New York Snatches Real Live Stage Role

New York has never been shy when it comes to matters of the vagina (choice quote: “You’re a very passionate kisser. ‘Cause I felt that in other places, too.“), so news of her joining a touring company of The Vagina Monologues should come as no surprise. New York will hit the stage in Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta and Houston as part of the all-black production of Eve Ensler’s perennial favorite. “It’s kind of a serious actress type thingy and that’s what I’m striving to be,” said New York to the New York Post. It’s not everyday that you read the words “serious” and “thingy” in the same sentence, but there you go.

Also in the touring production is Deelishis, who as you undoubtedly haven’t forgotten, “beat” New York out for Flav’s “heart” in Flavor of Love 2. New York and Deelishis traveling together to multiple cities? We sense another poisoning coming on! [New York Post]


Barack Obama Gains Two Big Supporters

Saaphyri, of VH1’s Charm School and Flavor of Love, used her assets to campaign for her presidential pick at the Fox Reality Channel “Really Awards” last night in Hollywood. She was in good company, surrounded by fellow VH1 faves Daisy De La Hoya, Jeff Conaway, Hottie, Real, Heather Chadwell, and Danny Bonaduce. See more photos below of reality stars at the only show that awards people for fighting and swapping bodily fluids on national television.

[Photo: Getty Images]