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Rachel And Bethenny Battle Via Twitter


Last week it was Demi Moore and Perez Hilton beefin’ over Twitter, this week skinny stylist Rachel Zoe is warring with reality star Bethenny Frankel. Whatever happened to bitching people out in person? Frankel, of “Real Housewives fame,” took a stab at Zoe via her Twitter account, calling the stylista’s show, “self-important nonsense” and “a bunch of BS.” The best-selling author didn’t stop there, and went on to accuse Zoe of treating “all her old friends like garbage.” Bananas!

Zoe, of course, bit back, and tweeted that Bethenny has “no class” and nailed her with this dis: “u really r insane!” Ouch! This fight is almost as ugly as that dress Zoe shoved Cameron Diaz in at the Golden Globes this past spring. After reviewing all the tweets, we’re totally Team Zoe on this one. After all, Bethenny clearly started this battle, and we’re a fan of Zoe’s, uh, quirks. It’s a good thing both of the sass-pots have shows on Bravo – maybe Andy Cohen can hold some sort of televisied mediation session? We’d watch! [Photos: GettyImages]


Piven Throws A Hissy Fit


Jeremy Piven has had a rough year, let’s face it. When he pulled out of a commitment on Broadway citing “mercury poisoning” as his reason, he became the butt of jokes and had a grievance filed against him by the producers. His show, Entourage, is having a less-than-stellar season. And seriously, what’s with his weird guest appearances, hosting WWE’s Raw and appearing on Big Brother? So it’s not crazy that someone would take him to task for all that. Piven doesn’t like being the butt of a joke though, and when SNL alum Chris Kattan took a swipe about Piven’s Broadway debacle, things turned ugly.

The two men were set to appear on Alexa Chung‘s MTV show when Kattan said to Piven backstage, “So, what are you here to promote, your Broadway play?” A low blow, perhaps, but we definitely would have referenced the WWE thing instead because, seriously WTF was that about? Piven then responded, “Well, what are you here to promote? Mango?” and from there it got heated. While Kattan claims that he thought the ribbing was friendly, Piven supposedly exploded, slammed the door to his dressing room and rebuffed Kattan’s apologies later. Of course both men’s publicists claim it was all in good fun but, pardon the Piven pun, it just sounds fishy. We miss the days when Piven was just John Cusack‘s second banana and news about him didn’t make us clench with anxiety. [Photo: GettyImages]


Original Girl-Kisser Is Pissed At Katy Perry


This confession is going to date us, but when we heard that some chick named Katy Perry has a song called “I Kissed A Girl” last year, we expected it to be a cover of a song by the same name, originally sung by ’90s songstress Jill Sobule. Sobule was basically a one-hit wonder with her shocking-for-the-time lesbian anthem that featured Fabio in the video. Of course when we heard Katy Perry’s song we were like, what’s the big whoop? This song has been done before, minus the Chapstick shill.

Jill Sobule though, is still a working musician with a hefty following, but unfortunately for her and for those who remember her Sapphic song, her hit has become overshadowed by Perry. In an interview with TheRumpus.net, a previously silent Sobule opens up about Perry and she doesn’t hold back. “As a musician I  have always  refrained from criticizing another artist. I was, ‘well, good for her,” Sobule tells the site. “It did bug me a little bit, however, when she said she came up with the idea for the title in a dream. In truth, she wrote it with a team of professional writers and was signed by the very same guy that signed me in 1995. I  have not mentioned that in interviews as I don’t want to sound bitter or petty… cause, that’s not me. Okay, maybe, if I  really think about it, there were a few jealous and pissed off moments. So here goes, for the first time in an interview: F*ck you Katy Perry, you f*cking stupid, maybe ‘not good for the gays,’ title thieving, haven’t heard much else, so not quite sure if you’re talented, f*cking little slut. God that felt good.”

This week is attack of the alternative singers: first it was Courtney Love vs. Taylor Momsen, now this. Our old-ass selves do have to agree with Sobule here though, she covered this turf first. Now excuse us while we go look for our Lilith Fair ’97 t-shirt. [Photos: GettyImages]

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Eminem Bites Back Against Mariah’s Video

Uh oh – Eminem is fighting back against Mariah Carey‘s recent beef-filled video for her single “Obsession” with a new track dissing the diva, and while it’s a bit harsh, it’s sure to remind us all that the dude’s still got talent. One point for Slim Shady! In “The Warning,” Em declares, “now I’m pissed off” and raps, “I got the exact same tattoo that’s on Nick’s back, I’m obsessed now, oh gee, is that supposed to be me in the video with the goatee? Wow Mariah, didn’t expect you to go balls out. Bitch shut the f*ck up.”

And that’s just the beginning of the expletive-riddled track. Em also drops hints about sexy pictures that he has of the star and then ends the song by including never before heard clips from their “studio session” together. Listen above. Be warned, the language is seriously NSFW.  Also, see pics below of Mariah mocking Eminem while shooting her video for “Obsessed.” [via DListed]

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Rogen and Apatow Diss Heigl


Outspoken Katherine Heigl is getting a taste of her own medicine from her former colleagues, Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen. After Knocked Up came out, Heigl said of the film, “It’s a little sexist…It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as goofy, fun-loving guys.” It’s been two years since she made that statement, but ironically in that time she’s also made a bunch of garbage that’s far worse for women and far less funny than Knocked Up. (27 Dresses, anyone?)

Rogen and Apatow were on Howard Stern this week and finally got a chance to respond to Heigl. Rogen told Stern, “I gotta say, it’s not like we’re the only people she said some bats–t crazy things about. That’s kind of her bag now,” while Apatow made fun of her role in The Ugly Truth (where Heigl plays an uptight woman facing off against a goofy, fun-loving guy…say whaaa?), saying, “I hear there’s a scene where she’s wearing underwear with a vibrator in it, so I’d have to see if that was uplifting for women.” Advantage, Team Apatow. Wonder if Heigl plans to respond to that. [Photos: GettyImages]


Courtney Love Picks On Taylor Momsen


Dear Frances Bean Cobain – do you want to come live with us? Because, based on the Twitter (and all other forms of media) ranting your mother does on a daily basis, we feel like we could provide a really stable home for you. Granted you’d have to live in our closet. Ugh, seriously it is so hard to believe Courtney Love has raised a kid, because she is so (clinical diagnosis coming up) nutso.

On this day in Twitter history, Love takes aim at Taylor Momsen who has done nothing much except emulate Love’s late ’90s look. And for that, Momsen must pay. Here we show you as assortment of the vitriol Love has spewed – we’re not sure whether to call her shrink, or a copyeditor.

  • @taylorxmomson shut the F*CK up you overpriveliged bratty bitch that picked one every freak in high school mention my name again? BAM
  • ahhh and after taht im just going to go to find a friend and have a Virgin daquiri im sure @taylorxmomson your very “sweet” but idontcare
  • @taylorxmomson is that youyr name? i dont watch tv or read teen mags and gossip rags so i wouldnt know, do NOT still “like my music”please
  • aha ah so @taylorxmomson so sorry although now ive spazzed inront of alot of people i feel lame, but theres a look in the eyes icanalwaystel

Hilariously, we can’t find any evidence that Momsen said anything to start this one-sided fight, and even more hilarious, @taylorxmomson is not a real Twitter account. [Photos: GettyImages]


More Pussycat Dolls Hating On Nicole

We’re pretty weirded out by the Pussycat Dolls these days. Being in the band itself seems a very unhappy place to be, like a crappy office job where everyone’s miserable and hates the boss but is too scared to leave. And we’re starting to feel a bit sorry for singer Nicole Scherzinger, as one by one her fellow Dolls line up to complain about how she’s the focus — and they’re not happy about it. This week, it’s the turn of Kimberley Wyatt.

“It’s true, there has always been a lot of focus on Nicole which has been hard to deal with sometimes … Every video and stage performance that we’ve done, Nicole has been our leader. I wasn’t in videos like I wanted and wasn’t seen in the way I was hoping, which has been the same for all the other girls too,” she says.

Kim even goes on to liken the band to a dish in a restaurant. At least, we think that’s what she’s saying: “I don’t really make any of the decisions, I’m in the group and can voice my opinions to a degree but at the end of the day it is a business and there are a lot of chefs in the kitchen that run the Pussycat Dolls.” Oooh. Sounds “fun.” Remind us not to become international pop stars anytime soon.


Entourage And Seth Rogen Trade Disses


Entourage has always made jokes about the industry in Hollywood, but usually they make fun of the ridiculousness of it, not specific people. This week though, they took aim at Seth Rogen, which the actor didn’t appreciate.

On Sunday’s episode, Turtle (Jerry Ferarra) asserted that someone like Katherine Heigl would never date someone like Rogen in real life as she did in Knocked Up. Rogen, who has lost considerable weight recently and also, uh, is not a vapid celebrity the way the folks on Entourage so often are, responded to E!’s Daily 10 and dished it right back, as well he should.

Rogen told the show, “Yeah, those guys are assholes. I actually ran into MattKevin Dillon in a Starbucks. And he’s like ‘you know, I’ve got to kind of apologize because apparently the guy who created our show doesn’t like you so much.’ And I said ‘well I have reason to believe because I think [showrunner] Doug Ellin is a moron from all I can understand so it makes sense he doesn’t like me.’ And I’ve kind of said some disparaging things about the show. Although in our defense, [producer] Mark Wahlberg called us misogynistic in an interview, so I think they kind of started that…It’s on. Luckily I never have and never plan on watching Entourage.”

The most ironic thing about this, we think, is that Jerry Ferarra, both on the show and in real life, is dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Why isn’t anyone questioning that Bizarro-world match? [Photos: GettyImages]

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ScarJo Makes Gwyneth See Red


Poor little Gwyneth Paltrow. The GOOP-y actress is apparently pissy over all the publicity her Iron Man 2 costar Scarlett Johansson is getting these days for her role as the sexy Black Widow. Paltrow plays the mousey Pepper Potts in the hit franchise, and is supposedly fuming that ScarJo’s being included in press for the flick (like on the cover of Entertainment Weekly) and she is not. Doesn’t the press know she specifically cleansed just to promote the flick with a bunch of mag covers? The audacity!

“Gwyneth was afraid she’d be upstaged by Scarlett and not being in the campaign was the final straw,” revealed an insider. “She is furious she’s been left out.”

Paltrow’s peeps deny the claims of jealousy, but we wouldn’t put it past her. After all, this is the lady who infamously included a little blind item in one of her GOOP newsletters that was reportedly about ex-BFF Winona Ryder. Gwyneth doesn’t play nice! [Photos: GettyImages]


Pussycats’ Nicole Scherzinger Disses Britney Spears


The Pussycat Dolls are so the queens of the passive-agressive zingers. The simmering on-stage feud between singers Nicole Scherzinger and Melody Thornton has been noted for a while , and now Nicole has indirectly dissed Britney Spears. The Dolls supported Britney on her U.S. Circus tour, but unlike Brit-Brit, Nicole would like, never even think of lip-syncing, ever.

“I never have and I never will. I grew up singing and this is what I do. I would be a horrible lip-syncher. I would only ever sing live — that’s why people come and see the show. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to sing and dance at the same time, which is why I’m grateful to be able to do both,” she said.

Do we need to translate that for you? Thought not. [Photo: Splash News Online]