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Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Split Up

After four long years, they’re finally done: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have officially announced their split. A source reveals, “It was mutual. Jessica is doing fine.” To silence any are they-aren’t they the now ex-couple also released a statement through their reps. It reads, “Addressing the media speculation regarding Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s relationship, we are confirming that they mutually have decided to part ways. The two remain friends and continue to hold the highest level of love and respect for each other”.

Wow, we feel really bad for them. They—and mainly Jessica—had to put up with a lot of flack throughout their relationship, because it felt like most people couldn’t believe that they were together. Plenty of people thought they just weren’t the right fit! Then there were all the rumors that Justin was cheating on her. Having said all of that, they did last four years, and that’s something! But now, as most things roll in H’wood, two very hot people are back on the market.

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Amanda Seyfried Is Dating Ryan Phillippe, Used To Date Alexander Skarsgard

Amanda Seyfried has finally spilled the beans to Elle magazine. She looks gorgeous in the shoot, which is a fashionable interpretation of her Red Riding Hood avatar. Which basically means they made her pose with a lamb! But more importantly, when asked whether or not she was dating Ryan Phillippe, Amanda replied, “Um, yeah. I’ve been ‘seen’ with him”. Guess that puts rumors that Amanda and Ryan have split up to rest—and this is the April issue of the magazine, so we’re talking about the present!

The juice, fortunately, didn’t stop there. She finally opened up about the messiness of Dominic Cooper breaking up with his longtime girlfriend to be with her, revealing, “I was just kind of foolishly thinking that the two of them were done and Dom and I were involved. But we weren’t really as involved as I thought. So I got my heart broken pretty hard.” For some strange reason, we thought it was the other way around. Being with Dominic also made Amanda miss out on a romantic possibility that we would kill for. Apparently, Amanda had a thing with Alexander Skarsgard! Which came to naught as she explained, “We dated. He’s super funny, but I was too involved with Dom”. Considering the hotness of all three men mentioned, we’re sure she’s doing just fine.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Faces Taylor Swift (And Friends) After Oscars

Oh to be have been a fly on the wall for that conversation! Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal reunited briefly at an Oscar after party, but unlike Chace Crawford and Emma Roberts‘ romantic interlude, this one was a lot more terse. You’ll hear all about on Swift’s next album, of course.

In case you can’t wait that long — we certainly couldn’t — some nosey sources spilled the story to People. One of them commented, “They were outside near the restroom having a discussion. It seemed a bit more serious — it certainly wasn’t a ‘Hi, how are you?’ talk”. Of course it wasn’t. Because Taylor was telling Jake all about Chord Overstreet and how it’s so over for Swyellenhaal and ON for SwiftStreet. We kid, but we’re hoping it went something like that. Another source revealed that it, “seemed they were catching up, sorting something out.” Post their little discussion Jakey G left the building leaving Swift to party with two girlfriends and “they completely kept to themselves. She couldn’t be bothered by anyone.” We know how that conversation went. It probably started at, “Who the f— does he think he is” and ended at “Someone pass me my guitar”. Start writing that song, girl!

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Shakira Caught Holding Hands With Rumored Hot New Boyfriend

About a month and a half after Shakira announced her break-up with longterm fiance Antonio de la Rua, the singer seems to have bounced right back into the dating game. And props to the She Wolf for moving on with a bonafied hottie. A fan posted this picture on Facebook of Shakira holding hands with Spanish footballer Gerard Pique.

Rumors of Shakira and Pique started during the World Cup last year (where the singer had recorded the official song Waka Waka) but all stories were denied, of course. The FC Barcelona defender was one of the stars featured in the video, and was cited as one of the reasons for Shakira breaking up with de la Rua. They’ve been denying stories of hook-ups for the last couple of months, chronicled by the Spanish newspaper El Periodico de Catalunya.

Good luck denying the rumors now, guys. A picture speaks a thousand words, so don’t even try denying it now! It’s not like it’s a crime or anything? Just two ridiculously hot people getting together.

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Report: Dianna Agron And Alex Pettyfer Are Splitsville

Over so soon? Wasn’t Dianna Agron just blogging her displeasure about the Alex Pettyfer engagement rumors? If sources are to be believed, then we now know why she was so pissed. Alex and Dianna have apparently split up. The I Am Number Four costars have been dating for less than a year, and looks like things moved quickly, because they were living together as well.

But now, as UsMagazine reports, Dianna’s packed her things and moved out. It was just a month ago that Pettyfer told Ellen DeGeneres, “She’s an amazing woman and she’s got this old school, classic movie star elegance to her. She’s amazing.”  Dianna, in return, told Sugar Magazine in their Winter 2011 issue, “Alex might see himself as a bad boy, but he’s actually very sweet in real life…”

So, what went wrong? We had written about reports that Alex had some serious diva ‘tude on sets of I am Number Four. Maybe he was bringing it home, and Dianna had enough? Either way, this couple could have been Young Hollywood’s reigning King and Queen is they had stuck around. But in this town, people tend to get back together as soon as they split up. Whether it’s for the cameras or not, is another story altogether, so let’s just see how this supposed break-up rolls.

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Amanda Seyfried And Ryan Phillippe Are Already Over

Are these two over before they even started? Bummer! Such is the life of the Hollywood rebound we suppose. Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe are already splitsville, it seems. The couple never really went public with their romance, which has fizzled out after only three months. They were reports of romantic trips to Tulum, Mexico, and the like, but none of it has taken them anywhere serious. A source told UsMagazine, “They are not dating anymore. And it’s not a big deal for either of them.”

That’s the spirit, guys! Love ‘em, and leave ‘em. Another source indicated that Ryan’s already moving his lovin’ on to a new target, although they are no reports yet as to whether he was successful or not. Apparently, he took quite a shine to Rihanna (who in their right mind wouldn’t), at the Gucci/Roc Nation brunch over the weekend. The source reveals that he supposedly asked Ri-Ri, “He said something to the effect of ‘what are you doing tonight’?”

Nice try, Ryan. But, considering there are stories doing the rounds of Rihanna and ex-flame Matt Kemp being back on, we doubt how far he got with that action.

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Chelsea Handler Reportedly Dumps 50 Cent For Hotelier Andre Balazs

While these two seemed like an unlikely couple, Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent did look like they were having a blast together. Apart from their coy are we-aren’t we dating yo-yo we had pretty much made peace with the fact that they were dating. So when UsMagazine writes a piece on how Chelsea broke 50 cent’s heart, our reaction was pretty high on the WTF scale. Also because Fiddy doesn’t seem like the sort to get his heart broken and then mope around. But that’s exactly what he’s been doing, reportedly. And hello, ice-cold Chelsea!

The comedienne apparently dumped him before the holidays quite unexpectedly. When the rapper tried to win back her heart by sending her presents, she supposedly sent them right back. One returned gift, the magazine says, had a note tucked in that read, “I can buy my own gifts”. Bit on the brutal side, right? Where was your holiday spirit, Chelsea? Apparently, it had already spirited away to a new target. It being hotelier Andre Balazs who Chelsea has been reportedly getting hot and heavy with at Sundance. (Balazs also happens to have a famous ex, Uma Thurman).

People says this new supposed couple have been making out all over Sundance. They were also at the Florence+Machine gig where a source reveals, “They were making out in the corner of the dance floor upstairs.” Later at the Tao, another source says,” They were very touchy-feely, both laughing and very happy. They looked totally smitten.” That’s just dandy, but Fiddy’s also at Sundance. Try not to rub it in his face, guys.

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Sam Worthington Is A Single Man

We’re not terrible people, so that tiny part of us that’s happy that Sam Worthington is single again? We’re squashing it out as we type. This news also comes as a bit of a surprise to us because he seemed really tight with his girlfriend of three years, Natalie Mark. He even once said that Mark, “keeps me in line”. But a source close to the Avatar actor reveal that the split was a long time coming, saying, “It’s been on the cards for a while, I believe.”

The Daily Telegraph reports that Worthington was definitely not acting like himself at a recent public event. On the G’day red carpet, he got belligerent when event organizers requested him to make an entrance instead of slipping in from the side. He reportedly starting swearing and even hit a photo wall. Easy now, Sam! We know break ups are hard!

His behavior inside was much of the same, making a reckless bid of $50,000 for a four night-stay at an island resort. Well, the auction was a for a good cause—The Queensland Flood Relief—so at least he’s channeling his pain into doing something that’ll increase his positive karma! He probably erased all of it by parting all night at The Chateau Marmont right after, though. Call us, Sam. We’ll make you feel better!

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More Reports Confirm That Jaime Pressly’s Marriage Is Over

Yesterday, we had posted news of Jaime Pressly‘s marriage possibly breaking up. We were hoping it wasn’t true because of the horrible run she’s been having, DUI and tax evasion charges included. Unfortunately, more sources are creeping out to confirm the sad news. One informant told Perez Hilton yesterday, “It was very mutual and she’s very sad.” Another source has now told UsMagazine, ” They are done”. And they’re not the only ones talking. A second source explained more adding, ” It’s over. I don’t think they have officially filed anything yet though.”

The couple, Jaime and her possible ex husband Simran Singh, haven’t yet confirmed the split either. But the same source seems adamant revealing, “I think it comes down to she married this guy too fast. He seemed like a good guy but he is super full of himself and puts her down for everything. He picks fights with her for any little thing.” Apparently, Jaime’s most concerned about the repercussions of her supposed split on her little three year old son Dezi. His father is her ex-fiance Eric Cubiche. Says the source, “She doesn’t want to confuse him. Her baby is her top priority. She is a strong girl though and she will come out of this fine.”

That’s a lot of comments coming out, even though Jaime hasn’t said anything. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, though, so we’re leaning towards this story being true as opposed to false rumor.

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Is Jaime Pressly’s Marriage Over?

Perez Hilton reports that Jaime Pressly and her husband Simran Singh have split up. If this news is true, then it’s just another downward spiral in a very bad run for the actress. Pressly was just booked for a DUI, where it was reported that she was way over the legal drinking limit. And right after that, news broke that Pressly apparently owed over $637,000 in federal and state taxes.

We’re hoping her marriage isn’t over but Hilton reports of a source who reveals, “It was very mutual and she’s very sad.” We’ll wait for a confirmation and keep you posted on this development. Pressly was previously engaged to DJ Eric Calvo who she has a son, Dezi, with.