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Justin And Jessica: Broken Up And Still Together


Us Magazine may have put a big ol’ rip between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, but they were still holding hands on Monday in Napa Valley. The magazine says Mr. Sexyback called Miss Sexybutt to break things off “about a month ago,” with Biel left “in severe denial,” refusing to accept that Timberlake wants to move on. Wisely, another source is included in article, noting “there’s no way of knowing if it’s a firm breakup, because with them it’s so hot and cold.” So this new photo of the pair doesn’t mean their story is nonsense or anything.

After all, the pair doesn’t look that happy. Maybe Timberlake realized a phone firing was ungentlemanly and took her out for one last walk around the park before demoting her to Marisa Tomei levels of sorta-stardom. Maybe he came back and settled, realizing that none of the current CW stars have enough booty. But unless he’s caught grinding Rihanna again, Us might have tape these two back together.

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Kelly Rutherford Gets Restraining Order Against Ex

The drama of Kelly Rutherford’s nasty breakup with her estranged husband Daniel Giersch played out all through her pregnancy with her daughter Helena, and it ain’t going to stop now the baby’s born, y’all. No, she’s now taken out a temporary restraining order against her ex, claiming his behavior and “harassment” of her and her family has caused her boobies to dry up. Sort of.

“From time to time I have some extra milk, but I never know when…I believe that the stress Daniel has created for me is also negatively impacting my ability to produce milk,” she claims in documents filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Despite Giersch filing a counter-claim that Lily Van Der Woodsen is actually messing up his custody arrangements, he’s now been slapped with a temporary order ensuring he stays 100 yards away from Kelly, Helena, and their son Hermes, except for “peaceful visitation”. Yeah, right. After trying to settle their potty-training differences in court, we can’t see this messy split getting any more amicable. XOXO. Not.

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The Penns Are Definitely Divorcing


Sean Penn recently dropped out of The Three Stooges movie to try to patch things up with his wife, actress Robin Wright Penn. Sadly it seems the star was too late – Robin filed for divorce from her husband of 13 years last week.

The couple, who first hooked up in 1989 and have two kids, ages 18 and 16, have filed for divorce twice before, only to reconcile and call the split off. This time, however, things seem different. Though the Penns were trying to work out their issues as recently as May, they apparently hit a snag along the way. In an interview with Robin that came out Monday, she tells More magazine, “I know what I don’t want.”

And that, apparently, is her husband. [People. Photo: GettyImages]

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Remembering Reggie And Kim

Reggie Bush-Kim Kardashian

We were all sorts of shocked when we saw the news that Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian had broken up. They had just been in Africa together two weeks ago hanging out with lion cubs, and Kim always looked so great lying on Reggie when he did push ups! What could possibly tear them apart? A source who confirmed the split said, “Nobody cheated. This is just a case of conflicting schedules and their lives going in different directions.”

Really? Kim had often gushed about marrying the hunky football player and once said, “of course, I would say yes!” when asked about a pending proposal. Perhaps this blind item about a sleazy, cheating sports star had something to do with their split?

Join us now, as we look back on Reggie and Kim as they once were: happy, in love and forever stuck on the D-List of celebrity couples. R.I.P. Bushdashian. (Seriously, how come we never called them that? Fail.)

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Chris And RiRi Deny Secret Hotel Hook-Up


Friends of Rihanna and Chris Brown are going out of their way to deny that the exes secretly met up at a New York hotel this week. Apparently the pair both accidentally stayed in the same hotel – the Trump International Hotel & Tower on Columbus Circle – without knowing the other was there. “Ri didn’t even know Chris was going to be in town, much less that he was in the same hotel,” said a pal. “As for whether they’re sneaking around together, she’s not dumb – she would never mess around with him again.”

Chris’ people are also going to great lengths to deny that anything fishy went down between the former lovers. Said a buddy of Brown’s: “Chris is taking the court orders [to not get within 50 yards of his ex] seriously. He has called Rihanna since discovering they were staying in such close proximity, but he has definitely not tried to see her.”

Both are in town for work, but do you think there’s some playing going on too? [Photos: GettyImages]

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Video: Chris Brown Apologizes For Beating Rihanna

Well we weren’t expecting this: TMZ has unearthed a video of Chris Brown apologizing for February’s violent outburst against this then-girlfriend Rihanna. “I felt it was time you heard directly from me that I am sorry,” the singer – decked out in an odd red button-down shirt – insists in the vid. “What I did was inexcusable. I am very sad and very ashamed of what I have done…I have told Rihanna countless times and I am telling you today that I am truly, truly sorry.”

Tell us – do you buy Brown’s apology? [Photo: GettyImages]


Janet Jackson And Jermaine Dupri Split

Jermaine Dupri-Janet Jackson

Everything is hitting Janet Jackson at once these days. In addition to what she’s been dealing with regarding brother Michael‘s death, US Magazine is reporting that Janet and longtime boyfriend Jermaine Dupri have broken up after seven years together. The pair were constantly fending off rumors that they had secretly wed (perhaps owing to the fact that Jackson and her former beau Rene Elizondo actually were secretly married for years), but now that they’ve split, it’s somewhat of a shock.

Dupri skipped the Michael Jackson memorial on July 7, telling folks that he doesn’t do funerals, but now it also appears that he doesn’t do Janet. A friend says, “You shouldn’t mix business with pleasure,” referring to the fact that Dupri produced several songs off Janet’s most recent albums. “Janet felt their lives were too crossed and they should have kept things separate.” Janet has also been busy caring for Michael’s children these days, which can’t be easy on the relationship.

Just this past May, Dupri tattooed the entire right side of his torso with an image of Janet as the Virgin Mary. He apparently didn’t foresee the breakup at that point. Looks like he’s going to have to pull a Johnny Depp (who changed his Winona Ryder tattoo to “Wino Forever”) and pull off some crafty editing now. [Photo: GettyImages]


Edward Furlong Getting Divorced

Edward Furlong

Occasionally when a celebrity dies, we have that really awful reaction where we think, “That person was still alive?” The same goes for certain celebrity marriages, divorces and births – they fly under the radar just long enough to baffle our pop-culture-following minds and we’re like, “Really? That happened?”

Having said all that, ladies and gentleman, we regret to inform you that after three years of a marriage we didn’t know existed until today, Edward Furlong is getting divorced. Furlong and his wife Rachael Bella, who have a toddler named Ethan, met on the set of an independent film and were married in 2006.

Furlong is best known for his role in Terminator: 2 Judgment Day and for that Aerosmith video where he crashed a car into a wall. Bella has had roles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tru Calling and ER. [Photo: WireImage]

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Vanessa Minnillo And Nick Lachey Are Over

Nick Lachey

Score one point for Jessica Simpson! Surely the singer is smiling today, upon hearing the news that her ex-husband Nick Lachey has split from his longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo. The pair first got together in 2006, and made headlines in 2007 when pics of them getting busy in a jacuzzi hit the web.

A source tells Us Magazine that, “It was an amicable break-up. They walk away from it still friends.”  [Photo: WireImage]

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TLC Halts Production On Jon & Kate Plus 8


Thank the lord! TLC has abruptly stopped production on their hot mess of a show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. While hawking dysfunction has proven lucrative for the network (the show’s successful season this spring gave TLC their best ratings ever), they’re no longer able to keep up with the insane production schedule that filming a crumbling marriage demands.

Both Jon and Kate Gosselin have been spotted today, just hours after announcing their divorce (check out the pics above). Jon was seen playing with his kids and dogs at home, while Kate trotted around down doing her best Jackie O impersonation in a floppy black hat and sunglasses. Look out world – it’s a single lady on the prowl!  [Photo: Splash News Online]