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Taylor Swift Reminds Us Of Just How Pretty She Is Without Makeup

Taylor Swift can wear the hell out of whatever she puts on. Those are some of the advantages of being 5’11, blond, shapely and beautiful. We’re so used to seeing her done up with her wild curly hair (love the straight bangs too, Tay) and red lips staring at us from a Vogue cover or sparkling in a CoverGirl commercial, that we forget that she looks pretty awesome without all that gunk on her face. Taylor gave us a crash course on her face without a spot of makeup and framed by a simple braid on as she boarded a flight out of LAX yesterday, and boy … this girl is so lovely. And stylish too. We see the brogues. We want the brogues!

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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Marion Cotillard Without Makeup Looks Way More Gorgeous Than Expected

OK, so this is Marion Cotillard we’re talking about. The woman is a genetic marvel. Elegant, sexy, charming, beautiful — any one of those adjectives work with her, which is so rare. A large part of us, attributed that to makeup and styling, which when done right, could make anyone look like a goddess. That whole notion is now busted due to these photographs of Marion walking around New York last night without a smidge of any cosmetics on her face. Here’s what we have: She can pull off fringed boots and a beanie like a boss. She has perfectly pale, spotless skin. Her eyes are really that blue. She looks a wee bit like Vanessa Paradis (especially in the photograph on the left.) She looks way better without makeup than we do. Seriously, a ridiculously hungover friend popped in this morning, took one look at this very non-Marion face and said, “You look pretty much like how I feel.” End of story.

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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Snooki Tweets Makeup Free Photo, Changes Everything

There are some things you can’t unsee. Snooki without makeup is one of of them. “No make up day :) and IDC :),” the Jersey Shore goddess tweeted this afternoon, along with the bare-faced pic. Have you ever seen something so beautiful in your life? Those amazingly normal-sized eyelashes! Those stunning crust-free lids! That gorgeous mouth-colored mouth! Next you’re going to tell us Snooki isn’t holding a quart of pure pickle juice off camera, about to use it as a Ron-Ron juice chaser. We are officially through the looking glass, people. Don’t make us go back to the way it was before. Please. Don’t make us go back.

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Celebrities Without Makeup: Shoot Us Now, Olivia Wilde

Some people look terrific without a touch of any makeup on their faces. Yes, not even a dab of concealer. Olivia Wilde is one of those chosen few. That’s her on the left, completely bare-faced, sitting with friends at Sevilla in the West Village (New York), yesterday. And you can see her all made up in the pic to the right. As far as we’re concerned, she looks equally gorgeous in both photographs. We’re not jealous people by nature — at least we’d like to think we’re not — but Olivia pushes us pretty damn close to going completely green in the face.

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