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John Mayer Still Hating On Jennifer Aniston

john mayer

No one ever accused John Mayer of being a gentleman. According to the National Enquirer, the rocker spends his time ripping on Jennifer Aniston while hitting on everyone else.

John’s been recording in a studio and coming on to almost every woman in the vicinity. He goes on and on to these women about how clingy and needy Jen is…When someone tries to change the subject, he goes back to Jennifer, claiming she was so emotionally dependent and demanding that he couldn’t take it.

Congrats, John! You’ve found a way to vent and seek out casual sex at the same time. No wonder Jen’s set her sights on someone older.

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Candy Spelling Makes Online Plea For Tori To Call Her


Tori Spelling and her estranged mom Candy have been engaged in a war of words in the press as both promote their respective books, Mommywood and Candyland. Now Candy has made an emotional plea for Tori to call her so she can see her grandchildren Liam, 2, and Stella, 10 months .

“You say you look at my website, so I’m trying to reach you that way. I want to see you and your family-in private, like the “normal family” you say you always wanted,” Candy writes on her website, CandySpelling.com.

“I’m a mother, who, like every mother, wants communication and a great relationship with you, my daughter, and your family.”

She signed it, “I am hopeful. Love, Mom.”

Tori responded by saying, “She knows how to reach me, she knows where we live.”

These two really are silly. Pick up the phone!

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Real Housewives’ Kelly v. Bethenny Gets Ugly


The feud between The Real Housewives of New York‘s Kelly Killoren Bensimon and Bethenny Frankel appeared to have simmered down, but things have apparently heated up once again. In the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Kelly fires back at Bethenny, who called Kelly “inauthentic.”

“Is Bethenny a socialite? No. Will she ever sit next to Lauren DuPont? No. Is she best friends with Aerin Lauder? No,” Kelly fumes.

“Am I? No. Do I care? No. Does she? Oh, absolutely. She’s not authentic. All she does is sit there and cry all the time. I’m like, you’re crying about guys? Shut up!” she says.

Hiss!!! [Source: NYPost; Photo: Getty Images]

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Holly Rubs Criss Angel’s Ex The Wrong Way


Holly Madison apparently ruffled some feathers when she threw her ex Hugh Hefner his 83rd birthday party at the Palms Hotel and Casino pool in Las Vegas this weekend, and it wasn’t the new girlfriends who were getting their claws out.

Holly reportedly offended a Las Vegas reporter named Alicia Jacobs when Holly told her that her dress was “an interesting choice for a pool party,” where Hef’s other exes Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt were also in attendance, along with his three new girlfriends, Crystal Harris and Karissa and Kristina Shannon.

Alicia, who also dated Holly’s OTHER ex Criss Angel, got all Lohan on us and hopped on her Twitter to tell the world about how she felt about Miss Madison.

“Holly Madison was not so sweet, at least not to me,” she Twittered. “She’s also not a very good interview. I could tell from her demeanor and her responses that it was an emotional day for Holly. I wish her luck with her future and her career.”

Holly dismissed Alicia’s remarks and said she meant no harm with the comment about her dress.

“That’s really strange, I meant it sincerely,” Holly said. But Holly couldn’t help herself to throw in a backhanded compliment to her ex’s ex.

“I’m like, trying to hold my tongue because I don’t see her as Criss’ type,” Holly said. Oh snap!

Check out our gallery of Hef and the girls celebrating his 83rd![Source: Las Vegas Review Journal; Photo: Getty Images]

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Bridget Moynahan To Gisele Bundchen: Back Off Mami


Bridget Moynahan is reportedly super pissed at Gisele Bundchen for telling Vanity Fair that her baby with Tom Brady is “100% her own.”

Not so fast! Bridget’s gaggle of gal pals put Gisele on blast via the New York Post‘s Page Six, telling the paper, “If Gisele loved Bridget’s child like he was ‘100% her own,’ then she would not talk about him in the press.”

Bridget’s crew also went on to accuse Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brady of lacking “discretion and respect” and Gisele of being “desperate for attention.”

In Vanity Fair, Gisele said of Bridget and Tom’s son John, “It’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child-I feel it is 100%”

Bridget could hardly let the leggy model take credit for nine months of incubating and hours of birthing her little one. “Hey Gisele-real mothers don’t call their kids ‘it,'” Bridget’s friend snapped. [Source: New York Post; Photo: Getty Images]


Tori Spelling’s Mom Won’t Read Her Daughter’s Book

Tori Spelling will be releasing her second book, Mommywood, in a few weeks, and at least one person won’t be reading it – her mom Candy Spelling.

“I never read her first one because my friends and family advised me against it. They said it would hurt my feelings, so I decided to pass. I won’t read her new one either,” Candy snapped.

Candy even moved the release date up two weeks for her new book, Stories From Candyland, so that she would not be going head to head with her only daughter.

Tori discussed her ongoing feud with her mom in her 2008 book, sTori Telling, and accused her mom of cheating on her dying father with a family friend. They supposedly made up when Tori gave birth to her first child, Liam, but from Candy’s snappy words, it looks like all is not perfect in Spelling land.

Although Candy won’t be reading Tori’s book, she says if Tori reads hers she wouldn’t find any negative words about her. “I can assure you, however, that if Tori were to read my book, she wouldn’t be hurt at all, and in fact, it might bring back some wonderful memories from her childhood,” she said. [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Usher Apologizes To Chris Brown For Passing Judgment

Usher should be ashamed of himself. Chris Brown‘s career may be kaput following the beating he gave girlfriend Rihanna, so the poor guy decided to do a little jet skiing. Usher saw the photos, and chastised Brown for not “showing a little bit of remorse” in a video clip. The nerve! How unfair of Usher to hit a man while he’s down. Oh wait.

“The comments made during a recent recording session amongst friends were taken out of context and blown out of proportion,” Usher said in a statement. “I apologize on behalf of myself and my friends if anyone was offended. The intentions were not to pass judgment and we meant no harm. I respect and wish the best for all parties involved.”

Actually, Usher should be concerned if they’re taken in context, with Johnta Austin boxing behind him while Jermaine Dupri laughs his ass off. Out of context, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would be offended by his suggestion that abuse suspects keep the public vacationing to a minimum.

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Piers Morgan Disses ‘Selfish’ David Beckham

On the worldwide PR stage, it’s fair to say that David Beckham’s escaped relatively Scot-free (apart from his comedy accent raising a few giggles) whereas wife Victoria has suffered more than her fair share of tabloid hate campaigns, especially in the British tabloids. But America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan reckons this has been the wrong way round — branding soccer star Becks “ruthlessly selfish” for his plans to ditch LA Galaxy and head off to Milan, leaving Posh to potentially change her life around once more.

“I think he’s been ruthlessly selfish about his career from the start. I don’t blame him – I just wish he’d be more honest about it. My sympathy is all with Victoria. She has to do all the dirty work while he works out where he can make his next pay cheque. I think he should have stayed in America and honoured his commitment to them and American soccer. That was the deal and that’s why they paid him the big bucks, but as always, he’s put David Beckham first and if everyone has to be uprooted and disappointed by it then so be it,” he says to this week’s issue of the UK’s New! magazine.

It’s fair to say the Beckhams probably won’t be inviting wobblechops Morgan round to their LA home to swap stories about how much they miss beans on toast and Marmite anytime soon. But “Poor Posh” as a new nickname? Hmm, it’s got a ring to it… [Photos: Splash News Online, ]


Courtney Love Warns Madonna Away From London

The US/UK Celebrity Swap Treaty (TM) in recent months has given us Paris Hilton and you Victoria Beckham. (No fair!) But we in the UK are making up for it now. After giving back Madonna after an eight-year loan program, we’re getting in return Courtney Love. Yay! ¬†And bonkers Courtney is making sure that her nemesis Madge doesn’t come anywhere near her new ‘hood.

“Madonna had better stay the hell away from London when I move here to live! There’s no room for us both. Buckinghamshire is where I want to go. I’m fed up with L.A. It’s full of crazy people. People criticize Britain but it is still a cleaner, safer place to live than Hollywood,” she writes.

Woo-hoo! We’re very pleased about this as Courtney’s sure to improve the celebrity landscape more than Madonna and her endless gym visits, faux-country-set posturing and pretending to like drinking pints, as we reckon Courtney might actually like a drink or two. See photo above. But we really hope she knows where she’s moving to. Buckinghamshire isn’t London, love. It’s the countryside. And the Queen doesn’t live there. Just to clear that one up. Welcome! [Photo: Splash News Online]


John Mayer Mocks Benjamin Button, Stays Classy

Don’t ever get the idea John Mayer doesn’t love every second of press attention he gets. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have stuck a riff on The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button in the middle of his latest goofball video clip.

You know like that guy in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Bratt, Benjamin Bratt: the older you get, the younger you get and right before you die a little tiny man baby you’re gonna discover the ability to time travel into volcanoes.

I never saw the film, I’m just guestimating that that’s how it ends.

Translation: “Do not stop writing about the drama between me, Jennifer Aniston and Brangelina, because it means I get associated with movie stars instead of Rob Thomas and the guy from Maroon 5.” Mission accomplished, bro! Think Brad Pitt will respond, or will he just go on making hit movies and raising a giant family with his smoking hot wife? If he’s anything like Mayer, then…oh wait. He’s not.