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Jenny McCarthy, Rest Of America Quit Jim Carrey When It Wasn’t “Fun Anymore”

Jim Carrey Wears Jenny McCarthy's Bathing Suit

When on Oprah today, Jenny McCarthy fielded questions about ex Jim Carrey, saying, “You know, the simple word I can give – and there’s a few, so let me say a few. The first thing is, when it’s not fun anymore, you need to start investigating and do an inquiry into the relationship.” We know that Jenny meant any relationship could potentially collapse on itself like a moldy pumpkin, but her answer also makes us wonder: what did happen to the old, fun Jim Carrey? One year he’s crawling out of a rubber rhinoceros vagina in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls; the next he is at the forefront of lobbying for greener rice production.  We tip our hats to Jim’s work with his Better U Foundation, but if we dated him, he would be required to talk out of his butt at least once per romantic dinner date.

McCarthy and Carrey were, however, a great couple while it lasted: living, laughing, curing autism. At least Jenny hasn’t lost her sense of humor about it, tweeting, “Watch Oprah today. I’m on it. My mom said she peed her pants watching it but probably cuz she’s old.” Jenny’s mom and us have that in common! [Photo: Splash News Online]


No Surprise Here: Paris Hilton Is The World’s Worst Ex-Girlfriend


We have come across many examples of Paris Hilton‘s deplorable behavior over the years but here’s just one more to really solidify our hate. Hilton was reportedly partying at a club in St. Tropez with her newest rich boyfriend, Jho Low, when her ex-rich-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt happened to stop in for some table-top dancing and bottle service of his own. Of all the gin joints in all the world, right? What are the odds? But Hilton was not happy that she had to share breathing space with her ex and Page Six reports that “she asked the deejay to announce, ‘Paris wants Doug Reinhardt to get out,'” after which, Reinhardt left, presumably to find the other club in St. Tropez where douchey Americans go to spray Champagne and VD on others of their kind.

On the one hand, sure, show me a pair of exes that really enjoys running into each other at a bar – admittedly, it’s not something most people enjoy. But on the other hand, Paris could have easily turned her eye (her good eye, at least) away from Doug and ignored him, thus allowing him and all the other club-goers to co-exist peacefully instead of coming off as a royal b*tch. It wasn’t bad enough that he dressed in a tutu for Paris, now he has to deal with public shaming. Of course, dating Paris was his choice, and a source of shame in its own class.

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Mel Gibson’s Ex-Wife Defends Him


Just the other day, we were wondering how Mel Gibson‘s ex-wife Robyn felt about the tapes the revealed an unflattering portrait of her former husband. Was Robyn ever on the receiving end of some of Mel’s harsh outbursts over the course of their thirty year marriage? Apparently not!

TMZ reports that Robyn actually filed a sworn declaration on behalf of Mel to be read in court. It says “Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage. . .Mel was a wonderful and loving father.” The statement will be admitted as evidence in Mel’s defense should a case be brought against him. Mel divorced Robyn while Oksana Grigorieva was already two months pregnant but despite that, it seems that Robyn still holds Mel in higher regard than Oksana. She says the charges of violence Oksana is claiming are “so beyond the truth.”

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Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels Split Getting Ugly


Melissa Etheridge and her ex-partner Tammy Lynn Michaels have been in the news for a while now. Etheridge dissolved their relationship legally and filed for joint legal and physical custody of their twins, stating “irreconcilable differences.”  The children were born in 2006, after Tammy was artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor. Etheridge and Michaels registered for a domestic partnership in California back in 2006 and tried to make it legal in 2008, but missed the deadline.

Tammy claims she was “blindsided” when Etheridge dumped her, writing furious poetry that was published all over the internet. Tammy then asked for full legal and physical custody and spousal support and that’s when the trouble started.

She claims that Etheridge has left her and their two children in the lurch with only $4 to Tammy’s name. Her lawyer  Steven Knowles stated, “Melissa has not been treating Tammy or the children as if they are a wife and children, financially and otherwise.” Apparently, the singer has not coughed up any cash since they split, a claim, that Etheridge is denying. Problem is, Tammy filed for the dissolution of their marriage, but they weren’t legally married. Melissa on the other hand filed for the dissolution of a domestic partnership. Tammy isn’t entitled to spousal support if they weren’t married. Either way, Melissa’s lawyer, Neal Hersh, states, “Melissa is paying all of Tammy’s expenses, which totals tens of thousands of dollars per month.”

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Mel Admits To Hitting Girlfriend, Quickly Become Worst Human Ever

When we heard last year that Mel Gibson was leaving his wife Robyn, who he had been married to for 27 years, we felt terrible for her. In light of recent developments though, we’re thinking maybe this divorce was the best thing that ever happened to her.

A tape of Mel’s angry, racist tirade against former lover Oksana Grigorieva surfaced last week, and this week, Radar Online is providing us with yet another incriminating tape where Mel admits he hit Oskana. In the recording, Oskana asks Mel, “What kind of a man is that who would hit a woman when she is holding a child in her hands, hitting her twice in the face? What kind of a man is that?” and Mel responds “You know what — you f**cking deserved it.” Pretty disgusting, to be sure, and certainly makes the claims that Mel knocked Oksana’s teeth out valid.

While it seems like ex-wife Robyn is too classy to get involved, we can’t help but wonder if Mel has always been this awful, or if it’s just his girlfriends that he’s violent and abusive toward.

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Have Serena Williams And Common Split?


Game, set… but the match is apparently off. There’s news of a split between tennis player Serena Williams and rapper/actor Common, according to In Touch magazine. Apparently the two “just grew apart” after two years of seeing each other. They came together for the premiere of the rom-com “Date Night” in April. But come May, and Common was minus Serena for the premiere of his new film “Just Wright”, bringing his mother instead. No comments yet from Williams’ or Common’s camps. Hey, maybe Venus Williams’ lingerie-esque outfits at The French Open reminded Common that she and Serena have got the same genes.

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Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato Split


Jemi is no more! Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato have confirmed that they broke up on Monday after a just a few months of dating. And unlike with his ex, Taylor Swift, this split didn’t happen on the phone. Lovato tweeted, “There are so many crazy rumors flying around today.  Joe and I did split, but it wasn’t over the phone.. Things didn’t work out but we’ll remain friends.” Lovato also slammed rumors that she’s already seeing someone post-break-up saying,  “I am NOT dating anybody already.” Followed by the ubiquitous, “Nothing is more important to me than the relationship I have with my fans.”

But why Jemi, why? You were so adorable together? Joe clarified, “Demi and I knew going into our romantic relationship that it may not be an easy one. I realize over the time we have shared together that I feel I care more about our friendship right now. It was my choice to breakup, but I love her as a friend. She’s been there for me when I needed her. I will continue to be her friend and be there for her.” Ah. Young Love. So fickle, yet so sweet. And the whole friendship thing better work out, because they’re touring together this summer!

But… and there’s always a but… the split might not be set in stone. A source let on, “She’s a strong girl. They are so young…I wouldn’t count them out yet.”

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Hugh Grant And Liz Hurley: BFFs


It takes a really special type of girlfriend to see past her boyfriend’s cheating (with a hooker!) and then remain friends, nay, BEST friends, forever. But that’s exactly what Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant are, according to a new interview with Zest magazine.

Hurley says that she has several besties including her husband Arun Nayar, but qualifies them all. “My overall best friend is Hugh. My ‘current affairs’ best friend is Arun, because we speak to each other all day, every day. My sister Katie is my loyal best friend. But there is a part of my life neither Arun nor Katie understand; a career part and a different emotional level where Hugh is still my number one. We’ve been best friends for 24 years and that’s not nothing.”

She also says that Grant “virtually has a bedroom at our house” and that they are neighbors as well. She also says “He’s an excellent godfather to [Hurley’s 8-year-old] Damian. He’s a part of our family  –  we all go on holiday together and Arun and Hugh get on incredibly well. We’re all grown up, and if I wanted to be with Hugh, we would be together.” So watch out, Arun, if Liz’s eye starts to wander, you know where she’s heading. These two are still some of our favorite 90’s stars (and look at how hot they were back in the day  – they’re hot now too, but back then they were one good looking pair) and we’re happy that they’re best pals. Maybe this is how Jude Law and Sienna Miller will end up, since we have no faith in their romance.

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Jenny McCarthy Moving On With New Mystery Man


Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey broke up a couple of weeks ago, and Miz McCarthy seems to be moving forward just fine. She swooshed off to Vegas with her sister and some pals, and chowed down at N9NE Steakhouse inside the Palms (Jenny happily ate  lobster). But after dinner the actress/celebrity mom sampled a little male dessert! A hotel source ratted her out, revealing, “After dinner, Jenny headed to the Playboy Club for some martinis and was seen getting very cozy kissing an unknown guy.” Jim who?

No leads as to who Mr Man is… but hey, nice one Jenny! These days, the only love Jim Carrey is getting is on Twitter.

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Billy Joel And All His Wives Attend Film Premiere


Last year, we were pretty sure that Christie Brinkley was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs after the sordid details about her divorce from Peter Cook went public. (You remember, that’s the case where he slept with an 18-year-old and they both demanded that the other get sent to prison – classy!) It’s nice to see that one of Christie Brinkley’s divorces hasn’t ended in complete sleaze though, just look at how happy she and her beret are to be hanging out with ex-husband Billy Joel and their daughter Alexa Ray.

They were all together for the premiere of Last Play At Shea at the Tribeca Film Festival chronicling the Piano Man’s final concert at Shea Stadium before it was torn down. Also in attendance? Joel’s other ex, Katie Lee, whom he divorced last summer. Now that just seems awkward. Or is is sweet? We’re so used to divorces ending badly that all this supportive, nice behavior is weird.

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