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Introducing: Bronx Mowgli Wentz!

Choosing not to introduce their baby to the world in a big bucks magazine photo shoot, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson debuted the first photo of their one month old baby, Bronx Mowgli Wentz, on their holiday card.

The card reads, “We decided to share the best gift we could ever receive with you: Bronx Mowgli Wentz. We couldn’t be happier. And in the spirit of the holidays, we’d like to encourage you to give on your own. Below is a list of worthwhile charities that need your support. www.theirc.org, www.roomtogrow.org, www.richiemaddenfoundation.com” [Photo: FriendsorEnemies.com]


Who Is Lance’s Babymama?

Although Lance Armstrong has had romances with high profile hotties like Kate Hudson, Sheryl Crow, and Mary-Kate Olsen, the seven time Tour d’ France winner has chosen a much more low key lady for his babymama.

His current girlfriend Anna Hansen, with whom he is expecting a baby, is no red carpet regular. Anna is a Program Manager and Recruiter for First Descents, which provides whitewater kayaking and other outdoor adventure experiences to promote emotional, psychological, and physical healing for young adults with cancer. Anna, an avid mountainbiker and snowboarder, hails from Vail, Colorado. She has a degree in biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, has been a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital in Denver and serves on the board of directors for camp Wapiyapi, a foundation providing hope and support for families with childhood cancer. Lance and Anna began quietly dating in July, when they met through charity work. Check out our gallery of Lance’s ladies of the past! [Source: First Descents, Photo: First Descents, Getty Images]

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Lance Armstrong’s Girlfriend Pregnant

Lance Armstrong is going to be a father again. He and his girlfriend, Anna Hansen, are expecting a child.

“Anna and I are thrilled to confirm that we are expecting in June and our families are ecstatic and grateful,” a rep for Lance confirmed.

Lance already has three children with ex-wife Kristen Richards, who were conceived with sperm Lance had banked before he underwent chemotherapy for cancer. [Source: LA Times; Photo: Getty Images]

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Baby Pics! Naomi Watts Carries Samuel In NYC

What’s the best present anyone could receive this holiday season? Did you say a precious newborn baby? Well Scandalist is here to provide you with a holiday bundle of joy without all of the sweat and gut wrenching pain usually required to get one. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber welcomed their newborn Samuel Kai Schreiber into the bitter cold New York City air earlier today. Here are some exclusive photos of the perfect family.

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Happy Holidays From Britney Spears

After a year that started off in chaos, Britney Spears’ 2008 is coming to a close with a super cute holiday card. Brit posed with sons Jayden James and Sean Preston in front of the Christmas tree to send holiday wishes to all her family and friends. Sam Lutfi most likely did not get one in his mailbox. [Source, Photo: BritneySpears.com]


Pete Wentz Drinks Ashlee’s Breast Milk

When Pete Wentz is getting ready to leave the house to go to a radio interview, Ashlee clearly needs to prep him a bit more. First, he told Howard Stern all the dirty details of their sex life and yesterday on SIRIUS The Morning Mash Up, Pete decided to talk about – yuck- Ashlee’s breast milk.

Pete described the taste of his wife’s breast milk as “soury” and “weird.” His son Bronx Mowgli, however, is luckily a bigger fan. “The baby loves it, it’s the only thing he’s had a chance to have,” Pete said.

Pete also describes Ashlee’s breastfeeding as a “luxury” and says that she is losing weight “easier” than he is because she gets to breastfeed. Pete says he gained 10 pounds during Ashlee’s pregnancy and is working it off by “working out a little bit, trying.” [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]

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Bristol Palin’s Baby Due In Two Days

Apparently Sarah Palin‘s dad is a big blabbermouth, as he revealed to some site called Grandparents.com that his granddaughter, Bristol, is having a baby boy. Cuteness! We kinda miss the Palins for all their family drama – we hope the Governor threw some baby clothes for her grandson into that pile of crap she bought for thousands at Saks this summer!

Bristol is due on December 20th, which is just two days away! We can’t wait for the Alaska’s Baby of the Year to be born. Will Bristol follow in her parents’ footsteps and name it something weird, or will she define herself as a more traditional Palin? We’d guess her tot’s name will put Bronx Mowgli Wentz to shame. Fingers crossed, of course.  [NYP. Getty Images]

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Pete Wentz Thinks His Baby is Reppin’ The Bronx

Time magazine got in on the “Why the eff did you name your kid that” party recently, and asked Pete Wentz why he and Ashlee Simpson ruined their newborn’s life with the name Bronx Mowgli. Pete vaguely defended his choice, and then pretended to know all about the boroughs even though he lives across the country:

“It comes back to a very specific story between me and my wife. But I would just like to say that it wasn’t because either of us were trying to give our son street cred. At the end of the day we like the name. Brooklyn gets a lot of love. It’s time for the Bronx to get a little bit of love too.”

If Pete really wanted to give a borough some love, he would have named his son Staten Island. Or how about Jersey? There’s a place that could use some fans. Apparently Pete’s avoided absorbing pop culture over the years, because the Bronx has gotten a whole lotta shout outs from, you know, the amazing people who have actually lived there. We’ve got a growing list below that Pete and Ash should probably check out. Perhaps they should do a little research before they name their second kid?

Famous People Reppin’ The Bronx – For Real

  • Jennifer Lopez – Diva from the block
  • Kerry Washington – Super cute actress
  • Eliot Spitzer – Shamed former Governor of New York
  • Grandmaster Flash – Hip-hop/rap pioneer
  • Al Pacino – Oscar-winning actor
  • Ralph Lauren – Superstar fashion designer
  • Calvin Klein – Superstar fashion designer #2
  • George Carlin – One of the greatest comedians to ever live
  • DJ Kool Herc – The dude who originated hip-hop. Originated!
  • Mary J. Blige – Goddess, singer

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New Celebrity Baby Has Disappointing Civilian Name

We expect our celebrities to behave in the appropriate manner — to be just this side of crazy, prone to bouts of deluded self-importance, have great hair and most importantly, think outside the box for names when it comes to having kids. In the last couple of years, Suri, Harlow, Shiloh and of course, recent arrival Bronx Mowgli have all lived up to our highest expectations. But sadly, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber have failed in this quest with their second son, who arrived Saturday December 13. He’s called Samuel.

Samuel Kai Schreiber. Don’t get us wrong, we think it’s a lovely, classic name, but how on earth do they expect him to fit into Young Hollywood’s Class of 2025 with that name? It’s as if they want him to grow up normally or something. [Photo: WireImage]


Katie Price Plans Playboy, Another Baby (Hopefully Not At Same Time)

The last few months have seen a slew of rumors that their marriage is nothing but a “business arrangement” so now of course British uber-boobed-celeb Katie Price and husband Peter Andre are laying those tales to rest in a tried-and-tested way. Why, planning on having another baby, of course! In his weekly column for New! magazine, Pete “writes” that he’d love to add a fourth tot to their family this Christmas (um, think you might have to wait a little longer than that with the best will in the world, but hey).

“I’d love another baby for Christmas! Kate’s got the Flora London Marathon next April and I’ve got the album hopefully coming out in May, so it’d be after that.”

Ahh, how romantic. Ahem. Actually, those months might be even more crammed than usual after Katie revealed her plans (also in a magazine -hey, these two don’t communicate any other way) to pose nude in Playboy once again.

“I’d love to do Playboy. Although I just saw Dita Von Teese‘s cover and it’s cr*p. The woman is rank. It’s not my cup of tea that she’s so pale,” she told OK! magazine. Charming, as ever – and Dita can add another celeb to her list of haters, as well as her image-stealer Evan Rachel Wood. But we know who’s side we’re on. [Photo: Getty Images]