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Charlize Theron Can’t Stand The Hills

It’s flesh-colored beards vs. method eyebrows! Based on unglamorous roles in movies like Monster and In The Valley Of Elah, we know Charlize Theron must take “reality” very seriously. This devotion to facial grit helps explain why The Hills bothers her so much—not to mention why she approves of the running mascara. The Oscar winner went off on the show recently in an interview with MTV:

So I watched a couple episodes. I was doing a world tour at the time, so I watched them in a couple languages. I realized that this f—ing show is huge. Now I’m going to ask you a question: Why?

…Why is it so big? It’s about nothing! This is a free country. Freedom of speech! You can tell me right now to my face that Reindeer Games was a piece of shit. That’s totally fine. But The Hills is about nothing. I think the girls are beautiful and when they cry their mascara runs and that’s real, but I don’t get it!

I am a nana. I’ll just take it. I am a nana. Maybe I need to watch the shows some more.

With her “nana” caveats and willingness to admit that the 2000 Ben Affleck “thriller” Reindeer Games was less than stellar (she shows her boobies in it, though!), it should be hard for anyone to mind that Theron fails to see the je ne sais qua that has made the show such a massive success. Except Spencer. He’ll be pissed.


Michael Lohan Says Lindsay’s The New Angelina Jolie

You’d think a born again homophobe wouldn’t be offended by Barack Obama denying Lindsay Lohan the chance to campaign for him, but when that born again homophobe is Michael Lohan—expect the unexpected. Here’s what everyone’s favorite deadbeat daddy had to say to TMZ:

“Everyone is entitled to an opinion and so is Obama and his staff. Then again, you know what they say about opinions. Unfortunately, for them, to make such a comment about my daughter was a big mistake … Look at Angelina Jolie and the wonderful things she has done in her life, and now watch how Lindsay does the same.”

Hmmm, Samantha Ronson does look a little bit like Jolie’s first husband, Johnny Lee Miller

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Joe Francis Disses LiLo’s Girl-On-Girl Romance

It sucks when your guy friends don’t get along with your new man, or your woman, in Lindsay Lohan‘s case. Girls Gone Wild owner Joe Francis ripped into Lindsay’s lady love Samantha Ronson, calling her “huffy” and saying, “Sam has taken ownership of Lindsay.” Joe even says that Samantha almost hit him the other night at a party when he tried to talk to his pal and described Lindsay’s girlfriend as “really jealous.” Joe doesn’t see what Lindsay likes in Samantha and disses the DJ saying, “I mean, if I liked dudes, I’d probably like Samantha Ronson too.” Joe also insists that Lindsay is not truly a Celesbian, and is really straight deep down. “If Sam were to let Lindsay go even that much, she would revert back to being straight-and normal.” [Source:E! Online]


Actually, Lily, Elton John Is Pissed Off At You

Lily Allen may have blogged that her boozy squabble with Elton John was nothing but playful stage patter, but Elton’s making it sound like she’s got rose-colored beer goggles: “I was thinking about asking her to tour with me and maybe even do a duet. Obviously that won’t be happening now.”

Actually, we wouldn’t be surprised if he changes his mind fast. Since the ceremony, Lily’s been dropping dark phrases like “dying inside” on Facebook and writing (and deleting) references to suicide on her blog. Once Sir Elton gets word of her depression, the author of “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” could snap into chivalry mode fast. He’s sweet like that. [Now!]

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Jordin Sparks Calls Out Sluts At The VMAs

It was baller vs. purity baller when Jordin Sparks struck back at Russell Brand after he mocked the Jonas Brothers’ promise rings at the VMAs: “It’s not bad to wear a promise ring, because not everybody, guy or girl, wants to be a slut.” Snap!

So where you do stand on the prude vs. slut debate? Are purity rings creepy or classy? Is she being self-righteous or was he being a dick? “F*ck ‘em if they can’t take a joke” or “F*cking is not a joke”? Scandalist just wants to know if she’s planning to launch a line of chastity belts—the market’s wide open (ironically).

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