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Snoop Dogg Arrested In Texas. You Know What For.

Snoop Dogg was arrested in Texas this weekend after it was discovered that he was running a massive Ponzi scheme, a nefarious plot by which he was defrauding dozens of investors out of millions of dollars. Just kidding! Ugh, we cannot keep a straight face! While Snoop didn’t Bernie Madoff anyone, he did get arrested for marijuana possession in Texas this weekend. TMZ reports that border patrol dogs in the Texas town of Sierra Blanca sniffed out some of the wacky tabaccky aboard Snoop’s tour bus, which lead to a citation for misdemeanor possession. Hoo boy, but really. The look on your face. Just priceless.

While he was arrested, Snoop Dogg did not get taken into custody and, per his Twitpics, spent the rest of the weekend in San Antonio at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. As if Snoop would commit a crime that didn’t involve him laughing hysterically, eating so much pizza and falling asleep on a pile of coats. As if.

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Adam Lambert Gets Arrested In Finland

Adam Lambert is in jail in Finland and was arrested very early in the morning today. Perez Hilton reports that he got into a “huge fight” with his Finnish boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen outside a gay bar called ‘Don’t Tell Momma’ in Helsinki. This happened around 4 am. Apparently, some strangers tried to break up the fight and got attacked by Adam as well. Crazy right? The singer and his boyfriend are currently in separate jails right now — Adam’s at Pasila police station and Sauli in Töölö. We’ll keep you posted about the bail situation and a possible explanation as and when news emerges.

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Brooke Mueller Arrested For Drug Possession And Assault

Brooke Mueller’s troubles with the law and with drugs are far from over. Charlie Sheen‘s ex was arrested in Aspen as the weekend rolled in, on counts of suspicion of felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor third-degree assault. She allegedly assaulted a woman at a nearby bar, and then carried on to a nightclub (ironically called Escobar) to party. That’s where cops found her and dragged her out. Brooke was released on $11,000 bond the next day, which Sheen supposedly coughed up. Does this mean another round of rehab?

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Michael Lohan Arrested Again, Because He’s Michael Lohan

After being arrested on Monday on domestic violence charges, Michael Lohan is back in custody in the same Tampa jail he was detained at just two days ago, according to TMZ. Girlfriend Kate Major has been publicly denouncing him for his abusive ways, releasing photographs of her with bruises she says he gave her.

This time around, police say he jumped off a third-story balcony and fell into a tree in his attempt to escape the cops after contacting Kate again. He’s really that smart. But that’s the story — she claims he had been constantly trying to get into touch with her on the phone and generally harassing her. That’s when she called Tampa police. Unfortunately, Lohan happened to call her just as they were questioning Kate about his behavior. As the police believed he was a threat, they went to his hotel to arrest him, which is when the jumping happened.

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Anthony Michael Hall Arrested For Disturbing The Peace

Hmmm, and yet isn’t he supposed to be the brain? TMZ reports that the The Breakfast Club star Anthony Michael Hall got arrested last night after allegedly going on a topiary-destroying rampage around his apartment complex. According to a neighbor that alerted the LAPD Pacific Division, the actor was loudly ripping up plants in the building’s common area before the arrest occurred. When the neighbor approached him about the noise, Hall allegedly threatened to “beat him to a pulp,” though that is certainly not how we learned to treat each other that one magical Saturday in the school library. We also learned to keep an eye on the janitor, as he will invariably try to blackmail you.

Once the neighbor in question returned to his apartment, Hall knocked on his door and challenged him to a fight. The man declined (graciously, we’re sure) and called the police, who took The Dark Knight actor into custody without incident. Here’s hoping Hall learns a little something about life and friendship in Adult Detention, i.e. a holding cell.

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T.I. Starts Shooting A New Reality Show On Post-Prison Life

He’s only been out of prison a day, and already T.I. is involved in a shooting…for his new reality series, that is! *zing* The rapper has begun filming a new show that will chronicle life after his ten month prison sentence. In fact, the cameras apparently started rolling mere minutes after his release. The series will air on our very own VH1, which says the show will follow T.I. as he “re-adjusts to life as a free man.” The series has yet to be given a title, but it’s going to be choc full of intimate moments, including his emotional reunion with his wife and kids. It sounds like a real heart-stopper, nail-biter, tear-jerker, and other bodily functions we haven’t even considered! “Can the King stay on the straight and narrow while juggling the chaos of his kingdom?” asks the press release? Drama.com! The show is scheduled to premiere on December 5th. Will you be tuning in?

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T.I. Released From Prison

T.I. is a free man today after being released from the Arkansas prison that has been his home since last fall. The rapper was sentenced in November for violating his probation stemming from a 2009 federal gun conviction. But now it seems like he’s getting sprung early, after serving only ten months of his eleven month sentence. Out early for good behavior, perhaps? It wouldn’t surprise us, after his slew of good deeds before going behind bars. Who could forget the time he talked down a suicidal jumper?! Maybe the police are gonna use him to fight crime.

TIP celebrated his triumphant return to freedom with an equally triumphant return to twitter. “The storm is over & da sun back out,” he wrote. “IT’S OUR TIME TO SHINE SHAWTY!!!!! Welcome to the beginning of our Happy Ending!!!!”  It looks like he’ll have the save the champagne celebrations for later, because for now he faces time in an Atlanta halfway house. But that doesn’t seem to matter much to him. “Feels great to be back where I belong,” he also tweeted. “Back in the arms of those who need me the most.”

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Daryl Hannah Arrested At White House Protest

In case you were wondering, “What that actress from Splash up to these days?,” the answer is: taking on the U.S. government. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Daryl Hannah got arrested outside the White House today while taking part in a sit-in against a proposed extension to a tar sand pipeline running from Canada to Oklahoma. Allegedly Hannah’s rep was unaware of the arrest when contacted by CNN earlier today, which just sort of adds to the whole rogue, badass mystique Daryl now has in our minds.

Joined by roughly 100 others at the protest, Hannah reportedly said, “We stand here today to just say no to slavery, to just say no to tar sands, oil and no to the Keystone pipeline.” Daryl has been arrested for protesting about environmental issues before, including a 2006 arrest for chaining herself to a tree, and one in 2009 during a sit-in to protest mining in West Virginia. One more arrest and we can officially declare Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 the second and third coolest things Daryl has ever done, respectively.

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Twilight’s Kiowa Gordon Arrested In Arizona

Kiowa Gordon, known for playing the shape-shifting werewolf Embry Call in the Twilight franchise, has been arrested in Mesa, Arizona for suspicion of driving under the influence. Things got even more grim for the Twi-hottie when cops discovered that he also had an outstanding warrant, TMZ is reporting. Apparently the 21-year-old Kiowa skipped out on a court appearance in February 2010 for possession of drug paraphernalia and distributing alcohol to minors. The Breaking Dawn actor is reportedly still in custody, but we’ll be sure to give you updates on this breaking story! So far we have no word from any Team Jacob reps.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Kiowa was not arrested for a DUI, but instead pulled over for what police called “routine registration check” in Tempe, AZ. It was during the check that the police computer revealed his outstanding warrant, and the actor was then brought into custody.

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Weston Cage And His Wife In A Major Domestic Bust-Up

Domestic bliss, this ain’t. What it is, is some major anger issues that need to be worked out, stat. Post Weston Cage‘s crazed street fight, you would have thought he would have calmed down and taken some yoga classes or something. One would have also hoped that his newly-wed wife Nikki Williams would support his stress-free endeavors. Not so much.

They’ve graduated to domestic violence, which Nikki and Weston were just booked for yesterday. Felony domestic to be precise, after cops responded to complaints at around 7.30 am. What’s being reported is that Nikki went ballistic and went for Weston with a bottle, ending up cutting him on his arm, punching him like crazy and threatening to jump off the balcony. Wonderfully balanced couple, this. The police do believe that Weston got violent as well, and carted both off to the police station. As of now, Weston has posted bail of $50,000 and apparently told waiting photographers, “Don’t get married”. Nikki got him good because he looked super beat up! FYI, this happened just days after the both of them got out of rehab. We think a tad more therapy is required still, guys. This sort of violence can really spiral out of control again.