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Brad And Angelina’s Kids Keep Asking Why Their Parents Aren’t Married

Well this could get awkward. After years of watching films and television specials where lovers get married, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s children are starting to wonder why their parents haven’t also tied the knot. Obviously they’re too young to understand the complexities of pre-nups. “They have asked, because people get married in the movies,” Angelina says in her Nightline interview, which is set to air tonight. “Shrek and Fiona are married, you know?” We guess the “living together” phase was glossed over in the Shrek franchise. Luckily mother Angie knew just how to defuse what could be a tricky discussion topic. “We’ve explained to them that our commitment, when we decided to start a family, was the greatest commitment you could possibly have,” she says. “Once you have six children, you’re committed.”

In other Brangelina Brood news, the kids are now proud owners of an anti-jet lag device. The future is now, you guys! Brad and Angelina shelled out for the gizmo to help their kids sleep despite their constant travels through time zone. The machine consists of a lighting apparatus that helps your body adjust to the time changes. The technology had previously only been available on private jets and extremely high end first class cabins, but obviously the power duo pulled some strings. Let’s see Shrek and Fiona do that!

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Did I Do That? From Sitcom Kids To Grown-Up Stars

Why can’t the world let Jaleel White be great? The man formerly known as Urkel complained to People today that he feels limited by his sitcom past. “I’m very versatile, but somehow I didn’t earn the tag of being called a versatile actor,” the former Family Matters star says. “I’m still chasing that one Vanity Fair tag that says, ‘This guy’s a versatile actor.’ I accept it. It’s fine. But for me, it’s like what do I have to do to get that [acknowledgment]?”

Luckily for White, those different and exciting roles could still be just around the corner! Your career doesn’t have to end when those highwaters get too tight to wear! Check out our gallery of sitcom kids, from Leo DiCaprio to Raven-Symone to Sarah Jessica Parker, who successfully made the transition from adorable youngsters to adult film and television stars. And hey…don’t lose the faith, Jaleel.

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Reports Surface Of Jay-Z’s Secret Son

Jay-Z famously told us about his 99 problems, and it looks like a love child could be one of them. Although his wife Beyonce’s pregnancy will make him the most famous daddy in hip hop, rumors are circulating that the 41-year old already has a “secret son.” No, he didn’t pull an “Arnold,” but allegedly fathered a child nine years ago with Trinidad model Shenelle Scott, long before Bebe was his lady.

The report courtesy of Star Magazine reads more like an episode of Maury. Malik Sayeed believed he was the father of Shenelle’s baby, but took a paternity test at the advice of friends who had seen her hangin’ around with the rap star. “Everyone knew she was sleeping around and sleeping with Jay,” Malik’s father told Star. “There was a good chance it was his.” Malik got the test results back two weeks later, which revealed that the child was not his. But this was no time for the patented ‘Not-The-Father’ Dance. He immediately suspected Jay-Z, to whom the child bears an apparently striking resemblance.

But according to the source, Hova didn’t leave his kin out to dry. He apparently pays child support, as well as a lil something extra. “Shenelle told me that Jay-Z gave her $1 million to keep her mouth shut,” Malik’s father explained. “[She] took the money and bought herself a really nice house in Trinidad that the whole family lives in now.” So at least it sounds like a sorta happy ending at the end of this, right? At least for Malik and Shenelle. Not so much for Jay-Z and Beyonce, we’d imagine. The tale of the nine-year-old son would put his conception right around the time she and Jay-Z first began dating. This would understandably bring some friction to the Z household. Unless of course another one of Jay-Z’s problems is tabloids making up BS stories about him. In which case it’s probably all good in their hood.

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