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Sit Back, Relax And Enjoy Miley Cyrus’s Tiny Puppy Friends

What is the internet if not a series of tubes designed to bring you cute photos of miniature animals whenever you need them? Miley Cyrus did her part for the good of the Interweb today by non-stop tweeting photos of her many teeny dogs. “Thank you @peta for all of our toys :) xo Lila Blue,” Miley gushed along with shot after shot of pets Lila, Floyd and Ziggy. In one puppy post, Miley even swooned, “The best kisses to wake up to are from this boy right here!” So take off your overly tight work shoes, collapse onto your couch, and take a moment to unwind with some little doggie ears and faces. You can thank Miley Cyrus later.

[Photo: Miley Cyrus’ Twitter]

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Ryan Gosling And Chubbo Bulldog Make Movie Magic On The Gangster Squad Set

Well, on one hand you’ll have to start drinking out of pots and pans, now that your ear-splitting squeals shattered all of your glassware. On the other hand, you had a completely appropriate human reaction to these photos of Ryan Gosling playing with a bulldog on the set of The Gangster Squad. He might be costarring next to big names like Gosling and Emma Stone, but that pup deserves top billing for that one crooked tooth alone. He deserves an Oscar for that crook tooth! Sure, we saw Ryan Gosling photos from the movie’s set earlier this week, but somehow adding the fattest, grumpiest-looking bulldog in the world just turns this from a movie…into cinema.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Bear Pattinson Parties In Big Apple, Sports Sexy Blue Leash

Bear Pattinson sported sexy stripes while chilling in the hip East Village neighborhood of New York this week. The mutt, best known for his work as Robert Pattinson‘s dog, was also decked out in a chic bright blue leash. Sources tell us he may also be linked to Kristen Stewart, pictured above, but her people have yet to confirm that she’s his co-owner. Says our insider, “Kristen and Bear were definitely acting very friendly. She tugged on his leash and he followed close behind. At one point he even wagged his tail at her!” Prior to prancing around on the Bowery, Bear was spotted getting frisky off the leash with KStew’s bodyguard in Vancouver.

Bear recently battled a “puppy disease” called Parvo, but Rob hooked him up with “the best” care possible and our posh pup is clearly on the mend. What’s next for the dog that his owner calls “100 percent mutt”? Our sources remain tight-lipped, but we suspect a hike through Los Angeles’ Runyon Canyon may be in the works.

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

[In case anyone thinks we’d write something like this for real…it’s a joke. But we do think that blue leash is sexy. Werk it, Bear!]


Lisa Vanderpump’s Dog Giggy Face-Plants At GLAAD Media Awards

While Lisa Vanderpump certainly gave her dog a lovely suit to wear at GLAAD Media Awards this weekend, Giggy wasn’t strong enough to face the cameras on his own—falling flat on said face soon after the Real Housewives star set him on the carpet…and he couldn’t get up! Thankfully, Lisa scooped up her living accoutrement and managed to hoist him on stage to pose with Tori Spelling and her pooch.

Also attending the soiree were stars like Amy Poehler, Chaz Bono, Meat Loaf, Marlee Matlin, Dolly Parton, Kirsten Dunst and ultimate FAB icon Chris Colfer, picking up yet another trophy for being awesome. See photos of the celebs (and poor Giggy!) in the gallery below.

[Photos: Splash News Online/ Getty Images]

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Doggie Emergency! Ashley Greene Tweets For Prayers For Her Pooch

Ashley Greene‘s beloved fox terrier Marlo was rushed to the hospital yesterday after being attacked by another dog. The actress is currently in Vancouver filming Breaking Dawn but we don’t know whether or not Marlo was hurt on set. All we know is that yesterday, Ashley tweeted, “Everyone please please please pray for marlo. A dog attacked her. she’s in the hospital”.

Luckily for Marlo, it didn’t turn out to be as bad as it sounds. A couple of hours later Ashley tweeted an update that read, “Marlo is now stable. No damaged organs. She just may need surgery for damaged muscle. You guys are so amazing for the thoughts and prayer”.  Marlo had to stay overnight at the vet, it seems, because Ashley was up early this morning on Twitter and wrote, “I am SO excited to come home and pick up Marlo from the dr tomorrow! I hope it’s sunny”. Glad doggy’s okay! No need for boyfriend Joe Jonas to jet onto set or anything!