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Rosie O’Donnell Strikes Back At Barbara Walters—Twice.

Bless you, internet. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have known how Rosie O’Donnell reacted to Barbara Walters saying she should “get on with her life” yesterday morning until her interview with Conan O’Brien that night. But thanks to the information superhighway, Rosie had a vlog up by 5:00pm, complete with reaction shots, the Billy Elliott: The Musical photo taken last week, Eminem‘s “Without Me” and a crack about Debbie Matenopolous. Harness that technology, Rosie!

Not that she was out of sarcasm by the time she hit Late Night. Here’s what she told Conan:

Apparently, “Lady,” she was talking about this lady, which it hurt her feelings. And truthfully, in spite of the fact that she now loathes me, I still do enjoy her. Yeah. I’m not sure I’m gonna be a guest on that show again because it didn’t go down well. But, you know, I tried my best. I told them when they hired me that I had never worked on a show before where I wasn’t the boss, and that there was a chance that might cause some problems.

Listen, I don’t want to dump on the show in order to benefit my own career, you know, to use it for publicity because I didn’t have a career before that show. So, I’m very thankful to The View for the help that it’s given me in my life. And I’m a big fan of the program and the producer.

Ignore her, Barbara! You’ve got your hands full with the co-hosts you’re working with now; Rosie’s out of your hands. Just smile politely and send her a bouquet when her variety show tanks.

Check out the gallery for shots of Barbara and Rosie’s rising sexual tension since 1997.

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Audrina: L.C.’s House Was Never My Home

On Monday night’s episode of The Hills, Audrina broke the news to L.C. that she was busting out on her own and moving out of the home she had shared with her and Lo. Audrina took to her blog to give the run down on how the big confrontation went down. “Although Lauren knew I had been thinking about it for awhile, I wasn’t sure how she was going to react,” she revealed. “I didn’t know if she was going to be mad or happy for me. I kept thinking of how it was when Heidi moved out and how everything went downhill from there with their friendship.”

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Shanna Moakler: “Blah Blah I Love Travis Barker Blah Blah Blah”

While Travis Barker hasn’t said much about his post-accident love life except “Despite any rumors you might have heard via my EX-wife Shanna Moakler, who I have not seen since the week I checked in…” Moakler tells Extra that the pair are…well…let’s just let her explain it.

I just got that phone call that you dread getting in the middle of the night. I actually thought when the phone rang, that it was Travis saying, ‘Oh, we landed in L.A. and I’m coming home to you, babe.’…We’re probably not going to be flying anytime soon, at all. We are going to invest in a tour bus…We’re parents first. Travis is my family and he always will be my family. I have a profound love for him. I’ve learned that I am very appreciative and thankful for Travis in my life.

In other words, she was already fantasizing that they were reunited before the crash. When asked if the pair will remarry, Moakler responded “I don’t know.” Is that “I don’t know” because you’re taking it one romantic day at a time or that “I don’t know” because you haven’t spoken in weeks? If they’re really back together, maybe Barker will be chivalrous enough to go “blah blah I love Shanna Moakler blah blah blah” next time he’s hounded by paparazzi.

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Lindsay’s Dad ‘Regrets’ What He Said About Samantha

Michael Lohan never stops talking. At least this time he is apologizing for calling his daughter Lindsay Lohan‘s lover Samantha Ronson, a “dark, hideous, and disgusting representation of humanity.”

“I definitely regret all the things I said about Samantha,” Lilo’s daddy said, “I’m a Christian. I should not pass judgement on anyone.”

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George Takei And William Shatner Live Long And Bitch At Each Other

Two years after George Takei and William Shatner laughed it up at the latter’s Comedy Central Roast, the Star Trek vets are having an interplanetary squabble over whether Takei invited Shatner to his recent wedding, which will be declared invalid if California’s Proposition 8 is passed. Shatner kicked off the beef by releasing a surprise interview with his daughter Tuesday, where he chalked Takei’s invite snub up to Mr. Sulu’s “psychosis.”

You think their might have been an epiphany where George would say, ‘Poor Bill Shatner…I wish him well’ but instead makes this big deal about not inviting me to his wedding! What kind of sickness is going on in the man? There must be something inside him that’s festering.

When asked about the hubbub by Entertainment Tonight, Takei denied not inviting Shatner, and claimed that Shatner has avoided every big Star Trek get together, including the funeral of show creator Gene Roddenberry. “His ranting and raving is just silliness. What’s really important to us now is Proposition 8.”

Both video interviews after the jump.

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Audrina Gets Soaked

Audrina Patridge is always in a bikini. This time, however, it was for a good cause. The Hills star appeared on Ellen and as part of Ellen’s effort to raise money for breast cancer awareness by dunking celebrities in her dunk tank, Audrina hopped on in for the cause. After a few tries, Ellen hit the target and Audrina was soaked. Audrina also spoke out about her off-again BFF Lauren Conrad, and those nasty rumors that LC hooked up with Audrina’s ex Justin Bobby.

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Mark Wahlberg Has A Better Sense Of Humor Than We Thought

Mark Wahlberg plays a great bully. The Departed, I Heart Huckabees, Three Kings, Four Brothers—let him push people around and he’s hilarious. So more people should have realized that Wahlberg wasn’t really mad when he saw Andy Samberg‘s hysterical “Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals” skit on Saturday Night Live. Waxing nostalgic for Joe Piscopo? Telling Jimmy Kimmel he’s going to break Samberg’s nose? He’s not really steamed, folks. It’s an act.

How do we know? Because instead of breaking Samberg’s nose on SNL saturday, Wahlberg asked Amy Poehler, Josh Brolin (“You were the Goonies movie, right? I produce Entourage!”) and a live donkey to say hi to their mothers for him (sadly, he didn’t ask Sarah Palin). No word on whether Brolin has passed Wahlberg’s sentiments on to stepmother Barbra Streisand.


L.C. Says Reunion With Heidi Montag ‘Is True!’

It looks like the longtime feud between Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag has come to a close. “Yes, it’s true,” Lauren says of what appeared to be their official reunion when the two Hills stars hugged it out at Los Angeles restaurant STK. “Heidi was at STK. She came in to the after party to congratulate me on the show. it was nice of her. I appreciated it.”

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Fight, Fatboys, Fight!

Here at Scandalist, we love a good showbiz scrap, especially when it’s between a couple of blokes. (They’re as bitchy as the ladies, you know.) Hence proved by British film star Simon Pegg, who’s laid into fellow countryman Ricky Gervais by dubbing him an “idiot” and “fat”. Ooohh!

In an interview on UK radio station Heart FM, the How to Lose Friends and Alienate People star (sounds prescient, right?) grew testy when asked if he was feeling the pressure of the LA lifestyle, like Gervais. “He says a lot of things, that man. He said there’d been no good British films since 1950. What an idiot.” Pegg, who also starred in last year’s Run, Fatboy, Run, continued his verbal assault by calling The Office star Ricky “one of the fat people in LA.”

We think that deserves a round two. Ricky? — Becky Howard

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50 Said What?

Does Fiddy have beef with Jay-Z? Because that has to be the only reason that he would claim that Jay-Z was famous only after he married Beyonce. “I’m a big fan of Jay-Z,” 50 said, “but outside of the States and hip hop circles, no one really knew who he was until he was married.” Huh?

Jay-Z and Beyonce tied the knot in April. Here are only some of the highlights of Jay-Z’s mega-career before April 2008.

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