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Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets A Post-Breakup ‘Do


Jennifer Love Hewitt is dealing with her breakup from Jamie Kennedy the best way she can right now – by going out and partying, and getting herself a makeover. J. Love debuted a new hairstyle this weekend (taking a cue from Carrie Bradshaw, perhaps, who purged herself of her long locks after breakup #75 with Mr. Big) at the launch for Chelsea Handler‘s new book which is unfortunately titled “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.”

No matter who or what Jennifer’s inspiration was, we think the look is a nice change. But is it just us or is she totally morphing into her Party Of Five co-star Lacey Chabert? They didn’t play siblings on the show, but they totally could these days. [Photo: Getty Images]


Dennis Rodman Macks On Sandra, Jesse’s Mistress Tweets “Suck It!!”

Dennis Rodman & Jesse James

The Sandra Bullock/Jesse James drama is moving from tragic to ridiculous in record speed. While most celebs—including the heartbroken Oscar winner herself—are staying mum on the subject, Dennis Rodman is not your average celebrity. Asked by InTouch Weekly how he feels about the scandal, the Sober House star—who beefed with James on Celebrity Apprentice last year—was sympathetic…to a point. “With all I’ve been through with marriage, divorce and girlfriends, I’m the wrong guy to ask…I happen to like Jesse and hope this works out for them.” Fair enough. “However, should it not, with all her success and money, I’d be happy to take Sandra Bullock out for the time of her life.” While that’s a kind and generous offer, Dennis, we’re guessing she’s not looking for another tattooed badass reality star to spend her cash right now.

Tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee might be up for a night on the town, though, considering how unapologetic she’s been about cutting Sandra’s Oscar afterglow short. The fetish/tattoo model recently revived her Twitter with a succinct “suck it!!” (since deleted) followed by “thanks for all the support.” Though she tried to change the subject (“I really want some Ben and Jerrys half baked ice cream.. Yummy!!”), she’s since suggested we all “go drink some haterade” because, as she expressed via acronym, she does not give a f— (“IDGAF!”—also deleted). Don’t worry, Michelle, it won’t believe until no one else gives a f— either.

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Sandra Bullock Moves Out, Marriage Called “A Sham”

Jesse James & Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock moved out of the California home she shares with husband Jesse James earlier this week, according to People. James, accused of having an affair with tattoo/fetish model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee while Bullock was filming her Oscar-winning film The Blind Side, allegedly told McGee last year that he and Bullock had already separated—with Bullock residing in Austin, Texas. Neither star has commented on the rumors, though the UK premiere of The Blind Side, which Bullock was scheduled to attend, has been canceled for “personal reasons.” (James has also closed his Twitter account.)

Someone who is talking is Danielle Dee Madrano, who previously employed “Michelle Bombshell” at livechat/webcam site SoCalGlamourGirls.com and says she heard plenty about the relationship last year. “She told me that Jesse’s marriage to Sandra Bullock was for publicity, and that’s why he did Donald Trump’s show, Celebrity Apprentice,” Madrano told Radar. “He never called on Sandra for money or influence because their marriage was a sham she said.” The webmistress also claims James enjoyed chats with McGee under an alias, though the model told InTouch she casually met James after adding him on Facebook. Either way—with Sandra’s fanbase—James is most definitely a dead man.

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Britney Spears And Jason Trawick: Fighting, Finished?

Britney Spears & Jason Trawick

The relationship between Britney Spears and agent Jason Trawick always seemed kind of odd, considering the rumors that the superstar is an unwilling prisoner of her father’s conservatorship, with guards stationed outside her door. So news that the pair may have broken up doesn’t come as a complete surprise. While E! News says they simply “haven’t been getting along” and “needed to take a break,” the National Enquirer has predictably suggested far uglier behavior on both sides.

Jason pushes Britney’s emotional buttons. She’s losing it more often. She explodes at him for not paying her enough attention. Britney can be extremely needy and Jason’s sick of it…Britney orders Jason around a lot, tells him to fetch things for her. He was so fed up, he got her where it really hurts—telling her she could use a little exercise herself because she was fat. That sent her off on a crying jag. Britney’s not going to feel secure until Jason makes her his wife. But all this drama is just pushing him away—hard and fast!

While their anonymous source may need to calm down (do people really end sentences like that?), a split between Trawick and Spears certainly could signal a rise in Brit-drama, with the agent frequently credited for her career resurgence and relative calm. If her handlers don’t find a rebound consort quickly, things could get ugly—hard and fast!

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Winslet-Mendes Divorce Rumors Abound And Leo Is Involved


There’s no such thing as a Hollywood divorce that’s just a plain old “amicable split.” We need to believe there was another woman, another man, or a few of each. Even if you’re classy and British, you’re not immune, and now there’s an ever-growing rumor mill around Kate Winslet‘s divorce from director Sam Mendes, with both of them being accused of spending too much time with other people.

Today, The Sun reported that Kate and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s friendship only strengthened after they starred together for the second time in Revolutionary Road, directed by Mendes. The paper claims that Kate turned to Leo when her marriage began to crumble and a source says, “they were thrust into stardom together and were the only people who knew what the other was going through. He’s been a rock for her.” So Leo’s not exactly “the other man,” but the paper says that it was Winslet and Mendes’ time together on the set of Revolutionary Road where the marriage first showed signs of strain. All while Leo and Kate were constantly filming love scenes on set. We can see how that would get touchy. Literally.

Mendes is also accused of turning to someone else for comfort, and he found his “rock” in the form of actress Rebecca Hall. Mendes has worked with Hall on film and theater projects over the past few years and a source told The Daily Mail that, “when Kate found out that Sam had grown close to Rebecca she was upset. Rebecca is totally Sam’s type  –  a thespian mix of brains and beauty.” To be fair, Winslet is also a “thespian mix of brains and beauty” so even if this is true, it’s not like the guy was going against his type when he married her.

Winslet is still vacationing and presumably ignoring all this speculation. She’s clearly taking a page from the Jennifer Aniston book of how to deal with rumors – go to Mexico and drown it out with a week of margaritas. [Photo: Getty Images]


Jennifer Love Hewitt And Jamie Kennedy Split

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jamie Kennedy

In case you were wondering why Jennifer Love Hewitt barely acknowledged boyfriend Jamie Kennedy at The Ghost Whisperer‘s 100th episode party earlier this month…the co-stars are no longer dating. “It wasn’t contentious,” a source told People, blaming their busy schedules (yes, Jamie has one too!). “It had kind of just run its course…They just sort of looked at each other and said, ‘We like each other and we make each other laugh, but this isn’t for the long-term.'” Hewitt suggested last June that “By this time next year, if we’re not planning [an engagement], then there’s a situation,” but the source claims the split was amicable enough to leave the Ghost Whisperer set drama-free…much like the show itself.

See photos of the Kevin Williamson movie vets’ time together in the gallery below. Looks like Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar (together for a decade!) will have to remain the ultimate I Know What You Did Last Scream couple.

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Brooke Shields Plans Tell-All Memoir


Brooke Shields has lived most of her life in public, but there are still some details she’s kept private…until now. The model-actress-eyelash baldness sufferer is penning a memoir that will air some dirty laundry, specifically about her ex-husband Andre Agassi. Shields has already written two other books about her personal life, Down Came The Rain,  which was a look at her own battle with post-partum depression, and On Your Own, an advice book geared toward teens that she wrote when she was a young model and which sounds amazing, though it’s out of print. (After taking a look at its Amazon page, we so want a copy). Finally in this latest book, she’ll give us the good dirt we’ve been waiting for.

Shields explains that after Agassi’s own memoir, Open, came out last year, she realized his stories about their two-year marriage were very one-sided. One such anecdote was about Shields’ turn as a guest star on Friends. Agassi turned violent after he watched Shields lick Matt LeBlanc‘s hand in a scene, and he drove home in a rage eventually smashing several of his tennis trophies. Shields’ version of the story will pick up where his left off,  and she says “Does he mention I spent the next three years replicating those trophies? He doesn’t say that, does he? Of course not. That’ll be in my book!” What we’re more fascinated by is the fact that Joey Tribbiani inspired such rage. He was but a humble, sandwich-loving soap opera actor, he never meant any harm.

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Upside of Jessica Simpson’s “Sexual Napalm”: Lots Of Dates


We assumed that, given the very dirty details John Mayer revealed about Jessica Simpson she would be angry. (You remember, it went something like “Sexually, it was crazy. It was like. . .sexual napalm.”) We figured she, being a wholesome girl who saved herself for Nick Lachey all those years ago, would lash out, maybe deliver some kind of public reprimand and come out a sympathetic winner in this whole mess. Turns out, a reprimand isn’t necessary, Jessica is getting her revenge another way.

In her interview with Oprah Winfrey, set to air today, Simpson explained that she was definitely upset by Mayer’s comments saying “I’m a little bit angry. I guess I could have been a lot worse.” (Uh, how much worse?) However, Simpson is actually reaping some benefits from what was said about her too, telling Opes that as far as her dating life is concerned “My phone is ringing off the hook, I have to say.” Funny, we were pitying her this whole time and never even considered the up side. Work that napalm, Jess! [Photo: Getty Images]

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Who Will Abbie Take To The Oscars After Dumping Ryan Phillippe?


It’s fun to take sides in relationships of people we’ve never met, and when it comes to the Abbie Cornish-Ryan Phillippe split we’re strictly Team Abbie (it’s a reinvention of our Team Reese allegiance from a few years ago). The Bright Star actress “ended the relationship with Ryan and she moved out of their home,” this weekend, said her rep. Hmmm – just the fact that her people are commenting on the split makes us think something fishy could have gone down. Maybe there’s some truth to those rumors that Ry-Ry got his cheat on? “No comment,” said her rep. Mysterious! We’ll take that as a yes.

Ryan split from his first wife, Type A-Lister Reese Witherspoon, shortly after she won her Oscar, and his sneaky relationship with co-star Abbie was rumored to be at the heart of their relationship’s demise. Now that Abbie’s star is rising – she snagged some smaller awards for her work in Bright Star and is on the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair – we can’t help but notice that their split mirrors that of Ryan and Reese. She’s  starting to outshine him, he’s allegedly unfaithful…seems like Abbie should should follow in his ex’s cute shoes and focus on work and finding a hunkier, more successful partner. Also us to make a few suggestions:

  • Jake Gyllenhaal: Sure he’s Reese Witherspoon’s ex and rumored to be very, very closeted. But who cares? He’s undeniably do-able, claims to be straight, rocks puppy-dog eyes, and looks fierce in a tux.
  • Jackson Rathbone:  the only Twi-guy who’s not taken (and is over 20), he’s got hot hair and is in a band, which means he won’t get insecure when she emerges as the stronger actor in the relationship. Also, guys look hot when playing in bands.
  • Hunter Parrish: We don’t really know who this dude is, other than we keep seeing pictures of him online that give us girl-rections. He’s an actor and he’s that perfect combo of dreamy – and adorable (okay fine, dream-dorable), and that combination equals sweaty, sexy rebound in the making.
  • That Dude From The Old Spice Commercial Who’s On A Horse: This shirtless mystery man has somehow managed to make a commercial about body wash sexy. Also – that’s his REAL voice! Imagine that booming in your ear in the middle of a makeout sesh. Yes please!

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Report: Jesus Luz Breaks Up With Madonna

Jesus Luz & Madonna

Looks like this boy’s no longer a toy! The Chicago Sun-Times says that model-DJ Jesus Luz has said goodbye to sugar mama Madonna. “Apparently, the 23-year-old Brazilian realized their age difference (she’s 51) and overall lack of mutual interests nixed a long-term relationship,” reports columnist Bill Zwecker (maybe she didn’t like Avatar as much as he did). While we believe Madonna wouldn’t sweat losing her studmuffin—there’s plenty more where that came from—we’re a little surprised with Luz’s independence. Isn’t this supposed to go “Jesus and Madonna fight in public, Madonna dumps him, Jesus sues for palimony, loses, writes a tell-all and spends the rest of his life doing reality shows”? While there’s still time for the story to get pathetic, it’s almost unnerving to see a celebrity couple like this split with such class.

Underlining the peculiar lack of drama are blogs that can’t help but change what little story there is to make some. Gossip Girls, though quoting the same article and nothing else, says Madonna “kicked Jesus to the curb” and “sent her boytoy packing.” Likewise, Perez somehow gets “not so amicable” out of the Sun-Times‘ “totally amicable.” Just wait for another source to offer some actual dirt, guys.

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