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Celebrities Who Broke Up in Extremely Odd Ways

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Hilary Duff and her husband, former NHL star, Mike Comrie announced their separation earlier this year. They haven’t divorced yet, but the scandalous part of the entire situation is the vicious rumor that she’s seeking one BECAUSE OF HER PSYCHIC. Though that’s been disputed, it wouldn’t completely shock us. Famous folks are known for their short-lived relationships, and sometimes the reasoning is pretty weird. We took a look back at some of the Celebrities Who Broke Up in Extremely Odd Ways. Nothing is sacred.

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Did Justin Timberlake Call Britney Spears A Bitch? Tell Us!

Justin Timberlake referred to "some bitch" at his pre-Super Bowl performance

Here’s what we think we know about what Justin Timberlake said on Saturday, when he performed at DirecTV’s Super Bowl-eve bash in New Orleans: Reports from attendees, such as a HollywoodLife reporter, say that he told the crowd: “Sometimes in life, you think you found the one. But then one day you find out that she is just some bitch!” And then he launched into “Cry Me a River,” the song he’s admitted was about his breakup with Britney Spears.

So he’s calling Britney “some bitch,” right? But on Sunday evening, he tweeted:

OK, so that means he wasn’t talking about her “personally,” just generally, before singing one of his most personal songs, that he wrote maybe possibly after finding out that Britney maybe possibly cheated on him with dancer Wade Robson. He ws speaking generally about all those other major breakups he’s had (Cameron Diaz?). We get it. #Respect. Just keep on singing, JT. And don’t try to enter politics, please.

Because we love this hint of bitterness, though, we put this question to you:
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Taylor Swift Gets Blown Off By Ex-Boyfriend Harry Styles During Her Trip To England

Harry Styles snubs ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift

It sounds like Taylor Swift’s attempt at a reunion with ex-boyfriend Harry Styles was unsuccessful. The love-lorn songstress flew to England earlier this week allegedly for work, but there were loud whispers that the journey was actually to try to win back the heart of the One Direction star, who reportedly dumped her because she was “asexual and wouldn’t put out.” Charming.

“Taylor was desperate to meet up with Harry in London, but he totally ignored her,” a friend close to the two told RadarOnline. “He told her he had too much going on, even though she purposely arranged to stay at a hotel that wasn’t too far away from his home.” The source went on to add that Harry was a little freaked out by Taylor’s intensity, which probably isn’t helped by her habit of purchasing real estate near to her suitors. “Harry found Taylor a little too full-on and scary, and he was put off by how serious she was about him after such a short period of time.”

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Taylor Swift Flies To England To See Harry Styles: Is It A Salvage Or Sendoff?

Taylor Swift flies to England to see Harry Styles

Fans of Haylor, this could be your lucky day! Mere weeks after the short-lived couple met their extremely timely demise, Taylor Swift had a reunion with her ex (?) Harry Styles. Taylor flew to the One Direction star’s native England yesterday, and according to an insider “she has no obvious reason or promo duties in London this week.” Ohhh damn, you know what that means! “There’s talk of a meeting with Harry being on the cards,” the source continued to the UK Star. That would certainly explain why T-Swift checked in to a hotel near his home. “Harry has just got back from a small tour in Japan with the band, and now has four days off.”

The real question is why the pair are meeting up? Are they trying to work it out and get things started fresh? That could be hard, considering  the fact that Harry apparently broke up with his superstar girlfriend because she “didn’t put out.” Ehh, that’s the kind of thing that might be hard for Taylor (or anyone) to forgive. Who knows, maybe she’s trying to get some closure on the whole affair and end things on a nice note, i.e. one that isn’t the title breakup track on her latest album.

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Is Selena Gomez Singing “Cry Me A River” For Justin Bieber?

Woah! Is this a reference to ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber? Selena Gomez has us all in a loop! She performed “Cry Me a River” — which is like the poster song for breakups — at a UNICEF Benefit Concert at the Best Buy theater in New York and looked lovely, we might add. But before singing the song, she told the audience, “I’ve been through a lot the past few months. It’s been weird and sad and cool.” And then right before she started she added, “This song definitely speaks to me.”  Was that a subliminal message about the Biebs? The thing is, for such a poignant song to sing, she looked totally happy afterwards. Flowers and her hair, et al. We’d like you to take a look at this and tell us what you think. Is this just one of those songs that you sing when you’re making a statement — it was done acoustically. Or was this a message specifically about Bieber? Vote and let us know.

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6 Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Rumors That Make Our Heads Spin

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are either breaking up or moving to Paris together

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are splitting up, back together, having a baby, moving to Mars … the variety of conflicting rumors we’ve heard about them in the past two weeks is staggering. It’s impossible to tell if any of these are remotely believable, since they all come from “sources,” but we thought we’d round the latest ones up for your amusement, or so you can have an excuse to make the kind of exasperated faces Rob and Kristen are making in the photo above.

1. Rob and Kristen are fighting nonstop and he broke off their relationship just before the Golden Globes. This comes from The Sun, which says, “She flew to L.A. and was supposed to be Rob’s date for the Golden Globes, but he told her he wants to cool it off. He loves her but would rather go back to being good friends so they can rebuild their trust and focus on work after Twilight.” It’s also building off an earlier Life & Style report on their fighting: “Rob is at a point where he sometimes ignores her.
He’ll go out and won’t respond to her calls or texts right away.”

2. But hold on a second, Kristen and Rob were spotted together on the night of the Globes. “Wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and a backward baseball cap, Bella met Robert at Tina & Amy’s private after-party at the Soho House in WeHo!” Perez Hilton reported. She was supposedly a no-show at the ceremony because she was afraid Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would crack jokes at her expense.
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Britney Spears, Jason Trawick Break Up, Capping A Sad (Or Is That Happy?) Week For Brit

 Britney Spears and Jason Trawick have broken up

Britney Spears and her talent agent turned fiance/conservator have split up, her rep confirmed to People this evening.

“Jason and I have decided to call off our engagement,” Spears said in a statement. “I’ll always adore him and we will remain great friends.”

According to TMZ, the former couple postponed the announcement until Trawick was taken off the conservatorship — which we always thought was the most awkward, weirdly paternal part of their relationship. The two began dating in 2009 and got engaged a little over a year ago, in December 2011. Read more…

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Rihanna Calls Chris Brown “Stupid” And “Not A Man” On Twitter (We Think)

Rihanna calls Chris Brown "stupid" and "not a man" on Twitter

To be honest with you, we’re getting to the point where we really think that Rihanna is using her Twitter feed exclusively to mess with us. Oh, and to tweet bikini selfies. But otherwise it’s mostly to keep us guessing about the state of her relationship with Chris Brown. Days after accidentally sharing a night club with Breezy’s ex Karrueche Tran, something seems to have gone down between the controversial couple, because Rihanna set her Twitter feed on fire with some furious tweets.

“Boys will be boys!!! Cause they can’t be men,” she wrote this morning, and yesterday she posted a picture on Instagram with text that read “I have to stop saying ‘How stupid can you be’ I think people are starting to take it as a challenge.” A second one soon followed that read “You can have results or excuses not both,” with a caption simply saying “Choices.” We’re not sure what’s up, but Riri seems pissed!

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Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Break Up Again, Maybe This List Of Their 6 Cutest Moments Will Reunite Them

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break up a second time

We know one guy who hasn’t had a very happy New Year so far: Justin Bieber. The Biebs reportedly split from his long time girlfriend Selena Gomez. If you’re getting deja vu, it’s not just you. The two broke up back in November following his alleged dalliance with Victoria’s Secret Angel Barbara Palvin. They got back together soon after because (let’s face it) who could stay mad at that Bieber face? But sources are now saying that this time the bust-up is for real.

Apparently it all went down on December 30th, when the couple were vacationing in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico for the New Years holiday.”They had another huge fight, and Selena won’t forgive him,” an insider close to the pair told Us Weekly. In fact, she stormed out of the villa and flew back home to Los Angeles, leaving poor Biebs without a New Years kiss! We have a feeling that he found someone happy to help out. However, a friend insists that he’s understandably blue about his single status. “He’s been really down about the breakup,” they say, even citing it as the reason for his recent “acting out,” which we take to mean “smoking the reefer.”

Awww, poor guy. He’s a wreck without ya, Selena! Give him another shot. We’ve assembled a list of your five cutest moments to try and reignite the spark!

6. He Bought An Entire Flower Shop For Her

He apparently had multiple trucks deliver the entire contents of the store in order to “fill her house with flowers.” Let’s hope she doesn’t have an allergy.

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Does Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana Split Mean We’ll Miss Her During Awards Season?

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana reportedly split again

Too-beautiful-to-be-true couple Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper have maybe possibly split up once again, according to Page Six.

“Zoe had planned to spend the holidays with Bradley and his family in Europe,” a source told the paper. “They all were going to Paris, but things didn’t work out between them. Zoe spent New Year’s Eve with friends in Miami.”

We’re not exactly heartbroken over this split, sorry to say. It’s just that we’d seen the actors — who hooked up on the set of their movie The Words, broke up in March and then reunited recently — together so seldom, most of the photos we used to make the below gallery of their relationship included other people too. But this recent development makes us worried about one thing: Will it mean that we won’t get to see Saldana’s fashion risk-taking on the red carpet this awards season, as Bradley celebrates the many nods he’s received for Silver Linings Playbook? Darn, kids. Could you just please reunite until March?

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