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Drake And Nicole Scherzinger Go On A Dinner Date

A newly single Nicole Scherzinger has wasted no time in moving on after her split with racer (ex) boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton. Surprising, considering they were together for four years. The breakup happened about a week ago, and a source revealed, “Nicole and Lewis have tried to make it work but realized it’s just not happening so have called it a day once and for all. They’ve spoken at length about it but agreed there’s no point as they never see each other. They spend their whole time on opposite sides of the world. Although they came to an amicable decision, Nicole is actually devastated about it. She thought Lewis was the one.”

She may be “devastated,” but a girl’s got to go about the town too, right? Enter, Drake, who took Nicole out to dinner at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood on Tuesday night. And she looked pretty hot wearing a cream and black tube dress she had worn earlier on the X Factor. So what’s the deal? Just a date, or is something more happening?

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Justin Bieber Rents Arena To Watch Titanic With Selena Gomez

Although only seventeen, Justin Bieber has just raised the bar for date nights, and revolutionized the concept of “dinner and a movie” forever. The teen singer rented out all of L.A.’s Staples Center on Friday night to watch Titanic with his lady love, Selena Gomez. Somewhere, James Cameron is shedding a single tear. Friends of the Biebs told TMZ that he got the idea after watching Mr. Deeds, in which Adam Sandler has a surprise date with Winona Ryder at an empty Madison Square Garden. But while Sandler only plays a romantic millionaire in the movie, Bieber is the real deal and brought the fantasy to life…with a few touches of his own thrown in.

The couple began their evening by attending a Demi Lovato concert at the nearby Nokia Theater. Once the show ended, Justin reportedly told Selena to follow him through the underground tunnel that connects the theater to the massive Staples Center. They arrived to find themselves alone in the 20,000 seat arena, with the lights dimmed and  a candle-lit table for two set on the court. The love birds were served a dinner of steak and pasta catered by the venue’s exclusive Lexus Club, and when they finished eating Titanic started playing on the Jumbotron.

You hear that? That’s the sound of a million girls swooning, and a million guys screaming in frustration. The best part is that Justin didn’t even have to pay to use the arena. That’s what happens when your concerts fill the place three times in a row. We’ve gotta hand it to the kid, he’s got game. Leo may be king of the world, but Biebs is king of the date nights. Well played.

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Jennifer Lopez And Bradley Cooper Go On A Dinner Date!

Of course they did. How did we not predict this? When Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper went out on a dinner date last night, we should’ve been all like “we know” as opposed to “OH MY GOD”! Bradley in our opinion is Hollywood’s Rico Suave. If there is anyone to usher in a lady into her newly single life, he’s the guy. That lady happens to be J.Lo — the only woman who, in our opinion, could make mincemeat out of guys like Brad. They.Must.Date.

The two went out on a “romantic” date to Per Se in New York and how awesome would it have been to be a fly on the wall around them? Do you think they talked about how pretty they are? They did, didn’t they!

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Is Kim Kardashian Dating Halle Berry’s Ex?


Kim Kardashian needs a new date spot. It seems like every week we’re looking at pics of Kim court-side with some different guy. Can’t she just do Starbucks and The Olive Garden like the rest of us?

But this time, it seems like the guy in question is Halle Berry’s ex, model Gabriel Aubry. The pair were spotted coming and going together last night at LA’s Staples Center. They even met up with Kardashian Klan den-mother, Kris Jenner.  “They’ve been dating a little bit,” a source told People Online.

Well Kim, if things go south with Halle’s baby-daddy, we’d be happy to show you some new date spots. We’ve made a reservation at TGI Friday’s…

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