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Rihanna, Drake, Snooki And More Present The 20 Cutest Celebrity Baby Pictures For Throwback Thursday

We’ve all been there: You bring your new boyfriend/girlfriend home, and the first thing Mom does is whip out the baby book. Before you know it, a picture of yourself on the “potty” or in the bathtub stark naked is staring back at you. Well now Throwback Thursday has taken the power to humiliate out of Mom’s hands and given it back to us! Thanks to the magic of social media, we’re now able to pick and choose what baby pictures everyone will see, and many celebs have been jumping on the kid pic bandwagon.

The Kardashians clearly have the monopoly on this trend, posting bucket loads of old adorable photos to their twitter feeds. But other celebrities have also been getting in on the fun and sharing some pretty cute pics of themselves as little ones. Rihanna dug out some excellent vintage pix when she was visited her grandmother’s house in Brooklyn recently, and Snooki tweeted a pic of her “crazy ass” as a kid earlier this week.

These classic shots are a sight to behold. You would never guess that some of these super-stars went through an awkward stage, but some of them sure did! Although others have clearly been fabulous since the day they were born. So in honor of this Thursday ritual we’ve dug up some pretty adorable (and some kind-of embarrassing) childhood pictures of some of our favorite celebs. Enjoy!

[Photo: Twitter/Getty Images]

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