Celebrity Baby Bumps

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Holly Madison Paints Her Baby Bump For All Of Us

Holly Madison Decorates Baby Bump With Smiley Face

What a nice little gesture from Holly Madison. The pregnant ex-Playmate, current reality star is expecting her first child with Pasquale Rotella sometime in March, so she’s already somewhere around seven months into baby-time. A tweet from her reading, “Took this baby bump update pic today for you guys!” linked to her Celebuzz page, revealing a very natural looking Holly, sans makeup, hiking up her shirt to reveal an adorable, big baby bump with a smile face on it, as you can see above. The message with it reads, “Hey guys! I took this pic of the baby bump this morning— smiling just for you! Hope you’re having a great weekend.” She looks so cute, and so very young without the big makeup and hair. And we like that she’s got sneakers on. This picture reminds us of Mariah Carey who was also into baby bump decoration while she was preggers. Remember her Easter egg decoration bump masterpiece? Or her glittery, girly, colorful butterfly bump art? While Holly’s may be a tad more DIY and less … swirly, we still love it. Except, on third and fourth look, the eyes weird us out a little, but still, baby bumps rule!

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Snooki? Gisele? Tamera? Play Our Guess The Celebrity Baby Bump Game, Summer Edition!

Celebrity Baby Bumps

We begin staring at them, wondering if they’re merely the result of a big burrito lunch; then, soon enough, we marvel at their size in proportion to their petite carriers and placing bets on when they’ll pop — yes, we’re talking baby bumps. Particularly those sported by our favorite pregnant celebrities. It’s fascinating how some famous ladies, like Megan Fox and Gisele Bunchen, play coy for months, hiding behind cleverly draped dresses or simply ignoring questions when we know they’d never allow themselves to acquire food babies like the rest of us. Others, like Snooki, Tori Spelling and Vanessa Lachey, flaunt their bumps like crazy, posting pics on Twitter, posing in front of the paps in revealing outfits. To each her own!

But once again, we’d like to make their beautiful maternal bodies into a fun little game to while away your summer afternoon. Guess the celebrity baby bump! And don’t cheat by studying the thumbnails here; that’s just silly.

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