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Is Frances Bean Engaged To Her Man Friend Isaiah Silva?

We can’t help but be glad any time Frances Bean is in the news for any reason other than a Courtney Love lawsuit; the girl has grown up to be a pretty fabulous young lady despite everything (i.e. Courtney Love). This time we’re giving ourselves license to squee, as InTouch reports that the daughter of Ms. Love and the late great Kurt Cobain is allegedly engaged to The Rambles’ Isaiah Silva.

“Yes, she’s engaged and they moved in together in a big house near Runyon Canyon,” their source claims. If we needed further proof (and hey, it doesn’t hurt) apparently the couple of over a year updated their Facebook statuses to “engaged,” with Bean adding, “Getting to spend the rest of my life loving my best friend makes me the luckiest woman in the world.” Another source confirmed the happy news to People, though the pair have since changed their statuses back. Let’s hope Frances and her man are actually in it to win it; girl deserves all the happiness she can cram in before Courtney Love’s tell-all comes out and blows up her spot.

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Kaley Cuoco Is Engaged

The Big Bang Theory‘s resident hottie Kaley Cuoco is engaged to boyfriend and addiction specialist Josh Resnik. Her spokesperson confirmed the news to People, saying, “the surprise proposal took place during a quiet date night at home. The couple are very happy and excited to begin planning their wedding.” (BTW, before hooking up with Josh, Kaley dated her TBBT co-star, Jonathan Galecki for two years and they split up last year in September.)

Happy responses to the news are pouring in on her Twitter feed, and Kaley tweeted, just a couple of hours ago, “Thanks to everyone’s well wishes! So sweet and means a lot to us!” They haven’t set a date just yet, but we’re sure they’ll release more details in coming months. Congratulations, you two!

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Elizabeth Hurley Is Engaged!

Elizabeth Hurley is enagaged to Shane Warne, her former cricketer boyfriend! They confirmed the news themselves with Liz tweeting a message, along with the picture above, that read, “Thanks for all your congratulations. Here’s a pic of us about to go to Dunhill dinner in St Andrews.” The photograph was taken right before he popped the question and that grin (made even whiter in relief with that tan!) looks quite jovial!

Shane was believed to have proposed at dinner at the posh Road Hole restaurant in St. Andrews on Saturday in front of all the VIP guests there with sources saying, “He didn’t get down on one knee, but when it was announced the other guests in the restaurant stood up and applauded. Everyone there was absolutely delighted.” But Shane’s tweets seem to suggest that the proposing was done earlier. He wrote, “I didn’t propose in front of 200 people at dinner It was done privately and was very romantic – if I say so myself Ps left knee is sore !!!”  FYI, Liz’s divorce to Indian businessman Arun Nayar was just finalized in June. Good luck for your second trip down the aisle! Congratulations, guys!

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Jack Osbourne Gets Engaged, Ozzy Offers Incomprehensible Statement Of Congrats

Somebody book Westminster Abbey, because there’s about to be a wedding for reality TV royalty! Jack Osbourne is perhaps best known and loved for playing the precocious and drug-fueled teen Jack Osbourne on MTV’s smash The Osbournes in the early 2000s. But now everyone’s favorite dysfunctional brother is all grown up and about be a husband! Time flies…The 25-year old has popped the question to model Lisa Stelly, his girlfriend of a whopping four months. Well, if it feels right, go with it! The happy lady tweeted about  the engagement yesterday, saying “The most amazing man I’ve ever met asked me to marry him… and he wasn’t joking! Crazy, right :).”

Despite his rambunctious past, including a trip to rehab for alcohol problems in 2003, Jack has been cited as a good and calming force in Lisa’s life. “[He’s] a great influence on her,” her friend told Us Weekly. “It’s just no drama. More stable.” Since getting clean, Jack has taken an active role in film making, including directing his father’s Ozzy Osbourne’s 2010 music video for “Life Won’t Wait,” and also a documentary on his dad called God Bless Ozzy Osbourne. Congrats to the newlyweds, and we wish them a wonderful wedding! But a word of advice? Don’t ask Ozzy to give a speech. 

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Criss Angel Pops The Question

Sneaky, sneaky! Criss Angel is engaged to girlfriend Sandra Gonzalez! Which is fabulous news successfully concealed — figures he’s an illusionist — for almost a month! Apparently, Criss proposed in Cabo San Lucas on September 7 where he presented his now fiancee with a 5-carat, diamond and platinum Idayne Kaye designed ring. Angel’s rep has confirmed the news saying, “The couple is ecstatic.” He met Sandra on the sets of Mindfreak four years ago, FYI. No news on the date or other details yet but we’re sure those will appear soon enough. Congratulations, guys. It’s going to be one magical (we couldn’t resist!) wedding.

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Ne-Yo Engaged, Having Another Baby

Last year in November we wrote a post congratulating Ne-Yo and his girlfriend Monyetta Shaw on the birth of their baby girl, Madilyn Grace. We are so stoked to be doing the same thing for similar reasons less than a year later. Ne-Yo and Monyetta are engaged and expecting a second child together! Their baby is due next month. We love Ne-Yo and are wishing him and his wife-to-be all the luck in the world!

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Britney Spears Steps Out With A Very Engagement-y Ring

Despite denying rumors that she’d gotten engaged over the weekend to beau Jason Trawick, Britney Spears stepped out of a London radio station today wearing a VERY conspicuous rock on her left ring finger. The pop legend was clad in a cowgirl-cutie red plaid shirt, casual jeans and what definitely looks like an engagement ring on her left hand. Brit had an extremely giddy smile on her face as she waved at photographers, because she’s always happy to see the paps AND SHOW  OFF WHAT IS CLEARLY AN ENGAGEMENT RING YOU GUYS. But yeah, aside from that it’s NBD. Just another day in Britney-Land. Maybe now she’s going back to her hotel to see her fiancé boyfriend Jason, who was spotted at an LA jewerly store on Monday. Or maybe she’s gonna go out shopping for a white dress. Or maybe she’s going to write a cutely worded press release announcing her engagement. But then again, what do we know? Check out more pix of the ring in the gallery below and make your own call!

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Send Your Congratulations To Neil Diamond — He’s Engaged!

How perfect would it have been if his lady’s name was Caroline? No worries — doesn’t make this announcement any less sweet! Neil Diamond is engaged to his co-manager Katie McNeil! The happy news comes straight from the singer himself. Neil tweeted this adorable message writing, “Good news coming from sunny LA/ and you’re the first I want to tell/ Katie & I just got engaged/ and I hope you wish us well”.

If that wasn’t the nicest way to tell people — he followed up with another tweet that made us all go “awww”! Neil’s next tweet was, “I’d like you to meet Katie. I’m lovestruck. I took this photo in London last month” with a picture of his blonde, smiling lady love. We wish the two of them much luck and our congratulations!

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Kris Humphries Didn’t Realize Kim Kardashian Was Married Before

On the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashains Kris Humphries was shocked -shocked!- to learn that his fiancee Kim Kardashian had already been been married once before. Which is weird because he could have learned this by doing a ten-second scan of his wife-to-be’s Wikipedia page. Yes, despite all the hype around Kim’s “big day”, people seem to forget that this ain’t her first trip down the aisle. In 2000 she tied the knot with record producer Damon Thomas, which ended in divorce four years later. But apparently no one told Kris about this until after the couple were already engaged. One of Kim’s relatives evidently let it slip during a Kardashian family vacation in Bora Bora.

“You were really married? You guys are serious?” gasped a visibly shaken Humphries as they sat around the fancy dinner table. The fellow Kardashian men tried to cheer him up, with some attempts more successful than others. “Kim wasn’t really married,” Rob Kardashian offered confusingly, while Scott Disick lived up to his mega-douche title by saying, “You really thought that you were going to the first?” Charming. Kris was pretty bummed out, moaning “I didn’t see that coming, that hit me like a ton of bricks. What else will Kim break to me?” But as we all know now, he got over it and the two lived happily ever after in the land of Donk.

What we wanna know is, how did this not come up before? Come on guys, communication is key to any relationship. Maybe the K-Kult were keeping the factoid hidden until they could spring it on him while the cameras were rolling. Ratings are ratings, y’all. But seriously, we thought that knowledge of Kim’s previous marriage was just kinda…out there. So we’re not sure who to be mad at in this sitch. Let this be a lesson to couples everywhere: always remember to Google your significant other before you pop the question.

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Amber Tamblyn And David Cross Are Betrothed

If David Cross and Amber Tamblyn’s engagement is proof of anything, it’s that true love can endure all of life’s trials and tribulations, including all these jokes we’re about to make about their age difference.

Tamblyn’s rep confirmed to People today that the 47-year-old star of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret and the 28-year-old actress, recently of House fame, will be getting hitched. The two started dating publicly in 2009. Similarly, Cross started his sophomore year of college when Amber was in utero. We’re just kidding, you guys! We wish David and Amber the very best; unlike Cross’s character Tobias Funke on Arrested Development, may their marriage find them both ever-nude.

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