through the window in full battle armor and sliced through his Twitter account with a katana blade, lest anyone think she is weak. That woman is nothing if not a method actress!

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Halle Berry Breaks Foot While Shooting Cloud Atlas In Spain

First she has to wear terrible wig, and now this. While in Spain shooting Cloud Atlas, Halle Berry broke her foot this morning. TMZ reports that Berry experienced “a misstep” which resulted in the actress sporting a cast and tooling around in a wheelchair. Hmm, is there a way to fit a very obvious leg injury into a post- pocalyptic sci-fi drama? You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately for both Halle and the film, which costars Tom Hanks, Hugo Weaving and Susan Sarandon, Berry’s injury could allegedly cause complications for shooting. Filmmakers are reportedly hoping to shoot around Berry’s cast with use of a stunt double and above-the-waist shots, in addition to shuffling the filming schedule if possible. It seems like just yesterday Halle was skipping around Mallorca with her boyfriend Olivier Martinez and her incredibly bored-looking daughter Nahla Aubrey. If only thing had stayed that boring…


Bret Michaels To Sue CBS And The Tonys Over Head Injury

You may recall that back in 2009, Bret Michaels and the rest of Poison played a Rock of Ages tribute at the Tony Awards that ended badly when a set piece fell on Michaels’ head. He was sent to the hospital for stitches and treatment for a broken nose as a result of the mishap. Well, nearly two years later, Michaels is suing CBS and the Tonys. His lawyer, Alex Weingarten explains “The Tony Awards dropped a piece of the stage on Bret’s head, and then instead of doing the right thing, joked about it and played it off for ratings … Bret never wanted to file a lawsuit, but the Tony Awards have left us with no choice. They must be held accountable for almost killing Bret, and that is what we are going to do.”

Sure, a few stitches doesn’t sound serious or like Bret was “almost killed,” but the suit alleges that the head trauma he suffered could very possibly be a cause for the brain hemorrhage he suffered in 2010. Bret claims he asked for direction on how to exit the stage after his performance and “was just told to walk off the rear of the stage — in what was ultimately the danger zone” where the piece of scenery slammed into him.

Back in 2009, Michaels wrote, “I am trying to remain very positive and somewhat humorous about the whole situation. …Over the last few days a lot of speculation as to what happened and who is to blame have surfaced. I need to make clear at no point since the incident occurred do I feel like the accident was malicious in any way and I feel this will all work itself out. However I must state I found it a little strange that the only statement released by the Tony organization was that I missed my mark and that I was completely fine.” Unfortunately, it seems like the humor of the situation has been lost and it’s time to take action. He is seeking unspecified damages.

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David Arquette Rushed To Hospital After Head-On Car Crash, But Is Doing “Fine”

Ugh, as if the Scream 4 star hasn’t had a terrible year as it is. News came this evening that David Arquette was in a head-on car accident in West Hollywood. According to TMZ, Arquette’s vehicle veered into on-coming traffic. An eyewitness alleged that the actor swerved to avoid a car that stop short, only to drive into another car in the opposite lane. After lying on the curb, Arquette was rushed to the hospital; a source claimed that the actor was on his way to Burbank to catch a private jet to Las Vegas.

Fortunately E! is now reporting that Arquette’s injuries are not severe. “He is fine and heading to the hospital,” David’s rep reports, despite the state of his demolished car. We seriously hope Arquette is doing well and will be back on his feet soon. No one deserves a car wreck on top of a trip to rehab AND a public meltdown.

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J. Lo Injured At Grammys By Her Own Spiked Louboutins

Jennifer Lopez looked gorgeous at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, but she had to pay a price for her look. Radar reports that Lopez stabbed herself in the leg with one of the spikes adorning her Christian Louboutin heels while she got ready in her dressing room just before she had to go onstage during the broadcast.

A source tells Radar “Her stylist was freaking out because Jennifer accidentally punctured herself with one of the many spikes on her shoes. It was a small puncture, but the blood wouldn’t stop and J-Lo still had to present an award.” Lopez’ injury was bad enough that paramedics were called to treat the wound and bandage it so she could fulfill her duties as presenter. The injury didn’t seem to impair her while she was onstage, fortunately, and she looked so stunning that no one seemed to notice her Band-Aid.

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Martha Stewart Learns The Hard Way To Never Canoodle Her Dog


There are certain rules every pet owner must follow if they want to avoid having their pooch accidentally mangle their face, or at least that’s what we infer from news that Martha Stewart’s dog Francesca ripped her lip open. Rule #1: Never baby-talk your French bulldog as she blissfully sails through Dreamland. “As I leaned down to whisper goodbye to a dozing Francesca, I must have startled her, because she bolted upright with such force that she hit me in the face like a boxing glove hitting an opponent’s face,” Martha explained. “I was entirely startled and my neck snapped back. I felt a bit of whiplash as blood gushed forth from my split lip.” Sometimes when you say sweet nothings into your pup’s ear, it suddenly turns into The Fighter, except less Christian Bale and slightly more slobber. Every dog owner has to be prepared for it.

Not only did Stewart describe the incident in gory detail, but she proceeded to post 34 photos of her nine stiches up on her blog. Having just returned from Florida where she was promoting her green housing project, Martha was able to dash back to New York only slightly worse for wear. Meanwhile, Francesca lies in wait for her next opportunity…

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Justin Timberlake’s Busted Leg Shuts Down Production Of New Thriller

We always knew that Justin Timberlake was awesome at plenty of things besides being a singer. Being an athlete, it turns out, is not one of them. Or that’s what we’re guessing from the news that Justin Timberlake’s stunt injury shut down production of his new movie for 2 weeks. The film Now, a thriller co-starring Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried and Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki, is set in a future distopia where time is traded as a currency—which everyone is going to wish they had more of after Timberlake puts them 2 weeks behind.

Justin was crutching around last week, as he tries to heal from having damaged his calf muscle during filming. “He hasn’t heard anything about the MRI results, but they’re freezing production until he’s off crutches and able to act again,” says a source. Guess you can’t just have Justin sit down for the entire movie with one leg up. Unless his shirt was off, in which case probably no one would even notice.

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The Biebs Is Hurt!

Bieber down, Bieber down, you guys! Justin Bieber reportedly injured his leg during a gig in Cleveland last night. It’s uncertain how he hurt himself, but he likely busted his knee while busting a dance move. He limped his way through the second half of the show, and even came back out for an encore. (that’s our Biebs!)

Team Justin reps are waiting to hear back from the doctor, but they’re hoping it’s nothing worse than a sprain. This wouldn’t be the first time he’s sacrificed his limbs to perform. Last year the singer tripped over an amp, rolling his ankle and winding up with a fractured foot! Of course, he finished the song without missing a note. What a trouper. One time we stubbed our toe and got out of gym class for a week.

Victims of Bieber Fever, you know what you have to do, right? If you believe in Biebers clap your hands, and he’ll be back up dancing in no time. Maybe Kim Kardashian will kiss it and make it better.

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