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Ice-T: Twitter Police


The next time you hop on your iPad (what you don’t have one yet?) to Twitter some clever crap about Ice-T‘s crappy acting or his wife’ camel-toe prone vagina, think again. The dude will take you to task for what you write, and if you’re like Aimee Mann or Nicole Richie, you’ll end up with your tail between your tweeting legs.

Last week singer Aimee Mann wrote, “Christ, there is no reason in the world anyone should ever have cast Ice T in a television show,” to which Ice-T replied: “stop worrying about my acting bitch, and worry about your WACK ass music.” Instead of standing her ground (she does kinda have a point, right?) Aimee apologized profusely and let Ice-T win the Twitter war.

Then Nicole Richie decided to get in on the action with this little number today (in which she quotes a friend): “Don’t fuck with Coco IceT. That camel-toe will swallow you up!” Ohhhhh brother. Ice immediately got in on the action, writing, “Why do people say dumb shit about us and think it’s all good??? Was that suppose to be funny? Remember… I don’t start this shit…”

Nicole remembered and immediately begged for forgiveness. And people think Twitter is a free for all? Not with Ice-T around!

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Brandon Davis Claims He Would Never Mock Mischa’s Weight


It’s time once again for “Updates On A Sweaty Rich Dude,” the feature in which we bring you the latest news on oil heir, starf*cker, and sweat-machine extraordinaire, Brandon Davis. When last we met our hero, he had taken to his Twitter account to attack Mischa Barton, who he called “one of the fattest people on the planet.” Davis denies authoring the Tweet, however, telling InTouch, “I would never say anything nasty about Mischa, especially about her weight. I am pissed that someone stole my identity and started Twittering things.”

The author of the Twitter account, if it is not actually Davis, also denied writing it , placing blame on that other guy we know and love for his classy ways, Rick Solomon, who is a starf*cker himself, and star of several sex tapes and short-lived marriages. A later tweet explains “With rick soloman. He stole my phone and wrote the mischa comment. Would never speak that way about an ex.” So…not only does Davis himself deny having a Twitter account, but his identity was stolen by someone with a conscience (who hangs out with dirtbags like Solomon) who also feels bad about the Mischa insults? This all seems very shady, but we’ve come to expect nothing less from Davis.

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Stephanie Pratt No Longer Speaks To Spencer And Heidi


Who knew that People’s Revolution reject and Nana-ignoring granddaughter Stephanie Pratt would end up being one of the most sympathetic people to come out of The Hills? We started to love Stephanie more when she showed up to mock herself on The Soup last year, and our feelings continue to soften now that she admits that she is cut off from her brother-monster Spencer.

“I haven’t talked to Heidi or Spencer since September,” Stephanie told Fancast.com. “I feel so dumb not to know what’s going on with my family.  But they’ve decided they don’t want me in their life, so I don’t know what’s going on with them.” Stephanie continued, “It’s sad.  I’m kind of mourning the loss of him.  But that’s his choice. He cut a lot of his friends out.  I don’t know what’s going on with him.”

Maybe he’s just trying  to make his move to Costa Rica easier on himself? We would never advocate the ripping apart of a family, but in the case of the Pratts, we have to say that maybe Stephanie is making out okay in this situation. [Photo: Getty Images]


Ke$ha Disses Justin, Justin Disses Mariah


We love a good celebrity feud. Lord knows it’s the only reason we check Courtney Love‘s Twitter feed. But today it’s Justin Bieber who’s at the center of not one but two feuds (nowhere near the level of Courtney Love and say, Lily Allen, but still entertaining nonetheless).

First, it seems that poor Justin was the target of one of Ke$ha‘s more random bouts of verbal diarrhea when she told Maxim magazine that she thought of Biebs as “a tiny little baby” and she’d love to “to push him around onstage in a carriage.” Ohhhkay. Ke$ha felt bad about that one though and apologized on Twitter (but of course), writing “dear justin b i am so sorry if my bad joke has hurt your feelings, u r obviously so talented and i would never mean to offend u. i think u r rad.” Classic. We weep for the legacy that 2010 is leaving behind. OMG u guys.

Ke$ha and Justin are, in our minds, on the same level – relatively new to the scene, so if they trade barbs it’s no big thing. But Bieber had an “Oh, no he didn’t” moment this week when he decided to aim some criticism at Mariah Carey, something that, um, no one should do. Bieber, discussing Carey, reportedly told The Sun, “I don’t love her new music, it’s not the same. It’s like Michael Jordan coming back out to play in the NBA. She is past her best.”

The quote has been taken down off The Sun‘s website, though it’s unclear if it’s because it was drawing so much attention or if it was actually fabricated. We hope for Bieber’s sake it was fabricated because we fear the wrath of Mimi. [Photos: Getty Images]


India.Arie Calls Lady Gaga “Socially Irresponsible”

Oh, Twitter. Is there a celebrity online who won’t live to regret you? Grammy-winning chanteuse India.Arie recently went off on Lady Gaga‘s “Telephone” video, accusing the crazy clotheshorse of being “socially irresponsible.” Some choice quotes:

Don’t be offended this is all MY opinion… Am I the only one who thinks the “telephone” video is going a bit too far?/ I’m not referring to the abstract nature of the video … I’m talking about the IMAGERY – the unspoken back story, the language the message/ I agree gaga is being her image .. I dig her creative mind But still … Thers a such thing as socially irresponsible… I’m just sayin./ Let’s be CLEAR! I know it gaga M.O. – I don’t live under a rock. And I get that a lot of work put into it. I’m talking social responsability/ There’s an artist ever 10 years who pushes the envelope … but its bout to fall off the Table. When is it too far?/ I respect the creative mind but disagree with the “choices” as a dish meant to be served for mass consumption ..

It didn’t take long for the feedback to get ugly, with Arie doing her best to take it in stride (“Why all the disrespect? How old are you? Never say anything you wouldn’t want someone to say to your mother”) before suggesting she might need a Twitter break herself (“Aite flight taking off. don’t respond kid it’ll just fuel it. Instead send your favorite stevie wonder song or lyric. Log in in a few days”). Do you think Lady Gaga’s shock tactics are socially irresponsible…or does it even matter? Let us know in our TheFABLife poll and check out our picks for Lady Gaga’s Top 100 Hottest Outfits Of 2009 for more social irresponsibility…children could get hurt dressing like that!

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Dennis Rodman Macks On Sandra, Jesse’s Mistress Tweets “Suck It!!”

Dennis Rodman & Jesse James

The Sandra Bullock/Jesse James drama is moving from tragic to ridiculous in record speed. While most celebs—including the heartbroken Oscar winner herself—are staying mum on the subject, Dennis Rodman is not your average celebrity. Asked by InTouch Weekly how he feels about the scandal, the Sober House star—who beefed with James on Celebrity Apprentice last year—was sympathetic…to a point. “With all I’ve been through with marriage, divorce and girlfriends, I’m the wrong guy to ask…I happen to like Jesse and hope this works out for them.” Fair enough. “However, should it not, with all her success and money, I’d be happy to take Sandra Bullock out for the time of her life.” While that’s a kind and generous offer, Dennis, we’re guessing she’s not looking for another tattooed badass reality star to spend her cash right now.

Tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee might be up for a night on the town, though, considering how unapologetic she’s been about cutting Sandra’s Oscar afterglow short. The fetish/tattoo model recently revived her Twitter with a succinct “suck it!!” (since deleted) followed by “thanks for all the support.” Though she tried to change the subject (“I really want some Ben and Jerrys half baked ice cream.. Yummy!!”), she’s since suggested we all “go drink some haterade” because, as she expressed via acronym, she does not give a f— (“IDGAF!”—also deleted). Don’t worry, Michelle, it won’t believe until no one else gives a f— either.

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Sidibe’s Mom Responds To Howard Stern’s Insults

gs-200xGabourey Sidibe‘s mom tells Howard Stern he’s out of line.

A media war has ensued between Howard Stern and lovers of Oscar-nominated Precious star Gabourey Sidibe. Last week Stern made nasty jibes about Sidibe’s weight and said that she’ll never work again. Now Sidibe’s mom is speaking out. (Just like my mom always says, you can mess with the mama, but never mess with her babies.)

Read the full story at LimeLife.


Did Kate Gosselin Scare Johnny Weir Off Dancing?

Kate Gosselin & Johnny Weir

Looks like Jon Gosselin isn’t the only Octoparent earning a d-word these days. Page Six rang the “diva” alarm on Kate Gosselin this morning, saying the star wants to be “Queen Bee” on the set of Dancing With The Stars. “Kate doesn’t want anything to do with other contestants…While there’s a lot of camaraderie among the crew and other stars including Pamela Anderson, Kate has set herself apart.” To be fair, Kate’s been on reality TV a long time—it’s only right she finally get to say she’s not there to make friends.

That said, we’re bummed to hear her presence may have inspired Johnny Weir to decline joining this season’s cast. The flamboyant skater already went on record with his disdain for KaGo after a drama-filled charity event last September. “She didn’t look at anybody…Kate Gosselin was playing the diva act,” he told E!, later calling her “a terror.” “I was disappointed to meet her and I was so disappointed she was involved in the show. It was such a waste.” Will bad karma make her an early exit once the season starts next week?

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Howard Stern Mocks “Enormous” Gabourey Sidibe

Howard Stern found the loveliest way to say Gabourey Sidibe should have won Best Actress for Precious on his radio show Monday. “There’s the most enormous, fat black chick I’ve ever seen. She is enormous. Everyone’s pretending she’s a part of show business and she’s never going to be in another movie. She should have gotten the Best Actress award because she’s never going to have another shot. What movie is she gonna be in?” Sidibe has already scored roles on Showtime’s The C Word and the indie drama Yelling To The Sky, but Howard was too busy complaining about Oprah Winfrey‘s ego-boosting to check IMDb. “Oprah’s another liar, a filthy liar. She’s telling an enormous woman the size of a planet that she’s going to have a career.” Considering the lack of precedent for Oprah’s success, is she really that far off base? Let us know in our poll if you think Howard has a point about Sidibe’s chances to maintain stardom, or if he’s just a simple-minded jerk…or both.

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Sting And Simon Cowell: The Hatred Is Mutual


We love that in the UK,  no one creates a false sense of friendship just for the sake of good PR. In the States, no one wants to say something bad about someone else (unless you’re a reality star, in which case, that’s the only thing you’ll say about anyone). Not so in the case of Simon Cowell and Sting. Last fall, Sting made some very pointed comments about Cowell’s show The X Factor, the reality competition he’s importing to  the U.S. once he leaves American Idol. Sting said of the program “The X Factor is a preposterous show and you have judges who have no recognizable talent apart from self-promotion, advising them (contestants) what to wear and how to look. It is appalling.” Zing, Sting!

Of course, Cowell is not one to take criticism lightly, being a master of it himself. In an interview with his pal and fellow talent judge Piers Morgan this weekend, Cowell rebutted “First of all, anybody who at the age of 60 calls himself Sting is an idiot.” Not the most mature way to begin his argument, but you didn’t think he’d stop there, did you? “I find those kind of people… who come from quite humble beginnings and they’re (now) living in these stately homes professing to know everything about everything in the world, and what the contestants may or may not feel… They can say that because they’ve got everything they want in their lives, but what they’re really saying is anybody else who needs a shot shouldn’t be allowed to do it.”  The entire argument seems silly because we wouldn’t want to take advice from the style-challenged Cowell, nor do we care what super-rich Sting watches on the TV in his cold, musty castle. So you see, you’re both right.   [Photos: Getty Images]