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Naming Of Romijn And O’Connell Twins A Cliffhanger

There will be no little Zuma’s (Gwen Stefani‘s new baby) or Gia’s (Matt Damon‘s latest offspring) for actor Jerry O’Connell, but he’s willing to get creative. While discussing possible names he and actress wife Rebecca Romijn might give their twins, due in four months, the expectant father had a few ideas. “We were joking about calling them Mary-Kate and Ashley,” O’Connell told Us Magazine.

We doubt that he considered the fact that, well, Mary-Kate and Ashley … Full House John Stamos, uh, that might be weird considering his wife’s name was once Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. He also said he and Romijn discussed “maybe rhyming” the names. “But then is that a little Hansel & Gretel?” he asked. Actually, if you think about it … no?

Rhyming skills aside, Jerry is thrilled that he will be having two little girls, saying: “I’m really excited about having girls. I know guys are supposed to say, ‘I want a boy,’ [but] I just have a feeling I’m going to be good with girls.” [Photo: Splash News Online]


Britney Babysits For Gwen Stefani

Before Gwen Stefani allegedly arrived at the hospital this morning to give birth by c-section, she did what any other mother would do: she dropped off her son at pal Britney Spears‘ house. Britney’s sons Sean Preston and Jayden James had an A-list playdate today with rock spawn Kingston Rossdale. While Gwen and hubby Gavin Rossdale are at the hospital possibly welcoming baby number two, son Kingston borrowed the Federline brothers’ toy Caddy and drove around the streets of L.A. Why be at the hospital when you can ride around in toy cars with Kevin Federline‘s offspring? [Photo: X-17 Online]


Gwen Stefani: Get This Baby Out Of Me, Already!

InTouch Weekly is reporting that Gwen Stefani may be having her baby delivered via c-section this very second. “Gwen’s so excited to have this baby because she gained a lot of weight during this pregnancy,” says their source. “She is ready to meet her new baby and get her body back.” Aw, we’re sure Gavin Rossdale thinks there’s just been more of her to love!  [InTouch]

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Matt Damon Welcomes Baby Girl, Gia Zavala

Matt Damon and wife Luciana welcomed another baby girl, named Gia Zavala, to their family yesterday. No word on whether Damon knows the Sopranos has ended and her chances of being cast as Mob Baby #1 are nil. Gia also has two sisters, Isabella, 2 and Alexia, 10, who is Matt’s stepdaughter. It’ll be no time before she’s playing with the newest unborn Affleck.


Ricky Martin Fathers Twins Without Having To Touch A Woman

She Bangs,” Ricky? How the hell would you know? Ricky Martin is the happy of father of twins — and all he had to do was fill a Cup Of Life (ole! ole! ole!). “The children, delivered via gestational surrogacy, are healthy and already under Ricky’s full-time care,” said a publicist. No word on who donated the egg, but we’re guessing Martin made sure the mother was sexy. [AP]


Exclusive: Jessica and Cash’s Date Night

Who said new parents don’t have time for romance? Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren left 9-week-old baby Honor Marie at home Friday night when they went out to see Tropic Thunder at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood, CA. A source told Scandalist, “They were so cute. They held hands and Jessica put her head on Cash’s shoulder.” Then the couple texted on their cell phones while waiting for the movie to start and snuggled up to each other to take in the Ben Stiller flick, which, despite protests, raked in $26 million and was number one at the box office this weekend. Although Cash was a production assistant when he met Fantastic Four star Jessica on the set in 2004, Cash is no second banana. Jessica’s hubby heads up Verso Entertainment with Clippers point guard Baron Davis. The high school buddies also run online competition site ibeatyou.com. Jessica capped off the weekend by showing off her smokin’ hot post-baby body at the Alma awards on Sunday. [Photo:Getty]

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Katie Holmes Cuddles With Suri

We’ve been a little hard on Katie Holmes these days, what with the rolled husband jeans and and all. But these pics of her and Suri spending a Sunday in Manhattan together are too cute for words. We take back everything bad we’ve ever said (for a few minutes)! [Photos: WireImage]


Nicole Richie Is Saving The World One Baby At A Time

Long gone are the days of the Vicodin-popping, pot-smoking Nicole Richie driving the wrong way on the freeway.  Harlow’s mama is setting up an innovative new website for her and babydaddy Joel Madden’s Richie-Madden foundation, the Daily News reports.

A source reveals, “The Web site will be a registry, like for a bridal or shower registry, where low-income women list things they need for their babies. More well-off people will then go on and buy stuff for the children.”

“She’s hired some pretty high-powered consultants to advise her and put it all together.”

Nicole and Joel have reportedly even asked friends and family to refrain from giving gifts to baby Harlow and donate to the charity instead.  This former DUI recipient is giving Angelina Jolie some competition as Hollywood’s most charitable celebrity.


Rumer Has It

The spawn of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis graces the cover of this week’s Page Six MagazineRumer Willis reveals what it’s like to have Ashton Kutcher as her “father slash older brother,” people calling her a lesbian, and why her family would make a great reality show.

Rumer on Rumors: “It’s shocking how unbelievably mean people are—not just the people who are writing stuff, the people who make comments. For awhile I read that stuff, and it was upsetting, I’d get really down on myself, which is debilitating. Now I think, ‘Do you really have nothing better to do than talk s—t about me?’”

On people saying she is gay: “If people call me a lesbian because I have short hair and I wear jeans instead of dresses, then by all means, run with it. I think it’s hilarious. I like guys.”

On growing up in Hollywood: “Sure, I have my issues, but I’m not in rehab. I’m not in crazy debt. I like the fact that I didn’t just get my GED, but I graduated from high school. A lot of it has to do with my parents. They have a desire to keep us [kids] grounded and give us a normal upbringing.”

On stepfather Ashton Kutcher: “He’s so cool. He definitely is a father-slash-older brother figure, but at the same time I can still go out with him and have an amazing time. We all have so much fun together. I’m so lucky. My dad and Ashton get along—it’s not weird. There’s no jealousy or drama. If we weren’t all entirely morally opposed to doing a reality show, I guarantee it would be the best-selling reality show ever.”

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Gael Garcia Bernal To Be A Daddy

Gael Garcia Bernal, star of The Motorcycle Diaries, The Science Of Sleep and Y Tu Mama Tambien, has announced that he and girlfriend actress Dolores Fonzi (ayyy!), are expecting. Bernal and Fonzi have been dating on and off since 2001, with Bernal also enjoying an on and off relationship with Natalie Portman in 2003 through 2005. [AFP]

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