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Are Ryan Reynolds And Sandra Bullock Getting Their Snuggle On?


Oh, girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl. It’s only three days into the new year and we already have a favorite rumor of 2011, now that Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock dating rumors are making the rounds. Reportedly, with Reynolds almost single and/or ready to mingle, the actor has been spending some quality face time — including attending a costume party together on New Year’s Eve — with his Proposal co-star Bullock. “They are both newly single and leaning on each other for support,” a source claims. “Who knows what will happen in the future, but any rumors of them being together and splitting up Ryan’s marriage to Scarlett are false.” Please, Sandra seems like the last person on the planet who would be behind the cheating rumors between Reynolds and Johansson. As for Ryan, what better why to get over your ex than in arms of a beautiful woman…who will literally break your legs if she gets cheated on again?

Before we get too excited and start calling our moms about the new couple, Bullock and Reynolds are allegedly enjoying each other’s company, but are not officially together…yet. “Sandra loves Ryan. They became very good friends when they filmed The Proposal, but they are not a couple, at least not yet. They love spending quality time together,” the source also said. As long as Scarlett doesn’t complete the swap by getting with Jesse James, we are totally in favor of this love match. And since Johansson doesn’t seem completely insane, we doubt that’ll be a problem. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Put Your Posters Back Up! Selena Gomez Denies Dating Justin Bieber


Time to fish that life-sized cardboard Justin you stole from the movie theater out of the garbage, because apparently Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are not dating. Rumors of their cuddly IHOP date last week made us suspect the two were getting into some hot hand-holding action, but Gomez denied having Bieber fever at Z100’s Jingle Ball in New York Friday. “It was pancakes! Oh my gosh!” Selena exclaimed, adding that Justin is “one of my best friends…It was just pancakes!” Hey, where we come from, a trip to IHOP is like a vacation in the Bahamas: if Justin Bieber takes you there, you kind of expect a ring.

“Who doesn’t like pancakes? We were both performing in the same place so we went and had pancakes together. That’s all it is. All innocent,” Gomez also told MTV. The singer added, “I love Justin. When he first started to come over from Canada his manager contacted me and he just said that he would like to meet me and he was just such a good kid…I feel like a big sister now, ’cause I want to protect him.” Hmmm, we don’t typically don’t eat breakfast while holding our little brother’s hand and cuddling, but then again we don’t like anything distracting us during Pancake Time. Wouldn’t want anyone to do lose a finger… [Photo: Getty Images]

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Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa Denies Dating Neve Campbell


If this is a scheme cooked up by Neve Campbell to make people remember who she is exactly, than mission accomplished! Rumors have been swirling today that Neve Campbell and Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa are knocking boots, a sexy yet totally random couple if we’ve ever heard one. With Neve’s divorce from husband John Light still in the works, the Scream 4 actress has been spotted out around New York, attending Quentin Tarantino’s roast and reportedly spending time with Mustafa. “They’re dating. Neve is really happy,” said a source. We bet it would be nice if the man your man could smell like was actually your nice-smelling man. Nice, and extremely confusing.

However, Isaiah apparently did see it that way, as Mustafa’s reps deny the dating rumors, going to far as to say “It is an odd rumor that is not true at all.” Ouch! It’s unexpected, sure, but we wouldn’t call it “odd.” We hope these two are canoodling, if only for the pure “Wha? Huh? Those two?” factor. Maybe Mustafa is a huge fan of The Craft; who knows? Sometimes that all a couple needs. [Photo: Getty Images/ Splash News Online]

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Are The Biebs And Selena Gomez Officially Snuggle Buddies?


Sorry, every girl in America under 19 (and the occasional 40-year-old), but new rumors have us wondering if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are dating for real. Both singers were in Philadelphia on Wednesday to perform at the Q102 Jingle Ball, and sources report that two had an adorable breakfast date at IHOP, complete with hand-holding and other general cuteness. Seriously, these two dating would be like Bambi and Thumper going steady.

Justin was last linked to singer Jasmine Villegas, but apparently being busted making out in the back seat of a car doesn’t mean forever. But you know what splitting a Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity on a first date means, right? SUMMER WEDDING! Okay, so we don’t really know if Justin and Selena’s love of pancakes will lead to something more, but we sure hope so! Though if you think Willow Smith is taking this sitting down, oh girl, you are dead wrong. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Winona Ryder Wants Babies, Is Mistrustful Of Men: It’s A Catch-22!


Oh Winona, love of our ’90s life, how we’ve missed you. After an amazing turn in Black Swan, Winona Ryder opens up about what’s going on in her life…including her romantic situation. While Ryder is “knock on wood” hoping to have kids, “I remember being at this bar called Tosca in San Francisco, and I met this guy one night. He was really cute, and we were talking, and then, like, he just said something about how he had always had a crush on me. And I was suddenly mistrustful about why he was talking to me. I wanted to be just a normal girl flirting with a normal guy. It’s like you meet people, and they know this stuff about you,” Ryder says. Winona just wants guys to know the real, kleptomaniacal her. Is that so wrong?

Winona also delves into why she hasn’t made as many films in recent years. “If I don’t relate to the [project], even if it’s something that I should do, it’s hard for me to say yes. I’m the type who’d rather not work than work on something I’m not into. I’ve done that a couple of times, and I feel like I can totally see it in my performance.” So why in the name of Kevin James will she be starring in The Dilemma with Vince “Electric cars are gay” Vaughn? Winona might still be one of our favorite actresses, but let’s put it this way: once someone dates Tom Green, we can never really trust their judgment again. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Christina Aguilera Comes Clean About Her Brand Spanking New Man

Dang, but Xtina has had a busy year! In addition to getting a divorce and looking like a supernatural sex robot in Burlesque (and we mean that as the highest of compliments), now meet Christina Aguilera’s new boyfriend Matthew Rutler. Rumors had circulated that Aguilera’s new boyfriend was a set assistant on Burlesque, and lo and behold, six weeks after she announced she was getting unhitched, Christina is confirming that it’s true. Says Aguilera, “Matthew is a special person. We had a really strong friendship on the movie. He’s the kind of person you could spend hours on the phone talking to and all of a sudden it’s daylight.” Yeah, sure. The phone, Christina. What are we, in middle school? We want canoodling, woman!

Despite their current relationship, Rutler was apparently not a factor in Aguilera’s divorce from husband Jordan Bratman. “Once I filed for divorce, we started dating. I’m not trying to jump into anything. I just left a five-year marriage. I’m taking it slow and trying to be happy.” Yeah, but…there is still time left in the year to pack in a quickie wedding, Christina. That’s all we’re saying! That’s all we’re going to say…for now.

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Brandy Is Seriously “Not Good” Without A Boyfriend

If it wasn’t enough to find out that Brandy hasn’t had sex in years, now Brandy admits she’s “not okay” without a boyfriend. Celebrities, they’re just like us! Like, exactly like us. Reveals Brandy, “I put myself in the eyeline of love, but I can’t quite get it together. I’m not okay being single because I’m a relationship girl. I love the romance.” In 2002, Brandy had daughter Sy’rai with producer boyfriend Robert Smith, only to break up a year later. So that means year seven is just around the corner! Man, if this is how they taught math, we bet a lot more kids would end up astrophysicists.

When asked to describe her sweet, sweet fantasy baby, let’s just say Brandy is not lowering her standards any time soon.”He has to be funny because I love to laugh. Driven, creative, motivated and inspired. He has to be a loving guy, who loves his mom and family. And, of course, easy on the eyes. That always helps.” You’re going to get that man, Brandy; we can feel it in our bones. Us? We’d settle for someone who doesn’t fart so loud, it wakes us out of a dead sleep. No offense, baby! Baby?

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Swyllenhaal Thanksgiving Everyone!

These two are at it again with their sweetness and light. Taylor Swift and maybe-BF Jake Gyllenhaal are spending Thanksgiving together in Brooklyn. Jaylor popped in for lattes at the Gorilla Coffee shop in Park Slope yesterday with an eyewitness revealing, “They asked one of the coffee shop employees for help picking out beans.”

So they’re done apple picking, they’ve done ice cream, and now coffee. What’s next? Here are our top picks for more saccharine Swyllenhaal activities.

1. Going to a crafts class together and making a big sparkly “13” collage (Taylor’s lucky number).
2. Recording a Christmas single and donating the proceeds to orphans in Azerbaijan.
3. Going ice-skating in matching his-and-hers leotards.
4. Planting seeds (of love) together at a park to benefit generations to come.
5. All of the above.

Our money’s on the last choice.

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Joe Jonas And Ashley Greene’s Airport Trouble


The Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene love fest knows no boundaries. Which means all those time zones are probably make them foggy. The couple were about to fly out from Abu Dhabi, when the JoBro screwed up on his packing preparation. They were stopped at security, because Joe had knives in his hand luggage.

We’re thinking, is Joe even old enough to play with knives? You know what, the answer is affirmative since he’s old enough to play with Ashley.

But this is a Jonas Brother we’re talking about so the knife in question was a cheese cutter, that’s all. Ashley explained on Lopez Tonight, “We were going from the Middle East to New York, so [there was] tons of security, tons of screenings. We got through one, surprisingly enough.” But they got busted soon enough, and Joe’s response, appropriately was, “Whoopsies!”

“Whoopsies doesn’t cut it,” Greene said. “We were going to get arrested!” Ashley, “whoopsies” doesn’t cut it in any situation.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Taylor Swift Is An Independent Woman Now

Taylor Swift is now living on her own, flying the coop from her Mom and Pops, so to speak. She was on Chelsea Lately yesterday and enthused, “Living alone you can do so many fantastic things. You can walk around and have conversations with yourself and like, sing your thoughts. … I think I’m the only one who does that.” Taylor, may we just say, you’re not.

Swift also confessed that she’s not about to get into trouble anytime soon (borrrinngg), because her Teachers Pet cap is still sitting proudly on her head. “I have the deeply ingrained fear of getting into trouble and being sent the principal’s office of life.” So no stumbling out of bars once she turns 21 next month. Instead, her adult excursions will involve this: “I get to go to the concerts now that my friends [used to] leave me at home for.”

Now this is all very wholesome and lovely but we’d like to propose a different plan of action. If Jake Gyllenhaal were our boyfriend we’d have him dressed as he is on the Love & Other Drugs poster, all the time. Which means in nothing. Now that’s making use of an empty house,