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Kate Upton Makes Us Completely Ignore Headphones In New Skullcandy Ad

Have you even noticed any headphones or audio gear in these photographs? Kate Upton is now officially a Skullcandy spokesperson but with her looking like that, we’re wondering if anyone is checking out the merchandise at all. Well, they’re checking out the merchandise, if you know what we mean. But it ain’t headphones they’re looking at. The brand’s blog has laid out the red carpet for her, stating, “Supermodel and swimsuit cover girl, Kate Upton, has joined Skullcandy as the first of our Supermodel Crew. Recently, we paired Ms. Upton with two of our NBA icons, Kevin Durant and James Harden for an exclusive Skullcandy photo shoot. From the looks of it, everyone is excited to have her on the team. Welcome Kate!”

The lack of clothing isn’t particularly out of the ordinary for Kate. She looks gorgeous but we’re used to that, in a way. Remember her steamy Carl’s Jr. ad? Did you check out our gallery of Kate’s hottest pictures? Consider that you did, but it’s may be time for a recap.

[Photos: Skullcandy/ Splash News Online]

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Demi Moore Is Gorgeously Unrecognizable In New Makeup Campaign

If Helena Rubinstein has a concealer that achieves this effect, then we’d like to purchase a cartload, please. Because as a product, it would be so useful. But as a makeup campaign, it’s unbelievable. As in, we really can’t swallow this, because it’s just too … fake. And we are taking artistic license into consideration. It’s not that we don’t love Demi Moore! The actress has been signed on with the beauty giant for some time now, but these brand new ads make us want to say, “Where’s Demi and what have you done to her?” Because that eerily flawless glamazon in this photograph — or in the photographs after the jump — is not her.

The fact of the matter is that Demi’s been through one of the most stressful years, probably, in her whole life. She’s become dangerously gaunt, been to rehab and is going through a split. Anyone would be feeling and showing the effects! We can’t deny that these pictures are incredible, but they look like a fairy godmother (hi, digital team) has sprinkled a whole canister of magic dust on them. On the other hand, it’s a long shot, but perhaps this is good for Demi? Considering she’s going through a really nasty period in her her life, maybe it’s great for her to look at these glamorous shots? You have to admit they’d bump up anyone’s self-esteem! Perhaps these shots remind her that better days are around the corner. Read more…

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Kardashian Sisters Go Topless To Sell Their Denim Brand

Quite the marketing plan, Kardashian sisters. As you can probably tell from the headline, this is a tad bit NSFW. Not that they’re topless topless, mind you. Kim posted this photograph from their Kardashian Kollection Denim shoot to her Celebuzz page, writing, “KourtKhloe and I decided to go natural for our Kardashian Kollection denim shoot with Nick Saglimbeni and pose in only our favorite jeans! What do you think of the pic? I think it’s such a beautiful shot and Khloe and Kourtney both look so stunning! Xo.” And by “natural” she means “au naturel” … well, almost. Does Kourtney do yoga, because contortionist, much? And do you think they’ll sell plenty of jeans by going this route? We have a feeling they just may.

[Photo via Celebuzz]

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Kate Hudson Is The New Face Of Ann Taylor

Remember how unbelievable Demi Moore looked in her Ann Taylor campaign? Those are some very big shoes to fill and most would quake at the thought of following in her footsteps. Not Kate Hudson, though. She’s the new face for Ann Taylor’s spring 2012 campaign, which was beautifully shot by Tom Munro. We love this photograph because it looks feminine and bright — quite evocative of Kate’s personality. Demi’s was a lot sexier and a lot darker. There’s a bonus behind-the-scenes photograph of the actress right after the jump. Whose campaign do you prefer? Demi’s shoot is right here. Read more…

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Ashley Greene Looks Stunning In The New DKNY Campaign

Even though we got a sneak peak of Ashley Greene‘s campaign for DKNY last month, that black-and-white glimpse of her has nothing on the rest of the shoot. Don’t get us wrong. We absolutely loved that image of her in flared jeans, but take a look at these newly released stills. This is for DKNY Spring 2012 and was shot by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin on top of the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. Ashley’s looking better than we’ve ever seen her. Click after the jump for a bonus image. Read more…

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Kim Kardashian Channels Old Hollywood In New Ad

Kim Kardashian just tweeted a photograph of her upcoming perfume ad. The new fragrance is called True Reflection, and we’re going to be blitzed very soon with promotions for it. As seen above, Kim’s taken inspiration from Old Hollywood with her hair in marcel waves, red lips and a vintage-looking silver gown with a plunging neckline. We have to say that she looks pretty sensational. The message along with the picture reads, “Another pic from my new True Reflection fragrance ad campaign…ultra glam! LOVE red lips! #ChannelingElizabethTay.” And we all know how much Kim loves her some Elizabeth Taylor considering she shelled out $65k for some of the late actress’ jewelry at an auction. Even though this looks nothing like Dame Liz, we’re going to give her a hall pass for at least getting the vibe down.

[Photo via Twitter]

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Dr. Dre And Oscar De La Renta Team Up To Design Headphones

This is one collaboration that we would never have dreamt up. Dr. Dre is expanding Beats by Dre, his ubiquitous brand of headphones and loudspeakers. The Doctor has gone high fashion and teamed up with designer Oscar de la Renta to create a limited edition pair of headphones called, what else but Beats by Oscar de la Renta which you can see on the right. These can be yours for a mere $695, which we know you just have lying around in spare change. For that tiny amount of cash you will have the luxury of silver fox fur lining your ‘phones, much like ear muffs. Silver fox fur headphones for $695. Hey, Oscar. PETA called, and they’re pissed. The economy called too, and it said — WTF?

[Photos: / Oscar de la Renta]

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New Ambassador Olivia Wilde Talks Makeup At Revlon Event

Olivia Wilde is thisclose to looking twee in this outfit — she’s wearing a Lanvin top, Marc Jacobs skirt and YSL shoes. She was officially announced as a Revlon ambassador yesterday at the Lambs Club in New York City. As usual, Olivia pulls off what us mere mortals would look ridiculously cutesy in.

Revlon may have been launching their new eye products, but their new face revealed she isn’t exactly proficient with a makeup brush. “I benefit more than anyone from the cheat sheets,” she said. “I’ve been having my makeup done professionally for 12 years, but I still don’t know how to contour my eyes. … I could never put fake lashes on myself; it would be such a disaster! They would end up in my eyeball. But I like playing with eye makeup. I like liners and mascara.” Is that the wisest thing to talk about while schilling makeup? We’re not exactly certain, but points for honesty.

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Katy Perry Goes Retro Glam For New Campaign

The new GHD campaign featuring Katy Perry is gorgeous! This is the second series that Katy’s shot with David LaChapelle for the brand and both sets of photographs have been phenomenal. This time around, the songstress is channeling both Snow White and the Evil Queen — if they both happened to be in 1920’s New York, that is. She’s endorsing the Scarlet collection which is, “inspired by the revelry and glamour of the roaring 20s… ” Flapper dress, Marcel waves, stockings — they’ve got the era spot on!

We can’t get over that John Galliano peach flapper dress on the right, FYI. And while we’re on that page, how about those lacy black hold-ups and those shoes! The collection note explains, “To launch the collection, Katy Perry, face of ghd and the epitome of modern style and fashion has been given a ‘20s make over bringing to life the decadence and sophistication of the time. Katy is immortalised as a mystical Snow White for the Scarlet Collection campaign, shot by world renowned photographer David LaChapelle.”  This is one advertisement done right.

[Photos via GHD]