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Bobby Brown Is Heading To Jail For DUI


Remember that DUI Bobby Brown was arrested for back in October? It was in L.A and his second drink-related mess-up of 2012 alone, and his third public DUI that we know of. The law isn’t being forgiving with him at all because he has been sentenced to 55 days in jail after pleading no contest in court yesterday. Apart from his forthcoming jailtime, he also has to go through a four year probation period and an 18-month alcohol program. The singer has to turn himself in by March 20, which is just around the corner. Yikes! On top of all that he also has to go for AA meetings until he is incarcerated. They’re not messing around! But he clearly, has screwed up multiple times so this is a sobering wake-up call if anything for Bobby.

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We’re Not Saying Linda Hogan’s DUI Was Due To Hulk’s Sex Tape. But We’d Understand If It Was.

Linda Hogan Arrested For DUI

We are by no means blaming Linda Hogan‘s decision to drink and drive on the leaked video of Hulk Hogan‘s long-foretold sex tape. That being said, it’s not like she got a DUI last week. Or next week. Or any subsequent week in which the world didn’t get a glimpse of her ex-husband in flagrant delicto, as Tim Curry‘s character in Clue might put it. Honestly, we ourselves almost veered off a bridge after peeping the video, and we weren’t even in a car.

According to TMZ, Hulk’s ex was allegedly pulled over for speeding in Malibu early Thursday morning, after which the police arrested her on suspicion of DUI. She was released several hours later on $5,000 bail, having possibly been charged for driving on a suspended license. Interestingly, sources alleged that Linda’s blood alcohol level was .084, barely above the legal limit of .08. Her rep claims that Linda merely “drank a glass of champagne on an empty stomach — in combination with antibiotics that exacerbated the effects of the alcohol.” Her or she then added, “Also, did you see that sex tape clip? Good god.” We’re kidding, of course. Linda’s rep didn’t say anything about the sex tape, because he or she didn’t have to. Show that sucker during Linda’s court date and no jury in the world would convict her.

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Sally Struthers, Michael Madsen, Joe Simpson: Would You Like The Number Of A Good Car Service?

Sally Struthers, Michael Madsen and Joe Simpson

Guys, we’re pretty sure we’re not coming up with this idea all on our own: There are people, actually sometimes large groups of people, whose job it is to drive you around when you can’t/shouldn’t/don’t wanna do it yourself. You don’t even need to employ one all on your own. You can maybe even call one at the very last minute when you realize that your flu medication and that one beer you had shouldn’t have been mixed. Sally Struthers, Michael Madsen, Joe Simpson, Amanda Bynes, these people would be really happy to serve you.

Struthers became the latest in an increasingly disturbing list of celebrities to be arrested for DUI when she was pulled over this morning in Maine. The 65-year-old All in the Family star was actually just charged with misdemeanor “operating under the influence” and was released on $160 bail, People reports. So she wasn’t Randy Travis-raving level, which makes us feel a little better.

Kill Bill star Michael Madsen, meanwhile, wasn’t drunk but was recovering from the flu when he was pulled over for erratic driving last night, sources told TMZ. OK, sources, maybe you should be better friends and drive him where he needed to go rather than letting a sick man get behind the wheel of a hot rod. He was actually treated for flu-like symptoms at the hospital last night, so that’s kind of believable … but police say he also blew a .20 on the Breathalyzer.

And then there’s good old Joe Simpson, who was arrested at a checkpoint last month and tested .12 on the Breathalyzer. Today he pleaded not guilty to DUI and is due back in court in October, TMZ says. The gossip site speculated that he had been at daughter Jessica’s favorite Mexican joint Casa Vega, which is near where he was stopped. We bet it’s also a place where taxis might pick you up.

We’re not picking on you, guys, especially since you haven’t been convicted yet. We’d just like the streets, and our favorite celebrities, to be safe out there!

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Amanda Bynes No Longer In The Clear For Her Old Hit-And-Run Case

Uh-oh. Poor Amanda Bynes. Just when she thought her car troubles were behind her, an old case has come back to bite her in the behind. By now, all of us have realized that Amanda and driving are not a good match. Her spiral started when she was arrested for a DUI back in April, where she was not only arrested for driving under the influence, but for side-swiping a cop car, for good measure. You would think that would have knocked some sense into her, but no. She was photographed texting while driving out of the Chateau Marmont just a few days after her DUI incident. And because she wasn’t paying much attention to the road, she also ran over the sidewalk. The only person who didn’t realize she was going a tad off the rails was Amanda herself, as she ended up tweeting Barack Obama about her … innocence. That’s right, she tweeted the POTUS, saying, “Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.” Only, it wasn’t the end, because the actress was involved in a hit-and-run case the very same month. Amanda’s rental car rear-ended another vehicle while she was driving through the San Fernando Valley, but the other driver claimed that the accident was caused because of Bynes’ messed-up driving. Another hit-and-run incident followed this month, BTW, and it ended up being Amanda’s (possible) downfall.

The San Fernando Valley accident’s case is now being re-opened, reports TMZ. The case was originally dropped as there was no witness to back-up the fact that Amanda had indeed fled the scene and zoomed off on the 101 Freeway, as the other driver had stated. But now, this second hit-and-run in August has changed all of that. Prosecutors have decided that there are too many red marks on her driving record to let slide and are going to investigate more. Which means, big trouble could be coming Amanda’s way very soon. Let’s hope she doesn’t decide to drive away from it all.

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Matthew Fox’s Mug Shot Taken … Two Months After His Arrest

Matthew Fox Mug Shot

Things really went kind of south for Matthew Fox over the last year. He had a massive fall from grace because of everything from a DUI arrest to beating up a “party bus” driver, the latter of which, was one of the stranger celebrity incidents we’ve heard of in a while. Those accusations by Dominic Monaghan didn’t help his case either. Last we know, he was getting sued by that party bus driver, Heather Bormann, as she claimed he tried to drunkenly trespass on her bus and then he, “leaned in and started punching my crotch and breast” after she tried to prevent him from getting on. Which was just … we can’t even begin to say anything.

The mug shot you see above is not because of that case. It’s because of his DUI, mentioned earlier, which happened in his home state of Oregon, in the first week of May this year. Fox was arrested at 3:23am after being busted by cops while trying to drive to a fast food spot. Luckily, he didn’t face any jail time as Fox and his lawyer struck a plea deal with prosecutors, which also required him to get treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. So, case closed right? Not quite. Fox had to go back to the Deschutes County Adult Jail in Bend, Oregon a couple of days ago, to get his mugshot clicked. The arrest was on May 4. It’s July 3 today. What gives? Apparently, the camera was broken the night of his almost-incarceration, so the judge made him come back for it, two months later! So it may not be a drunken one … but here’s his mug shot, finally!

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No Jail For DUI, Assault Charges Dropped: Things Are Looking Slight Less Horrible For Matthew Fox 

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No Jail For DUI, Assault Charges Dropped: Things Are Looking Slight Less Horrible For Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox Avoids Jail For DUI

After having what for most people would be the worst week of their life, Lost actor Matthew Fox some good news today. Of course, no news could be good enough to counterbalance the awfulness he was accused of on Wednesday, so take that into consideration. After being arrested for a DUI in Oregon earlier this month, TMZ reports that Fox struck a plea deal with prosecutors which will ensure he doesn’t get jail time; as part of the deal Matthew pled no contest to one count of DUI, lost his license for a year and has to undergo drug and alcohol treatment. Oh, boy. Actually, that news is kind of a mixed bag, too.

That being said, the actor had to be pleased that Heather Bormann, the Cleveland party bus driver who accused Fox of assaulting her last year, had her case recently withdrawn by her lawyer after she allegedly “intentionally failed and refused to provide full and timely cooperation and information.” Boy, that’s kind of unsettling too, right? Oh, and then there’s the part where his former Lost costar Dominic Monaghan took to Twitter and claimed that Fox “beats women.” You know what? Forget we said anything. Matthew Fox’s whole situation is still coming out deep in the negative column.

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Matthew Fox’s New DUI Is Probably Not Going To Help His Efforts To Get Back To The Island

Matthew Fox Arrested For DUI

How are you going to make it back to the island if you have to be held in the drunk tank overnight, Jack? You’re just lucky you don’t need a driver’s license to travel back in time. That’s…that’s what happened on Lost, right? We’re still not 100% clear on the mythology. What is 100% clear, however, is the fact that Lost star Matthew Fox has some serious issues with alcohol, as evidenced by his DUI arrest in his home state of Oregon last night. According to TMZ, Fox was arrested at 3:23am while he and a passenger were attempting to drive to a fast food joint…in another dimension! Is that what happened on Lost maybe? Do you think Matthew Fox has to drink to deal with the uncertainty of the series’ finale? No, that’s terrible. Just because that’s why we drink doesn’t mean we should be projecting it onto anyone else….

Of course, getting busted in the middle of the night while sating his munchies is only the second most embarrassing booze-related thing Matthew Fox has supposedly done in the past year. Last August the actor was arrested for…um…allegedly punching a Cleveland party bus driver in the crotch. In all sincerity, we hope Fox gets some help for his ongoing problem. We forget more and more details about Lost each passing day, and we don’t want to have to rewatch the whole thing just to update you on one guy’s arrest record.

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Amanda Bynes Texts And Drives, Runs Over The Sidewalk After Leaving A Club

You’d think getting a DUI after side-swiping a cop cruiser would be enough to make anyone lay off the booze, or at least seriously consider investing in a chauffeur. But Amanda Bynes is apparently made of stronger (and dumber) stuff. The former child-star was spotted leaving Los Angeles’ legendary Chateau Marmont last night texting behind the wheel, driving on sidewalks, and generally making Drivers Ed teachers instructors everywhere cry. This is Bynes’ second nightclub outing since her arrest last week which landed her in jail for a night. Earlier this week she and her friends were reportedly turned away from the bar that over-served her that fateful night. But Amanda didn’t seem to have any such mishaps last night, as she left the famous hotel/Lindsay Lohan headquarters in tiny shorts and a flimsy top. But her feet are mysteriously covered with a ton of bandaids, so maybe she’s been walking more instead of driving these days. Good plan! Check out more in the gallery below.

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Amanda Bynes “Was Not Drunk” During DUI, Says Painfully Unhelpful Dad

Hoo boy. While we appreciate that Amanda Bynes‘s dad would wants defend his daughter following her DUI arrest last week, there is a reason dads are required by law to wait in the minivan while picking you up from the dance. “She was not drunk,” Rick Bynes told People this afternoon. “I was told that she blew a zero on the Breathalyzer. She didn’t have a single drink that night. My daughter doesn’t drink.” Four individual sentences, four sweet, increasingly naive claims, Papa Bynes.

If his daughter’s arrest for clipping a police cruiser while driving under the influence isn’t enough to convince her pops that Amanda consumes alcohol occasionally, news from TMZ that his offspring was denied entrance to the bar at the Standard Hotel following her arrest on Friday, after she was released on $5,000 bail, probably isn’t go to change his mind either. “She is a good girl,” Bynes insisted. “She just chooses not to work, and because of that, people go after her.” Well…we doubt officers pulled her over for refusing to film She’s The Man 2: Teenage Cross-Dressing Boogaloo. We probably would have, but that’s why we’re not allowed to be the police. Well, there are so many reasons, but that is definitely one of them.

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Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Has A Secret DUI You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know About

Despite what those Ryan Gosling bulldog photos might have suggested, it turns out that the Drive actor is probably not some kind of government cyborg designed to make American women ovulate on sight. Just when we thought we had almost figured out why! According to some unpleasantness unearthed by Star Magazine, Ryan Gosling’s DUI from 2005 had the actor pleading no contest to “exhibiting speed,” a misdemeanor charge they should really rename since it makes the crime seem way more cool than it actually is.

Gosling was allegedly sentenced to two years probation and had to pay $849, one dollar for every mile per hour he was driving. Just kidding! Ryan’s head probably would have exploded at that speed. Since Star failed to dig anything else up, we’re hoping Ryan has opted to stay sober behind the wheel ever since. Which is a good idea. Drive starring a drunk Ryan Gosling would be a very different movie. Not necessarily a bad movie, but definitely a more dangerous one.