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Dianna Agron And Sebastian Stan Are Splitsville

Dianna Agron and Sebastian Stan have already pulled the plug on their very short relationship, report Us Weekly and the New York Post. A source told the latter that location was the main problem, revealing, “Long distance wasn’t working. Dianna’s coming to New York for Christmas with her mom, so they might rekindle the flame.” Apparently, their romance sparked during the summer but fizzled due to the fact that Dianna is based in L.A for Glee, and Sebastian travels for work. Us had a source telling them that Dianna was also insecure and “super jealous,” adding, “She was always worried that he was cheating on her while he was away filming.”

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Karina Smirnoff Allegedly Calls Off Her Wedding

If E!’s sources are correct, then this would be the second engagement that Karina Smirnoff has called off. The first was with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, whose wedding plans with Karina went kaput in 2009. The dancer postponed her January wedding plans with fiance and Detroit Tigers pitcher Brad Penny in October this year, but now the whole thing is supposedly off. A source said, “They are just two different people.” Apparently, the Dancing With the Stars champ started putting on her engagement ring only for publicity shots but the second cameras were turned off, the ring came off too. While Karina’s spokesperson has declined commenting on this story, something tells us to expect a canceled wedding announcement soon.

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Ali Fedotowsky And Roberto Martinez Split Up

After 18 months of being engaged, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez have broken up. Without giving a reason for the split, their publicist told Us Weekly, “Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez have ended their relationship. As they go through this difficult time, we ask that you respect the couple’s privacy.”

There goes another Bachelorette relationship that didn’t work out. Ali and Mark were engaged since the show, back in 2009, carrying on even after wedding plans were put on hold this year. Ali claimed that was because she had to get knee surgery, and they didn’t “feel the need to walk down the aisle right now.” But sources claim that it was doomed right from the start, revealing, “Their relationship has been tumultuous since day one. They’re either extremely happy or they can’t stand each other.” Did you see the split coming or did you think they would get down that aisle eventually?

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Zoe Saldana And Fiance Keith Britton Break Up After 11 Years Together

We were so happy when Zoe Saldana and Keith Britton got engaged last year. They had been together for a whole decade when he popped the question, so it seemed like such a wonderful love story. Unfortunately, the couple have split, according to People.

Her spokesperson says there’s no animosity between the two, and their statement reads that they’ve, “amicably separated after 11 years.” There will be no changes in their fashion website, My Fashion Database. “Saldana and Britton remain committed business partners as co-founders of fashion resource MyFDB.com.” That’s a pretty tough call to make. We wonder what went wrong?

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Jennifer Lopez And Bradley Cooper Are Using Each Other, Says Wendy Williams

The always opinionated Wendy Williams chatted with VH1 News’ Janell Snowden at the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards last night, where Jennifer Lopez was honored. Williams, no stranger to relationship drama herself, told us that she thinks J.Lo and her ex-hubby Marc Anthony will be back together in 10 years. “I like them as a couple,” she said.

But what about Jen’s rumored fling with the sexy Bradley Cooper, he of the hot, slicked-back hair? “Oh, he doesn’t want her!” she sassed. “She’s got two kids, she’s in her 40s. I think that he’s using her like she’s using him, for pictures and press and pop culture.”

Which Wendy is OK with, of course. “That’s fine,” she told  us. “But what 30-something year-old man wants a 40-something year-old woman with two kids and an ex-husband with a machete in the bushes?”

Er, well when you put it that way…

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Things Look Good For Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel, Not So Great For Music

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are back on, if rumors of their post-In Time premiere canoodling are true. In case you still didn’t want to believe it, TMZ even snapped a few photos of the pair dining out with Timberlake’s parents earlier this week in L.A. Unless Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake were there to beg them to split up again, we have a feeling Justin’s long musical draught is set to continue. How do we put this delicately…his last album FutureSex/LoveSounds comes out in 2006, Justin and Jessica start dating in 2007. These chuckleheads split earlier this year, Timberlake plays a few surprise performances around NYC. You see where we’re going with this, right?

Now, we’re not accusing anybody of Yokoing anyone else. No one is saying that. We’re just saying sometime the greatest music comes from pain…the pain of breaking up with Jessica Biel. Again. Let’s be real, Justin. You know it’s going to happen sooner or later anyway, so let’s just skip the drama and move right along to the slow jams. Do it for the children.

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Jersey Shore‘s Sammi And Ronnie Are Donezo. No, Really.

Jersey Shore‘s Italy vacation comes to an end this Thursday, and so too does a love that dare not scream its name, even when it’s throwing its girlfriend’s mattress out onto the roof. Yes, that’s right: Us Weekly reports that Jersey Shore‘s Sammi and Ronnie have broken up. Okay, okay, we know, but it’s coming from the horse’s mouth while he’s in an uninebriated state this time, and something tells us it’s legit. “We are not together,” Ronnie confirmed Tuesday at a screening of Paranormal Activity 3 in NYC. And if he’s not bringing his lady to Paranomal Activity 3, you know it must be real. That’s like dating 101!

It’s been two years and four seasons for the tumultuous couple, who somehow managed to survive Ronnie’s complete meltdown at the end of season three, and well, the more minor meltdowns at the beginning of season four. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Why should I believe this when these two have broke up literally dozens of times before, only to get back together in some tear-soaked reunion?,” the answer is…well, you shouldn’t. They’ll probably get back together before you finished reading this sentence. Right…now!

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Kat Von D Records First Album, “Cheating Ex” Offers Plenty Of Material

It’s hard to imagine a Kat Von D album without a few songs about He Who Shall Not Be Named. (Just kidding, we’re talking ’bout Jesse James). After all,  the LA Ink star told E! that her upcoming record will be “more on the dark, more tragically romantic” side of thing. We imagine it’s going to be like a Taylor Swift album, except switch John Mayer for Jesse and swap bunny eyes trembling with heart-wrenching tears for knuckle tatts. Plus, if you’re Sandra Bullock, you can use it to get your heart rate up at the gym.

While her music might be about her former flame, Kat Von D’s book most definitely won’t be. “No, my next book will not be about my cheating ex. There are way too many positive and inspiring things to write about instead,” Kat Von D’s Twitter read yesterday. While it’s not completely clear if Kat is alleging Jesse James cheated on her specifically, or more generally when married to Sandy, either way it’s probably a better subject to rock out to than to read about. That way we won’t have to just imagine the screaming in our heads.

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Blake Lively And Leo DiCaprio End The Romance They Admit They Were Having

Blake Lively and Leo DiCaprio split recently, says Us Weekly, which means it took the breakup of their relationship to confirm the fact that they were a couple, which we all knew about anyway. A-list couples are confusing! Those heady days of Disneyland visits and trips to Australia are over, however, as Blake and Leo’s five-month-long yacht-based shmoodling tour has come to an end. Fortunately the two reportedly “remain friends,” according to their reps. Since we were all supposed to think they were friends this whole time anyway, why bring it up now just to clarify it? We’re going to need to consult our Celebrity Canoodling spreadsheets to keep make sense of this one. Good thing we hired that intern to work on them. They are very extensive!

The J. Edgar star and Gossip Girl actress reportedly got together back in May following Leo’s break-up with professional babe Bar Rafaeli. Lively broke up with costar Penn Badgley back in October 2010. Now, when Blake and Leo pretend to be friends, they will actually just be pretending to be friends. Either way you slice it, those yacht parties going to be real  awkward for a long, long time.

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Kat Von D Splits With Jesse James (Again!), Steps Out With Some Dude

We’re losing track of these two — but the real question is do we (and you guys) really care? Kat von D and Jesse James reunited a little over a month ago with sappy twitpics and tweets to commemorate the occasion. So what went wrong (again) in such a short period of time? Kat explained the (brand-new) split to People saying, “It was clear to me that we were just on two different paths in life. My friend put it best when he said I could never be more deserving of total, noble love. And as a woman, I think it’s important to know your value and never lose sight of that.” Yeah, we don’t know if anyone could have a “total, noble love” with Jesse!

She also added via Facebook that distance played its part and apologized “for all the ‘back and forth’ if it’s caused any confusion).” A day after this apology, Kat was photographed strolling around West Hollywood with a “mystery man,” although none of the pictures suggest a romantic link. Time will tell.  

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