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Lourdes Leon: Cute Or Too Grown Up?

Kids! They grow up fast these days. Lourdes Leon, for example, is barely 12 years old and already looking like a Hollywood movie star in her plaid jacket, thigh-high leggings and Doc Martins. Stick a Lollipop in her mouth — and she’d look more Lolita than Lola (her real nickname).

Should mom Madonna swap out her boots for Keds and her Rapunzel-length hair for a bowl cut to keep her from looking like a 19-year-old celebrity? Or are we making something out of nothing? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Charlotte Church Has Second Baby

Hurrah! Another celebrity baby has joined the world, and in keeping with the trend for ’09 – hello, family Affleck! – he has no name yet. Welsh singer Charlotte Church,22, has given birth to her second child with rugby player Gavin Henson.

“Charlotte has literally just this minute phoned us to let us know that she gave birth to a little boy today. He was born just after midnight at her and Gavin’s home with Gavin in attendance at the birth. They haven’t yet announced a name for their son, but we can confirm that he weighed in at 7lb 5oz and that mum and baby are both doing just fine,” reports her blog.

Lovely news for Charlotte there, although we’re dying to find out whether Wikipedia is on the money with its reckoning that he’s called Rocco Montgomery. We’re sort of hoping not, but hey, we’re open minded about this whole celeb name thing. [Photo: Getty Images]


Britney Looks Much Hotter At Wedding That’s Not Her Own

Why do we always forgive Britney Spears for everything? A comeback that’s clearly not 100% sensible — witness her far-from-slick performance on the X-Factor and her worrying mental state in docu Britney: For The Record — means the shine has come off New Britney for us recently. But that’s all been forgotten now that we’ve seen these super-cute pictures of Brit and her even more adorable sons at her brother Brian’s wedding. We can barely gather our breath for squeaking “AWWWWW” at Sean Preston’s (or is it Jayden James’? We can never be quite sure) baby tuxedo, and that’s even before we’ve checked out Britney’s stunning dress. Black, sexy without being slutty, and showing off her new gym-honed bod means she looks the business.

It’s just such a shame that in the Spears family wedding albums, Britney’s outfits at her own previous two weddings (#1 Cut off shorts, baseball cap, drunk look, #2 short-shorts as part of her wedding outfit, “Pimps and Maids” velour tracksuits for the wedding party) just don’t come up to scratch in the same way. [Photo: BritneySpears.com]


Reports: Two More Babies For Brangelina This Year

It seems Angie and Brad’s mission to accumulate children faster than it would be humanly possible to reproduce is not abating anytime soon. Both Britain’s Grazia and Heat magazines are saying the insanely beautiful and prodigious pair are going to adopt another baby girl from Ethiopia “imminently”. Grazia claims that they’re traveling to the country’s capital, Addis Ababa, later this month to pick up their latest addition from the Wide Horizons for Children orphanage. “Brad and Angelina have seen pictures of a two-year-old girl they’d love to adopt,” a source tells the magazine. Blimey

Even more startling is Heat‘s reckoning that Angelina also plans to get pregnant again in 2009, having already told the crew on her upcoming film Salt that she plans to be up the stick by the time shooting starts this March. “She takes prenatal vitamins and eats really healthily and plans to conceive another baby in the next few months,” the mag reports. Hey, we know Angie was recently advised to give her hardworking uterus a break but clearly no-one tells Ms. Jolie what to do. She’s still that “punk girl with tattoos”, remember? [Photo: AFP]


Bumpwatch ’09: Jennifer Garner’s Baby Finally Arrives!

Yay! Jennifer Garner has had her baby! People is reporting that “Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck gave birth to a healthy baby girl.” (Well, if we’re going to get all particular about it, it’s Jen’s hard work in the “giving birth” arena, but hey). We at Scandalist are thrilled to hear the news, especially since we were wondering if the baby was so warm and cozy in there, it was planning on taking up permanent residence. But great news, guys! And we’re looking forward to another traditional-yet-quirky name, please.  Ahhhh.

The arrival of daughter no. 2 for Ben means he and his male life partner bud Matt Damon are now both part of female-dominated households (Matt’s got a stepdaughter and two daughters, too). Expect the pair of them to totally forget they used to be the young hot things of Hollywood back in the day, and turn all scary-protective Bruce Willis-style on any potential suitors’ asses in a few years’ time… [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Afternoon Snack: Jessica Alba’s Daughter Hangs Loose

Jessica Alba may be notorious for her unbecoming perma-frown, but her daughter Honor (with hubby Cash Warren) only makes her mommy’s cuteness factor skyrocket. Suri Cruise, Violet Affleck and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt should all watch their tiny backs – there’s a new top baby in Tinseltown, and she’s winning us over with those big brown eyes! [Photo: Splash News Online]


Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell Have Twins

Ugly Betty actress Rebecca Romijn (remember when she was married to John Stamos?) and Crossing Jordan star Jerry O’Connell (remember when he was the fat kid in movies like Stand By Me?) have announced the birth of daughters Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip. The twins, born on Dec. 28th, are the couple’s first. Namesake Dolly Parton must be ecstatic.

[Photo: FilmMagic]

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Angelina Banned From Having More Babies?

Gasp! Angelina Jolie‘s life – and body – is not as perfect as we all think. Doctors have advised the baby-making machine and all-around hottie from pushing out more kids, due to her previous two pregnancies ending in emergency c-sections. “She’s been told that, at the least, she should not get pregnant for a year after her last deliver, and it would be safer if she did not get pregnant, ever,” revealed a source with insider knowledge of the super-famous womb.

Angie has revealed in the past that she just loooooves being pregnant, so we’re a little worried about what will happen when someone deals her a big, fat ‘NO.’ But if the actress is sad about this news, we imagine her six kids are pretty psyched. Surely they’re ready to put a cap on the sibling limit in the Jolie-Pitt mansion, right? And even Shiloh knows that mommy can always feed her baby addiction by randomly placing her slender finger on a map of the earth and piloting a jet to the local orphanage for some adoption fun. [Photo: Getty Images]


Jennifer Garner Is Still Pregnant

It seems the only celebrity photos around at the moment are of bikini-clad A-listers whooping it up in the sun (grrr), or of a still heavily pregnant Jennifer Garner. Seriously this gestation period seems to have been going on for around seven years! Hurry up and have the baby already, Jen!

We are impressed at your remarkable energy in these final weeks (days? Minutes?) of going out every day, but it would be nice to have some “real” news to read about rather than roundups of 2008, boring celebrity resolution features (apparently Cameron Diaz wants to start wearing a bra for 2009 — you and us both, Cammy) and pieces criticizing invisible A-list swimsuit cellulite. Think of your public, please, Jen!  [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Bristol Palin Pops Out Baby, Snags Cash For Photos

Bristol Palin followed in her mother’s shoes this weekend, when she gave birth to a 7 lb., 7 oz., baby boy and bestowed upon him a strange (yet oddly adorable) monniker: Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. The teen popped out her firstborn on Saturday at around 5:30 AM in the morning, and her great-aunt told People that “The baby is fine and Bristol is doing well. Everyone is excited.”

No one more so than Bristol, we imagine, as she’s rumored to be raking in some serious cash for the exclusive first pics of her tot. Bidding for the photos reportedly started around $100,000, and People finally landed the deal at a price around $300,000. Not bad for an 18-year-old who has yet to graduate college. We’re sure her fame-hungry mama is proud, dontcha think?  [Photo: GettyImages]