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Jordin Sparks Admits She’s Discussing Marriage With Jason Derulo

Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo are discussing marriage

Wedding bells might be in the future for Jordin Sparks! The lovely American Idol alum spoke to Us Weekly on the red carpet of the City Of Hope Honors on Wednesday, and admitted that she and boyfriend Jason Derulo have already discussed marriage. It’s been a rough year for the two love birds; Jordin had to cope with the loss of her friend and Sparkle co-star Whitney Houston, and Jason broke his neck during a freak dancing accident! But they’ve found strength in each other, and are starting to talk taking things to the next level.

“It’s not a conversation that we’re scared about,” Sparks told the magazine. “Before, we both went through tragedies this year. He broke his neck and then Whitney passed. So before it might have been a little too crazy.” All of the hardships not only brought them closer together, but made them realize what really matters in life. “You really see the people you love and you go ‘I don’t want to lose you,’ ” she continued. “So it’s a conversation we have, but we’re not in a rush.” Although she admitted that she “hopes” he does eventually get down on one knee. And so do we! Although they’ve barely been together for over a year, the sweetness between these two  is undeniable. Check out some of their cutest moments in the gallery below!

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JWoww’s Boyfriend Proposes During Skydiving; Our Little Jersey Shore Cast Is All Grown Up

*Tear* They grow up so fast. The final season of Jersey Shore is almost upon us, and look at how far these crazy kids have come. The Situation went to rehab and got himself all cleaned up, Snooki’s a proud mother to baby Lorenzo, and now JWoww is about to become a married woman! Her longtime boyfriend, Roger Mathews, has proposed! Someone cue “Sunrise Sunset,” we’re getting a little choked up. At least until we heard how the dude proposed to the guidette. That cheered us back up a bit. Apparently he did it while skydiving!

Jwoww, better known as Jenni Farely outside the JS compound, spilled all the deets to In Touch. The two were going on just your ordinary skydiving session (is there such a thing?) when her boyfriend of two and a half years kicked things up a notch as they plummeted to Earth. “I look over and see a hand-written sign: ‘Jenni, will you … ‘ and then I turned to him and freaked out,” she gushed. “The whole time I’m screaming, ‘What are you doing? What’s going on?’ He’s like, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you! Will you allow me to?'” Spoiler alert: She said yes! “If I had to imagine a perfect guy, it would be him,” she says.

The reality starlet also graced the cover of the magazine, donning a killer cream colored wedding dress and showing off her HUGE rock. “It’s more than I ever expected,” Jenni admitted about the cushion cut diamond. “Roger’s not an average-looking guy, he’s huge: his personality, his size (*editorial: she means “height,” we imagine*). So I always said, ‘I want my ring like you — big! The bigger the better!'” Size does matter, at least when rings are concerned. Congrats to the happy couple!

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Justin Timberlake’s Bachelor Party Went Down In Vegas Last Night…Which Means There’s Still Time!

Justin Timberlake Bachelor Party In Las Vegas

Everyone shut up and help us look for our overnight bag! We hid a spare one in our cubicle for just such an occasion! Whatever. We’ll just take our wallet. Us Weekly reports that Justin Timberlake had his bachelor party last night in Las Vegas, which means we have precious little time to book a flight, get to him before he actually marries Jessica Biel and convince him to pursue a relationship with us instead. People typically throw their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties the week before the wedding, don’t they? What if we can’t get a plane ticket in time? Why hasn’t America invested in high-speed bullet trains yet?

JTim allegedly joined about 20 of his closest bros at Tryst at the Wynn Las Vegas Thursday evening, drinking and getting down to DJ Spider. Justin’s posse allegedly “took over the dance floor table,” which is perfect because we were planning to have a dance floor table at our wedding. To Justin Timberlake. Later the crew moved to Surrender Nightclub at Encore and Sinatra Restaurant, where, according to Us Weekly‘s very reassuring source, “It was just him and his guys.” Seeing as how Justin finally popped the question this past January after five years of dating, we doubt Jessica is going to give him up without a fight. Ugh, and she was so jacked in the Total Recall remake. Maybe we can throw her off by telling her we actually saw the Total Recall remake? Whatever. We’ll figure it out on the bus.

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Chad Kroeger, Avril Lavigne Started Dating On Canada Day, And Other Extremely Canadian Things About Them

Chad Kroeger Discusses Avril Lavigne Engagement

Wow, these two. If Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy are our new American royalty, Nickelback‘s Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne are the Canadian crown prince and princess respectively. They’re…they’re not actually Canadian royalty, are they? That would be too perfect. In case we didn’t already associate the musical couple with the Great White North, Chad gave an People interview today where he made sure to remind us. “We think it’s very cool that our anniversary will always be on Canada Day,” he gushed. “We can’t wait to start our life together.” It’s like if Beyonce and Jay-Z got engaged on Independence Day! Then raved about it to People! Of course, the fact Avril and Chad wear their patriotism on their black, shredded t-shirt sleeves is only one example of how deeply Canadian this couple is. In case you need a few more…

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Avril Lavigne, Chad Kroeger Engaged … And Very Good At Keeping A Secret

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger engaged

Congrats are in order for Avril Lavigne and her new fiance, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. Not just for they’re engagement, but for managing to keep their six-month relationship totally on the DL. Seriously, we thought maybe she was still in that on-again-off-again thing with Brody Jenner — but it looks like their January breakup really stuck. According to People, fellow Canadians Chad, 37, and Avril, 27, worked together on a song in February. Her rep confirmed to the mag that Chad popped the question on August 8, with a 14-carat diamond ring. Lavigne was snapped at the Las Vegas Magic Fashion and Apparel convention yesterday, where she was promoting her Abbey Dawn line, and she wasn’t yet showing off the rock.

This will be Avril’s second marriage — she divorced Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley in 2009 — and the first for Kroeger. We’re now fascinated to hear the song that started this whole thing, so hopefully it makes the cut when Lavigne releases her next album.

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The 12 Cutest Pictures Of Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux: A Romantic Timeline

After a whirlwind 15-month reign as the most unhateably ecstatic couple, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have announced their engagement today! The two Wanderlust costars have been on a romantic wanderlust of their own since May of last year, and in the process have given us some truly adorable photo ops. It’s incredible, we never thought we’d be happy to see her with anyone other than Ross Geller!  So as our way of saying congrats, we’ve assembled a timeline of their relationship, as well as our picks for their 12 cutest photos of all time. Enjoy!

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2007: The pair met while Jennifer was visiting the set of Tropic Thunder. The film was co-written by Justin Theroux with Jen’s good friend Ben Stiller.

Summer 2010: Met again on the set of Wanderlust. Jennifer was actually in this one, as was Justin. She claims to have not recognized him at first because of his long hair and beard he had for the film.

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Justin Theroux Pops The Question, Jennifer Aniston Is Engaged!

Jennifer Aniston Engaged To Justin Theroux

Why are we hopping up and down on one foot at this news? We don’t really know, but it’s our way of expressing joy. Our girl Jennifer Aniston is engaged! You should be hopping too. Her boyfriend, now fiance, Justin Theroux had a double celebration on Friday, when he celebrated his 41st birthday, and asked Jen to marry him! His spokesperson spilled the beans to People, saying, “Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage.” Spokesperson … or poet? We’ve been hoping that these two would go the distance and every passing milestone in their relationship made us feel like it was going to happen. Like when they moved in together. Or when Jen and Justin sent out that joint Christmas card. Come on — she got her man to breakdance on the Ellen show in front of the whole world! If that didn’t indicate just how serious they were about each other, we don’t know what would. So, yes. We are thrilled she’s getting married and are going to keep our ears in flap mode for any wedding stuff including — and this is the big one — what she’s going to wear. And during this happy moment, can we please request that the world switches off snark mode? Let’s not go into the fact that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be getting hitched and just leave this to two people doing their thing without any other ulterior motive other than wanting to get married to each other. Okay? Cool.

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Is Kanye West Really Designing An Engagement Ring For Kim Kardashian?

Kanye West’s relationship with Kim Kardashian has been like watching the scene in Back To The Future III when the runaway train speeds towards the edge of the cliff. The cliff obviously represents marriage in this botched metaphor, and now it looks like someone just hit fast forward. Although the two have brought up the topic marriage just a month after taking their relationship public, that just seemed like an abstract discussion. Now they really might do it for real.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Yeezy is busy designing an engagement ring for his beloved Kim, and prepping to pop the question just as soon as her divorce from Kris Humphries becomes final. The sweet part is that he’s apparently using stones from his late mother Donda’s collection. “Kanye picked out some of Donda’s most expensive pieces, including some diamond earrings and a ruby ring,” a friend of Kanye’s told Radar. “Donda was such an important person in Kanye’s life, he thought the world of her and was devastated when she died…Now Kanye has found a woman he respects and loves just as much as his mom, so he wants to share her jewelry collection with Kim.”

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Rumor We Love: Sofia Vergara Is Engaged!

Sofia Vergara Shows Off Engagement Ring In Twitpic

A picture is worth a thousand words. In this day and age, that can be translated into, a Twitpic is worth a thousand words. But we’d really like Sofia Vergara to fess up and tell us what those thousand words exactly are, because curious minds want to know. Sofia’s celebrating her 40th birthday in Mexico, where she’s been partying it up since Saturday in Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen with co-stars Julie BowenJesse Tyler FergusonSarah Hyland and others. Sounds like mad fun, and her twitter account reflects that, with tons of photographs and updates as well. A friend of hers tweeted the photograph you see above of Sofia holding a glass of champagne with some friends. Look at the hand holding the glass, though. It’s her left hand, and it has a giant diamond ring on it! Engagement, much? Did her recently on-again boyfriend Nick Loeb pop the question?

E! seems to definitely think so, even though we haven’t got a confirmation from either Loeb’s or Vergara’s people. They’re reporting that Nick popped the question on Monday night, during the celebrations, and a source has also said that she was “bouncing around and showing everyone the ring” the next day while at the Rosewood Mayakoba resort, which is where they’re staying. If this is true, then what a wonderful story it’s turned out to be. Vergara and Loeb split briefly two months ago, and while everyone thought they were completely kaput, they got back together a month later. That rock does look like the engagement sort, so even though their reps aren’t talking just yet, may we offer our congratulations to the happy couple!

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Liam Hemsworth Accidentally Says That He And Miley Cyrus Are Married! Relax, It Was Just A Blunder!

Liam Says He And Miley Cyrus Are Married, By Mistake

Yesterday, remember how we posted that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth attended the “Australians In Film Awards & Benefit Dinner” at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, California? You couldn’t possible forget Miley’s bra-top Zimmerman dress even if you tried. It’s totally growing on us FYI, and we think its a nice touch that she picked an Aussie designer for the event. What was even cuter was her talking about Liam and their engagement revealing, “You know, my dad’s always been a really hard worker so I like when men work hard. I think it’s important, and I always work really hard so it’s good to have, like, someone that is passionate about what they do and wants to be great at what they do instead of just being okay. We always try to have a 130 percent.” So adorable right? It’s nice when you hear someone all gooey about the person they’re about to be married to.

Liam was no less in the “I heart my fiance” stakes. There’s a video of him accepting his award for one of the “Breakthrough Actor’s of the Year” and making a really cute speech on stage about how he and Miley met at a screen test. He revealed, “I was fortunate enough to get called back in and read with my now fiance who I recently got engaged to.” The crowd erupted into cheers as his continued, “And we read together and fell in love and we’re married.” Hold up … what? Married? Before the whole audience had a collective apoplexy, he quickly added, “We’re not married yet, but we will be!” Good thing he said that because our brains were going to explode. He had earlier, on the red carpet, responded to a question which asked him about marriage plans, saying, “It’s all a secret right now. We’re trying to work that out.” The couple later tried to mock-outbid each other for a set of rare Heath Ledger photographs, with Miley eventually winning, dishing out a solid $22,000. Without blinking, we may add. How boss are these two? Ballin’ and madly in love — some people are really that lucky! Check out all the action and that lovely speech in the video, right after the jump.  Read more…