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The 10 Most Squee-Inducing Moments From The First Day Of Breaking Dawn Filming


Oh.My.God. Breaking Dawn just started shooting in Brazil with Kristen Stewart (photos) and Robert Pattinson (photos) and already it is beyond EPIC. As if to torture us nerdy Twi-hards and Robsten fangirls, director Bill Condon has started the 6-month long shoot by filming the most romantic scenes first, which means real-life lovers, the ever adorable RobSten (photos), are in Brazil being as touchy-feely as the newlyweds they play in the movies.

Last night, Twitter had a seizure processing all the adorable photos and videos rolling in from the shoot and #squeeee became a trending topic (er, not really). Luckily we have our fangirling under enough control to bring you our 10 Most Squee-Inducing Moments From The First Day Of Breaking Dawn Shooting. Check out our list – and 40 HQ photos from yesterday – and then share your own favorite moments. TheFABlife looks forward to 6 more glorious months of squee-worthy goodness.

  • 10. Bella’s dressed like a woman, in – gasp! – heels! We adore seeing Bella all grown up. Marriage clearly has done the character good, and we love that the director and wardrobe have finally given the girl a little glamor.
  • 9. Breaking Dawn wins for best Twilight hair. Kristen’s hair is shorter these days IRL, but the extensions she’s rocking are a total win (unlike the fail wig Kristen wore in Eclipse). And Rob’s locks are shorter, darker and undeniable sexier. Dazzling, indeed.
  • 8. The fashion is actually fashionable! Be still our style-loving hearts. How good do Bella and Edward look in their tight, tailored clothes? That LWD (little white dress) with the black belt is timeless and sweet and Edward’s outfit is UNF-tastic. The pants hug Rob’s silhouette perfectly, the shirt is well-made and wisely unbuttoned and even his shoes are sexy. Breaking Dawn wardrobe department, FTW.
  • 7. Bella’s stunning engagement ring. We had our doubts about the giant sparkler, but it looks amazing in the photos and is oddly understated, considering its size. Edward’s mother would be proud.
  • 6. Kristen channels Jersey Shore, teaches Bella how to fist pump. This photo. Nuff said.
  • 5. Rob helped Kristen deal with her heels. We all know how much K prefers Keds over 5-inch heels, and clearly they started to get to her after a long day on set. Lucky for her, Rob was around to lend her a hand. That sound you hear is ladies “awwwwww”-ing around the globe.
  • 4. Robert Pattinson really loves driving that boat. A lot.
  • 3. Rob and Kristen’s boat high five/hand hold/kiss. Nothing is cuter than a couple who can act like buddies and lovers in one breath.
  • 2. THE KISS. And the cuddling. And the cuddly kissing. Breaking Dawn‘s PG-13 rating be damned! There is not going to be a living woman left in the theater when these scenes are through.
  • 1. The real-life Robsten hand holding that took place once the cameras stopped shooting. Rob and Kristen didn’t let go of each other the entire night. They stayed connected while talking to their director and walking back to their trailers, and that is sexier than 100,000,000 Bella and Edward make-out scenes. Oh, and is that Rob picking something off of Kristen’s face while holding hands? Yeah, we thought so. *Dead*

Runner Up: These photos of RobSten waving at fans from their hotel balcony. Is it just us, or are they both rocking ‘fresh out of the shower hair’ in these pics?

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Courteney Cox Denies That Her Split With David Arquette Is Divorce


Divorce, separation; potato, potahto. Courteney Cox is claiming that her much-publicized split with David Arquette does not actually signify a divorce for the couple. Even with their rough patch seemingly getting rougher by the minute – what with Arquette’s post-coital weeping, TMI Howard Stern appearance and the acknowledgment that Cox mothers him – it’s amazing that there’s still hope for them. But Cox says she’s optimistic about their relationship.

Their split, she says, is just a trial. “I don’t know what will happen, but this is not like we’re getting divorced,” Cox explained. “This is a separation and I think that takes a lot of courage . . . Whatever is supposed to happen will be the best thing for us.” And what of David’s public airing of laundry on the radio? Cox was unfazed, saying “[David] is a kook. It’s not shocking and Howard Stern, he loves him and I’m a fan of Howard Stern . . . David is an entertainer and I’m sure the people who listen to the radio are entertained by his stories.”

We assume the Tale of Jasmine Waltz, the woman David was allegedly screwing around with, is not the kind of story the couple reads Coco at bedtime.

We were sad to learn of Cox and Arquette’s separation, since it’s not often that couples really bounce back from that, so we applaud her attitude and wish them the best. If Gale Weathers and Officer Dewey can survive the Ghostface killer (killah?), hopefully they can make it through this too.

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Did Justin Timberlake Cheat On Jessica Biel With Olivia Munn?

Has anyone ever believed in the longevity of Justin Timberlake‘s relationship with Jessica Biel? Er, not really. The couple is always under the radar and going their separate ways, which often leads to speculation that JT has a wandering eye. (How many times have we heard that he’s hooking up with Rihanna, caught with Kate Hudson or getting cozy with Mila Kunis? Often!)

Today, US Magazine is reporting yet another lady on the side, and this time they’re saying that Timberlake cheated with Olivia Munn, known recently for her work as a Daily Show correspondent . The magazine says the hookup was just a fling over the last weekend of September and that Justin wooed Munn in New York City after telling her that his relationship with Biel was over. Now that it seems Justin lied to her, and Munn feels used.

Timberlake’s people deny  that an affair occurred, but we’re torn. On the one hand, we want to believe Timberlake is the man of our dreams, whose talent, charm and faithfulness know no limits. On the other hand, he’s a 29-year-old unmarried guy who’s talent and charm know no limits: aren’t those usually key factors to being unfaithful?

Check out out giant gallery of Olivia Munn pics below!

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Beyonce And Jay-Z’s 20 Cutest Moments Ever

We’re still holding on to hopes that Beyonce is pregnant, but after her mom Tina Knowles denied the pregnancy rumor, it might be time for us to let go of our dream of seeing Jay-Z carrying a toddler on his shoulders around NYC. Regardless, we can still celebrate one of the world’s cutest couples with 20 photos of their most adorable moments together.

As a bonus, our friends at Moonit have got the couple’s astrological compatibility on lock. Here is what they reveal about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s astro-connection:

According to their birth dates, it’s no surprise that Beyonce (born on September 4, 1981) and Jay-Z (born on December 4, 1969) gravitated towards each other. When it comes to the two of them, “there’s a larger-than-life force drawing him to her, telling him to be around her as much as possible if he wants to grow and achieve his true potential.”

With that it mind, it totally makes sense that these two are “really well suited to assume the role of leader versus follower” (so I guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship).

It’s also no surprise that, wherever they go together, “they’re the ‘it’ couple.” They “entertain the people who matter, they’re effortlessly ‘on’ all the time, and they’re confident and comfortable in any situation.” From their “perfectly timed snuggling” to their “witty repartee” to their “meticulously appointed house,” it’s like “everyone around them wants to emulate their perfect relationship.”

See? Even the stars agree that Bey and Jay are the cutest couple ever. Proof below.

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Ashley And Joe Continue Their Love Fest At Katsuya – But Will It Last?


There’s a lot of talk online that Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas‘ relationship is more for the cameras than themselves. But hey – whether they love cuddling each other in private or tangling their fingers in front of a wall of paparazzi, we don’t care. They look cute together, they wear tight jeans like nobody’s business and we like to imagine them competing over whose hair is better coiffed (our pick for winner: Ashley).

The couple parade in front of paps while leaving LA sushi joint Katsuya last night. As Ashley prepares to embark on a lengthy shoot for Breaking Dawn (Whee! Squee! Etc!) we’ve got to wonder how they’re going to make this thing they’ve got going on work. Will Joe visit Ash on the BD set and have late night jam sessions with Robert Pattinson? Or while this relationship be buried in the Short-Lived Celebrity Relationship Cemetery next to the love-fest that was Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner‘s short-lived, media-friendly affair? Voice your predictions in the comments below!

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Rachel McAdams And Michael Sheen Are The Newest Random Couple In Town

Who’s that happily lurking behind Michael Sheen? Rachel McAdams, that’s who. And this is not her photo bombing him, either. They’re both leaving a screening of Sheen’s Beautiful Boy at the Toronto Film Festival. Together. Because in one of the most weirdly random celebrity pairings (hello, Fred Armisen and Abby Elliot), these two are now McSheen, of course.

Thus we ask the following questions: why are Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen dating? And more importantly, why does this bother us? We really don’t know. But they apparently started lovin’ it up all over the city after meeting at the screening. Are Ryan Gosling‘s ex and Kate Beckinsale‘s ex really a serious item? Time will tell. It’s just a nine year age difference. That’s not much…right?

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Random New Couple Alert: 50 Cent and…Chelsea Handler?

Say why? Apparently sources are claiming 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler are more than just friends. But who even knew they were friends in the first place?! Reportedly the two were spotted together in New Orleans and Nashville over the last couple weekends, looking like more than acquaintances. Handler’s sidekick Chuy must be sobbing into his tiny baby-sized pillow with jealousy as we speak, poor guy.

As it turns out, Fiddy has not been shy about his crush on the late night host following an appearance this spring on Chelsea Lately, tweeting about how beautiful Handler is, and according to Chelsea, leaving her a voice mail saying, “Hey This is 50, I just want you to know that I was serious about asking you out. Just wanted to know if you are single.” Chelsea, in case it wasn’t clear: he is just that into you.

Some people have speculated this is some elaborate joke for Handler’s show, but we are hoping these lovebirds are for real. Two foul-mouthed, Twitter-obsessed celebrities in love? We couldn’t have made a better couple to blog about if we tried! [Photo: Getty Images/]

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Exclusive: Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys Are Obsessed With Each Other, Exes Be Damned!

VH1 News’ lovely and tenacious reporter, Janell Snowden, braved wind and rain on the red carpet at Alicia Keys‘ Black Ball last night, and we’re grateful she did. She chatted with everyone from Usher to Deepak Chopra, but the most vocal stars of all were event hostess Alicia and her hubby, Swizz Beatz.

Janell chatted with each of the lovebirds separately, and yet all they wanted to talk about was each other. Swizz called his new bride his “soulmate” and “partner” while she gushed about their love and revealed that he’s pampering her like crazy during her pregnancy. It was a straight-up love fest, the kind of which would make us barf if it wasn’t so damn adorable.

Swizz’s ex-wife Mashonda recently accused Alicia of trying to manipulate Swizz’s kids into calling her “Umi” (mother in Arabic) and claims that she ignored her emails about the nickname. “She never replied,” says Mashonda. “She doesn’t reply to me. She has never given me that respect.”

It doesn’t seem like Alicia and Swizz are phased by Mashonda’s claims at all. Still, who do you think is right in this never-ending love triangle drama?

More pics from the Black Ball red carpet below!

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Has Joe Jonas Removed His Purity Ring For Ashley Greene?


We were first inclined to believe Jashley was just a rumor. But then this popped up: photographic evidence of Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas holding hands in broad daylight, getting coffee like a normal couple. And as we were typing we heard the mirror-like shattering of a million little hearts (including our own), especially after we noticed his fingers were totally ring-free. Yes, we’re talking about rings of the pure variety.

We’ve seen photos of Ashley making out with Chace Crawford. We’ve seen Ashley with Ian Somerhalder (that one hit us hard). But to get a Jonas brother to (maybe) give up his purity ring? We’d be jealous, but figure it’s probably wiser to sit down and take notes. Teach us, Professor Greene!

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David Beckham Sues Over Prostitute Allegations

Come ON. A man that takes pictures as adorable as this can’t be capable of whoring it up…can he?

David Beckham plans to sue InTouch Magazine after they reported a story alleging he had a threesome with two prostitutes. Irma Nici, one of the prostitutes who claims to have been involved, said she and Beckham met in 2007 in New York, where Beckham supposedly paid her $5000 for sex and then had another prostitute join them. Such is the problem with being so damn rich, talented and good-looking – no one would be surprised to learn that you’re screwing around, and then you have to try and maintain your innocence if you actually are a faithful husband. This happened all before when Beckham was accused of cheating with his personal assistant, Rebecca Loos in 2003, but he and Victoria managed to come out of that without publicly tarnishing their relationship.

A statement from Beckham’s people called the allegations “a series of malicious lies.” It also said “Sadly we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it. We are taking legal action against the magazine.”

First Ashton, now David – it’s quite the week for defamation lawsuits.