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Heath Ledger’s Parents Open Up About His Death, Confirm Michelle Williams Is A Great Human Being

Heath Ledger's Parents Discuss Michelle Williams

We were reminded of Heath Ledger‘s passing in 2011 when former partner and mother to his child Michelle Williams gave a series of raw interviews about the late Dark Knight actor. Williams later said the whole experience, specifically a particularly personal Dateline interview, left her “devastated.” Honestly, we remember feeling more than a little weird at the time about learning so much about their relationship. Now Heath’s parents are opening up about their son as the fifth anniversary of his death approaches, and their new interview, while extremely revealing, at least confirms what we long suspected: Michelle Williams is a genuinely decent, kind-hearted person.

It’s not like we ever suspected the Blue Valentine star was anything but a sweetheart, but you never know with celebs. In what is allegedly their first interview about their son’s death, Sally and Kim Ledger discuss his passing, their granddaughter Matilda and their relationship with Williams. “It has been an extremely difficult five years, as not a day goes by when we don’t feel the immense loss of Heath,” Heath’s mother Sally told Australia’s New Idea magazine. As painful as their loss is, according to Health’s father Kim, “Our family has the most wonderful relationship with both Matilda and Michelle; we talk frequently and visit as often as we can.” Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we are tearing up. As if we didn’t know Michelle was a class act already.

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Starship Guitarist, Mark Abrahamian, Passes Away Suddenly After Concert

Starship Guitarist Mark Abrahamian Dies Suddenly

What a sad news day it is today. We first wrote about the sad passing of Michael Clarke Duncan, and we have another R.I.P. post to follow. Mark Abrahamian, guitarist for the band Starship featuring Mickey Thomas, died after performing at a concert in Norfolk, Nebraska. He passed away on Sunday and his bandmates announced the news on Twitter, yesterday, in a message that read, “We are shocked and saddened at the sudden loss of our guitar player, Mark Abrahamian. We will miss you, brother. Rest in peace, Mark.” A note and the photograph you see above was also released on Facebook, reading, “We are all shocked and saddened at the sudden loss of our guitar player Mark Abrahamian. Mark was a kind, thoughtful and innovative soul. He was also a friend and family member. Mark also happened to be one hell of a guitar player. We are devastated by the loss of our brother and just dealing with it the best we can.” So far we have no updates of what happened and are waiting to hear more. Abrahamian was only 46-years-old and and had a pretty amazing career playing for bands like Survivor, Toto, Loverboy and ACDC. Our sincere condolences to all his family, friends and bandmates.

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Tony Scott, Director Of Top Gun, Enemy Of The State And More, Tragically Commits Suicide

Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide

What absolutely terrible news to start the week with. Tony Scott was a director whose work defined our lexicon of movies. He was responsible for films like Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State, Days of Thunder and so many more. He was also the younger brother of filmmaker Ridley Scott, with whom he ran a very successful TV production company. It’s so awful having to refer to him in past tense, now, because Tony committed suicide yesterday by jumping off  Vincent Thomas Bridge at around 12:30 p.m. Numerous people called 911 around 12:35 p.m. to report that someone had jumped from the bridge spanning San Pedro and Terminal Island in Los Angeles Harbor. While the reasons why have not as yet been revealed to us, a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, Lt. Jennifer Osburn found a sort of a suicide note in his Toyota Prius, which he had parked on one of the eastbound lanes of the bridge before jumping. Another suicide letter was found in his office later on.

UPDATE: ABC News sites a source close to Scott as saying the director had been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.

The 68-year-old director’s body was only found around 4:30 p.m., after a dive team had to use sonar equipment to locate it. Like we said, no news as to why he took such a drastic step, or what pushed him into ending his life. Scott leaves behind a wife, Donna Scott, and twin sons. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

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Nora Ephron Remembered For Her Inspiring By Generations Of Celebs

Nora Ephron dies at ages 71

Oh man, this has hit plenty of people pretty hard. Amazing screenwriter, director, author and three-time Oscar winner Nora Ephron died of leukemia last night at 71. Where would movie history be without classics like Sleepless in SeattleWhen Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail? Not only was she a genius in the romantic-comedy genre, but she could also write a hell of a drama— Silkwood. She could write beautifully, period. Her essay collection I Feel Bad About My Neck is also evidence of that.

Considering her career spanned decades, she also ended up inspiring many generations of stars, and made some very close friends in the business, along the way. They’re all grieving over her sudden, sad passing. Close pal, Meryl Streep, told the New York Times, “You could call on her for anything: doctors, restaurants, recipes, speeches, or just a few jokes, and we all did it, constantly. She was an expert in all the departments of living well.” There have also been a series of tweets from a diverse selection of celebrities, all expressing their sorrow. Steve Martin wrote, “She was the one you wanted to read, to listen to, to be in the company of. Nora Ephron. Incomparable wit; delightful friend. Sadness reigns.” One of the younger celebrities, inspired by her career, Kaley Cuoco has tweeted, “RIP Nora Ephron Loved her work Loved her direction Loved her writing Blessings and thoughts to her family.”

We have a selection of tweets after the jump from people like Bette Midler, Jessica Biel, Debra Messing, Russell Simmons and Sarah Silverman. Justin Timberlake‘s tweet is right below. Our sincere condolences go out to her family and friends. She sounded like one incredible lady.

Justin Timberlake tweets about Nora Ephron's death

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47-Year-Old Rodney King Found Dead In His Swimming Pool

Rodney King, Dead At 47

We have really sad news to report. Rodney King was found dead in his swimming pool yesterday. He was only 47-year-old. While an autopsy still has to be performed, his fiance, Cynthia Kelly, has been telling people that he had been drinking and smoking pot on the day of his death. All we know for sure, so far, is that paramedics were called after Cynthia found the former Celebrity Rehab patient at the bottom of the pool just before 5.30 in the morning, but they were unable to revive him.

King was a polarizing factor of the L.A. riots in 1994. Police brutality came out into the open after he was tasered and beaten severely by four policemen, back in 1991, after a car chase. The incident was videotaped by a private citizen who took it to KTLA television who broadcast the whole brutal episode causing widespread shock. The four officers were put on trial, but it was their acquittal which led to the rioting, which started off as protests. The story behind the riots is documented on  VH1 Rock Doc Uprising: Hip Hop And The L.A. Riots which King is also  in. The L.A. Police Chief, Charlie Beck, has released a statement that says, “Rodney King has a unique spot in both the history of Los Angeles and the LAPD. What happened on that cool March night over two decades ago forever changed me and the organization I love. His legacy should not be the struggles and troubles of his personal life but the immensely positive change his existence wrought on this City and its Police Department.” This is really such tragic news, and our heartfelt condolences go out to his family.

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Bee Gees Member Robin Gibb Dead At 62 From Cancer

Robin Gobb, The Bee Gee's, Dies

What an awful week it’s been for music. Donna Summer passed away just a couple of days ago. And now cancer has also claimed the life of another extremely talented musician of the disco era. Robin Gibb of the awesome, three-member  group, the Bee Gees,  died yesterday, at 62, after succumbing to a long battle with colon and liver cancer.

We knew he was very sick but really thought that he may have been on the mend after waking up from a coma he fell into for a couple of days in April, while suffering pneumonia. His family feared he wouldn’t recover, but he did for a time.

“The family of Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees, announce with great sadness that Robin passed away today following his long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery,” a statement from his rep reads. “The family have asked that their privacy is respected at this very difficult time.”

Fellow Bee Gee and Robin’s twin brother Maurice Gibb died in 2003 from a twisted bowel, and now this latest loss leaves Barry Gibb as the only surviving member of the group. Born and raised in Manchester, England, the group rose to fame in Australia before returning to the U.K. in the ’60s. They didn’t become known for their dance music until the mid-1970s, and then exploded in popularity with the soundtrack to the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever.

We send our condolences to his family, and to his fans across the world.

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Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Estranged Wife, Mary Kennedy, Found Dead By Possible Suicide

Mary Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Jr.'s Wife, Found Dead

Tragedy has struck the Kennedy’s again. The estranged second wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mary Kennedy was found dead at her Bedford, New York home yesterday. She was only 52. Kennedy Jr. had filed for divorce back in 2010 but court records reveal that the proceedings were still on, and the split was not legally final.  Kennedy Jr. is the son of Robert F. Kennedy — JFK’s brother — and his wife Ethel Kennedy. Mary’s lawyer, Kerry Lawrence, has released a statement that reads, “We deeply regret the death of our beloved sister Mary, whose radiant and creative spirit will be sorely missed by those who loved her. Our heart goes out to her children who she loved without reservation.”

The police also stated yesterday that they were looking into a “possible unattended death” and that they also, strangely, found “a deceased individual” in a building on her property. The details of who that person is, including their name, is not being released at the moment. Lt. Dickan of the Bedford P.D has said, “There was a phone call made from the home requesting assistance for a death at that location. This is an unattended death investigation. That means no one was there when the person died.” Sources are already giving out information that this was a suicide, but that news has not been confirmed as yet, as Mary’s body is currently being examined at the Westchester County Medical Examiner. This is such horrible news. Mary had four children with Kennedy Jr. — Conor, Kyra, William and Aiden. Our condolences go out to all of them.

UPDATE: The latest news through NY Post sources is that Mary Kennedy hanged herself in her barn. Apparently, her estranged husband, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s alleged womanizing got to her, and she dealt with her problems by drinking and taking prescription drugs. A close friend has revealed, “She was deeply troubled, abusing alcohol and prescription meds. She had cause. She was used up and tossed away by Bobby. That was awful.” We will post more news as it is confirmed.

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Whitney Houston’s Family Signs A Reality Show Contract For Lifetime Television

Whitney Houston's family signed a deal for a new reality show

Errr, can we get a “too soon?” Just a few short months after Whitney Houston’s untimely death, the diva’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown has just inked a deal with Lifetime television to star in a new reality series, The Houston Family Chronicles. According to TMZ, the show will also feature Whitney’s sister-in-law/manager Pat Houston, Pat’s daughter Rayah, Whitney’s brother Gary, and their mother Cissy. It’s rumored that Whitney’s famous cousin Dionne Warwick will also be making an appearance.

“In this series, the multi-generations of the Houston family will bravely reveal their lives as they bond together to heal, love, and grow,” said Lifetime EVP Rob Sharenow in a statement. The ten hour-long episodes will follow Pat and Gary “as they take on their greatest challenge, supporting and guiding Bobbi Kristina as she faces the world alone, without the one person she relied on the most, her mother.” We can’t help but feel like it sounds like an exploitative cash-in to us. Or at least some long forgotten episode of Masterpiece Theater. No word on when The Houston Family Chronicles is set to premiere, but do you think you’ll be tuning in? Let us know in the comments section!

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NFL Legend Junior Seau Found Dead Of Suspected Suicide

We aren’t typically the most sports-oriented blog, but we think everyone has to give pause when a massive talent passes on. According to TMZ, retired NFL star Junior Seau was tragically found dead in his California home of a suspected suicide earlier today. According to a representative from the Oceanside Police Department, Seau was discovered by his girlfriend. After a 911 call was placed around 10:00am this morning, authorities allegedly found the former linebacker dead of a gunshot wound.

Seau spent most of his career playing for the San Diego Chargers, leaving the team after twelve years to joint the Miami Dolphins and finally the New England Patriots. Junior retired in 2010, and leaves behind three children. “I’m going to go surf. Whatever happens, I can say, honestly say, that that probably was my last game,” Seau told Showtime after announcing his retirement. “Everyone at the Chargers is in complete shock and disbelief right now,” said Seau’s former team in a statement, “We ask everyone to stop what they’re doing and send their prayers to Junior and his family.” Our thoughts go out to Seau’s family, and all the fans he thrilled in his 19-year-long career.

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