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Are Jay-Z And Beyonce Separating Over Kids?

Thanks for the Valentine’s Day gift, MediaTakeOut! It pains us to report that the site is pushing rumors that Jay-Z and Beyonce are separating, due to Beyonce’s refusal to put her career on hold for kids—and Jay-Z’s desperation to have them. “For now [Jay] going to be staying in LA. Beyonce will be in NY,” says their source. “The hope is that with the time apart, the couple will decide to either have kids, or go their separate ways.” Maybe this explains why Jay-Z didn’t show up at the Grammys, despite attending RocNation’s pre-Grammy brunch the day before? Gwyneth Paltrow, B’s date at last night’s ceremony, may have been there for moral support.

MTO also says the pair “didn’t even look each other in the eye” at the brunch, and the blog Katiebakes posted an account of Beyonce “looking bored” while Jay-Z texted constantly during a recent dinner at Lucali, their favorite Brooklyn pizza spot. Gossip Cop dismisses the rumor (almost—giving it a “1” instead of the usual “0”), noting the site previously hinted that B was pregnant and that Jay was shtupping Gwyneth. But if children are an issue, these two better get some couples therapy: far, far, far too many of us are invested in their relationship. We’re crossing our fingers for you, Bonnie & Clyde ’03!

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Pete Wentz In Tears Over Ashlee Simpson, Trying To Save Marriage

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz‘s divorce statement remains the only thing either star has said about their split, but plenty of people are willing to talk for them. The general gossip consensus seems to be that, while Ashlee wants to move on with her life, Pete is still trying to patch things up. “Pete is in denial that the marriage is over,” a source told Radar. “He seems to think that if he turns on the charm he can sweet talk Ashlee into changing her mind and giving it another go.” The same source claims Ashlee was none too happy about Pete starting a new band, Black Cards, after Fall Out Boy went on hiatus. “That’s not the life Ashlee wants for her and Bronx—waiting at home for ‘daddy’ to come home. They’ve basically hit a stalemate and neither side is willing to budge.”

Whether or not he’s willing to budge, mulitple sites say Pete is certainly willing to cry. “Pete has been crying a lot to her about this,” says Radar‘s tattler, with TMZ claiming Pete was teary-eyed as recent as yesterday. “He is crushed, and does not want it to be over.” Maybe he’s confused that Radar says she’s “happier without him” but would possibly consider taking him back if he’d quit touring? Logic like that would make us cry, too.

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Charlie Sheen Plays Ball With Pros, UCLA Bruins: Is This Rehab?

Does anyone still think Charlie Sheen is really “in rehab” right now?The Two And A Half Men star spent Thursday doing some batting practice at UCLA with pros like Coco Crisp, Milton Bradley and others not named after popular children’s brands. While Elton John wouldn’t approve of this “rehab lite,” it wasn’t all fun and games. When asked by the UCLA Bruins baseball coach to give the team an anti-drug speech, Sheen gave an undoubtedly effective speech whose wisdom could only come form decades of addiction and regret: “Stay off the crack, drink a chocolate milk instead…that’s all I got!” Considering his difficulty in following his own advice, we’re just going to assume Charlie is lactose intolerant.

While we question the wisdom of excursions like this, there’s no denying Charlie had reason to celebrate: a judge approved Sheen’s divorce from wife Brooke Mueller yesterday (you remember, the one Charlie allegedly threatened with a knife over Christmas 2009). Due to a California law requiring couples to wait six months after filing, the divorce won’t officially be finalized to May—but it’s not like Charlie’s been living the life of a married man anyway.

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Jaime Pressly Opens Up About Divorce, Claims It’s Unrelated To DUI

It’s true what they say: when it rains, it pours…terrible news. However, despite what you may have heard,  Jaime Pressly’s divorce isn’t connected to her DUI. “People thinking my divorce is happening because of the situation. Truth is: these are all isolated incidences,” the actress explained. So why exactly is My Name Is Earl actress Pressly divorcing husband Simran Singh after two years? “We fell in love quickly. We got married very quickly. It didn’t work out the way we wanted it to. There’s nothing more to it,” Jaime said. Hmm, bad things always seem to come in threes. Let’s just hope Jaime’s sweater counts as one, so the woman can put her mind at ease.

Whatever jokes we make about Pressly’s booze cruise, the last thing she wants to hear are cracks about whether she’s fit to parent son Desi James. “I don’t ever want my son to grow up and read all these false statements,” Pressly explained. “When I hear the statements made that are so ridiculously unkind and untrue, it breaks my heart. It’s really hurtful on so many levels that I can’t even explain it.” Considering that the truth about Pressly’s DUI is already humiliating enough, we don’t see why anyone would have to fabricate anything.

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Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Call It Quits, Divide Up Their Eyeliner Collection

We are sad to hear that Ashlee Simpson filed for divorce from Pete Wentz today, mainly because they stayed married about 2 years too long for us to win our office pool. According to the documents uncovered by TMZ, Ashlee is seeking joint custody of their son Bronx Mowgli, but primary physical custody. “After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to file for divorce,” Simpson and Wentz said in a joint statement. “We remain friends and deeply committed and loving parents to our son Bronx, whose happiness and well-being remains our number one priority. We ask that everyone honor our privacy as we navigate this next phase of our lives.” While the Fall Out Boy bassist used to make Jessica‘s sister want to “La La” (on the kitchen, on the floor), apparently now she just wants that spousal support money.

Simpson checked off “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split, rather than the other, sexier option on the California form: “incurable insanity.” Sources are suggesting that Ashlee’s divorcing Pete due to his “erratic behavior”. She’s also legally changing her name back to Ashlee Nicole Simpson. RadarOnline interviewed Wentz about Ashlee on Monday, but he didn’t make a peep about any marital problems, raving about Ashlee’s blonde pixie cut and saying, “Life is good.”  The two apparently didn’t sign a pre-nup, but since they haven’t really been doing much since they got married in 2008, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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Tony Hawk On The Hunt For Lady Hawk #4

Might we please get a moment of grind-free silence in memory of Tony Hawk‘s most recent marriage?  Tony Hawk and wife Lhotse Merriam announced their divorce today via a statement to People.  “We have made the difficult decision to file for divorce,” the couple explained. “We remain deeply committed and loving parents to our daughter, and out of respect for that responsibility we ask that people honor our family’s privacy during this important time of transition.” Looks like Tony got wicked air and just kept going…metaphorically-speaking, of course.

The professional skateboarder filed a divorce petition on Friday to end his third marriage to his wife of five years, with whom Tony has his only daughter, two-year-old Kadence Clover Hawk. Hawk also has three sons from his previous marriages: Hudson Hawk with ex-wife Cindy Dunbar, and Spencer and Keegan with ex Erin Lee. You know what they say: you can’t keep a hawk from flying if you don’t clip its wings. Or keep it in some kind of cage, which would probably be illegal given that Tony is actually a human.

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Scarlett Johansson And Ryan Reynolds Reunite, But Just For Dinner

We’re suckers for the whole parting lovers angle. So when UsMagazine reported that Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson reunited for dinner, our ears instantly perked up. Unfortunately, they’re not getting back together, so this was just a friendly check-in.

The soon-to-be divorced couple reportedly met up around 11pm on Friday, at the Chateau Marmont. They apparently had dinner at the Little Door restaurant before heading out for a drink. Sources say that ScarJo was the most vocal of the two in what was a “rollercoaster conversation,” and allegedly seemed to be alternating between fighting back tears and smiling. This so so sad. Imagine what their babies would have looked like.

This is the second time they’ve been seen together publicly since announce the impending divorce. The two also met for lunch at the Blue Ribbons restaurant in New York in December last year. Wonder if Ryan asked  ScarJo what was up with Justin Long?

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Troy Aikman And Wife To Divorce

Troy Aikman, formerly the most eligible bachelor in Dallas, is back on the market. The Cowboys QB turned NFL sportscaster confirmed that he’s split from Rhonda Aikman, his wife of ten years. “This has been a difficult decision for Rhonda and me, but after 10 years of marriage we have decided to separate,” he told the Dallas Morning News. “We remain deeply committed to our children and respectfully ask that you honor our family’s privacy during this period of adjustment.” Rhonda, formerly a publicist for the Cowboys, had two daughters with Troy, and one from a previous marriage.

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Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Puts The Funny Man On Blast

In the past, jilted spouses of celebrities often had to go through the trouble of publishing a tell-all novel. Today, if they have 20 minutes and a web camera, angry wives and husbands can ruin their exes’ careers in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Family Feud. In clips posted over the weekend, Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Harvey rants on YouTube about his many extra-marital affairs. According to her extensive three-part video diatribe, Mary describing finding out about her husband’s girlfriend when she opened a package labeled “Confidential” to find a letter from Steve’s mistress and now wife, Marjorie. So, his mistress mailed him with written proof of their affair? Looks like Steve wasn’t exactly interested in Marjorie’s intellectual capabilities, if you get our drift.

Mr. Harvey is currently marketing himself as a dating guru with his books “Straight Talk, No Chaser” and New York Times best-seller “Think Like A Lady, Act Like A Man,” or as he’ll have to rename it, “Think Like A Pig, Act Like A Dirtbag.” Reportedly Harvey tweeted a response over the weekend, scoffing “I don’t respond to lies….God just keeps blessing and covering me….ISAHIA 54:17.” Given the stack of bills Mary shows at the end of the videos, we can only imagine what other dirt she’s planning to dish out about their 10-year-marriage if she doesn’t get paid. We, for one, can’t say we blame her.

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Portia De Rossi’s Ex-Husband Ran Off With Her Brother’s Wife


Apparently, before she was Ellen Degeneres‘ wife, Portia de Rossi was married to a man…until her husband ran off with her sister-in-law. Married to filmmaker Mel Metcalfe in 1996, de Rossi was stunned three years later when Metcalfe left her for brother Michael’s wife Renee Kappos. “When Mel left me and Renee suddenly sabotaged her marriage to my brother to be with Mel, Brother and I were left idiotically scratching our heads in disbelief,” de Rossi reveals. Despite the unexpected affair, however, Portia already knew that her days as a straight woman were nearing an end. “By the end of our first year together, despite my desire to be attracted to him, my latent fear of my real sexuality was simmering and about to boil,” Portia now admits. Seems like some blessings come in disguise, or by the name of Mel Metcalfe.

Portia opens up about her divorce, eating disorder and more in her new memoir Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain. Despite what some have suggested, Australian-born Portia did not marry her hubbie to stay in the U.S., explaining “I actually married him, for a green card. But I didn’t get my green card through him—I couldn’t do it at the end.” Luckily there’s no lingering bad blood between Portia and her ex, so we guess it worked out for the best for everyone in the end. Oh, wait, except for Portia’s brother. Oh yikes…

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