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Robert Pattinson’s Car Talk, Underwear Dare On Kimmel Make Him The Most Regular Guy Ever

OK, so he’s charming, handsome and stars in a lot of hit movies, but deep down — scratch that, even on the surface — Robert Pattinson is also like every other guy on the planet. That’s what we learned from his appearance on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. In an interview that involved absolutely no food, but a lot more talk-showy-type anecdotes than RPattz normally tells, the Cosmopolis star chatted with Kimmel about wanting to sell his cars, all of which he bought on Craigslist. “I buy everything off Craigslist,” he said. Just like most of the guys you’ve dated, right?

“You will show up at a person’s house and look at an item, like a car, and then negotiate with them?” Kimmel asked incredulously.

“Every single car I’ve bought,” he said. He said he bought his first BMW for $1000, with his agent and manager in tow, back in 2008, “literally to negotiate the price of a $1,000 car.” And three months ago, he doubled his vehicle spending when he purchased a 2001 Chevy Silverado truck for $2,000 from “this guy who lived with his parents,” in order to go for bike rides with his assistant.

Earlier in the interview, Pattinson recounted how he discovered that his favorite cycling spot turned out to be a place where people went “dogging” — as in, cruising for sex in a public space — after he rode by a raid in progress. So that was a little less “regular guy” and a little more There’s Something About Mary.
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Miley Cyrus’ New Whip Joins Our Top 10 Celebrity Rides

Miley Cyrus is a singer, actress, and clearly a baller (and we’re not just talking about which end of the anatomically correct cake she likes to eat). The Disney star dropped a stack or two,¬†specifically¬†$127k on a new ride last week at the Mercedes Benz dealership in Encino, California, according to TMZ. Miley is now whipping a 2012 white SL550 convertible, which she apparently paid for in full. But Liam Hemsworth’s girlfriend isn’t the first Hollywood PYT to splurge on a car. All of the young and famous want to ride in style these days — whether it’s a pink Bentley for the Barbie of hip-hop, Nicki Minaj, or a Batmobile for Mr. Bieber. Here are the 10 most expensive sets of wheels owned by our favorite celebs:

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