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Lil’ Kim’s Black Friday Album Cover Features A Beheaded Nicki Minaj

Ok, now we’re starting to worry that Lil’ Kim really needs some anger management. Her mixtape, Black Friday, was released on February 14th and along with the title diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj, the cover art features Kim and a beheaded Minaj in a pool of blood. Tell us how you really feel, Kim, seriously.

The “feud” between the two musicians has gone on since November, stemming from Minaj calling Kim a “has-been.” She has since praised Kim, to no avail, since Kim has used every opportunity since then to put Minaj down. Hell hath no fury like a rapper scorned, we guess. The outrageous cover must have worked in her favor though because the mixtape apparently sold 113,000 copies and made over $1 million on Monday. This proves one of two things: either Lil’ Kim is NOT a has-been, or Nicki Minaj is a great marketing tool.

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Glee Creator Accuses Kings Of Leon Drummer Of Homophobia

It’s been drams.com between Glee creator Ryan Murphy and the band Kings of Leon all day, and the feud seems unlikely to stop now. Murphy first put the band on blast for refusing to let the Gleeks belt out their songs, and what viewer doesn’t want to hear “Sex On Fire” in 12-part harmony? Kings‘ drummer Nathan Followill tweeted a response to Murphy’s rant…and it is offensive to gay men and bra-wearers everywhere. Snarked Followill, “Dear Ryan Murphy, let it go. See a therapist, get a manicure, buy a new bra. Zip your lip and focus on educating 7yr olds how to say f–k.” The offending tweet was then deleted and replaced with an apology of Nathan’s own: “I’m sorry 4 anyone that misconstrued my comments as homophobic or misogynistic. I’m so not that kind of person. I really do apologize.” Followill then wrote a Post-It reminding himself that Twitter is not the same as thinking something silently in your head.

Almost immediately, Murphy called Followhill a homophobe to Perez Hilton. “Just read Nathan Followill’s Tweet…in which he implied I should ‘get a manicure and buy a bra.’ Wow. That’s a homophobe badly in need of some education. I’m all for manicures, don’t wear a bra. Would guess most gay dudes don’t. But it’s telling that Nathan can reduce a group of people to a mean-spirited cliché, in a time where young gay men are killing themselves all over the country because of hatred like this,” Murphy fired off. “That said, I would love to sit down with Nathan or any member of Kings and Leon, and tell them how on Glee we actually love their music, and support their artistry…but cannot condone or even laugh at their clear disdain of gay people.” At this point, we highly doubt that sit-down is going to happen. Though if they get Jane Lynch to mediate, we still believe anything can happen.

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Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Puts The Funny Man On Blast

In the past, jilted spouses of celebrities often had to go through the trouble of publishing a tell-all novel. Today, if they have 20 minutes and a web camera, angry wives and husbands can ruin their exes’ careers in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Family Feud. In clips posted over the weekend, Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Harvey rants on YouTube about his many extra-marital affairs. According to her extensive three-part video diatribe, Mary describing finding out about her husband’s girlfriend when she opened a package labeled “Confidential” to find a letter from Steve’s mistress and now wife, Marjorie. So, his mistress mailed him with written proof of their affair? Looks like Steve wasn’t exactly interested in Marjorie’s intellectual capabilities, if you get our drift.

Mr. Harvey is currently marketing himself as a dating guru with his books “Straight Talk, No Chaser” and New York Times best-seller “Think Like A Lady, Act Like A Man,” or as he’ll have to rename it, “Think Like A Pig, Act Like A Dirtbag.” Reportedly Harvey tweeted a response over the weekend, scoffing “I don’t respond to lies….God just keeps blessing and covering me….ISAHIA 54:17.” Given the stack of bills Mary shows at the end of the videos, we can only imagine what other dirt she’s planning to dish out about their 10-year-marriage if she doesn’t get paid. We, for one, can’t say we blame her.

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Let The Screaming Match Between Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Begin

Despite what sources might have told TMZ earlier this week, all signs are now pointing toward Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry heading into a custody battle. Allegedly Berry picks screaming fights with her ex if he steps out of line, meltdowns that reportedly drove Aubry to file a paternity petition for fear that Halle might try to restrict his access to their daughter Nahla. “Basically whenever Gabriel doesn’t do exactly what Halle tells him to do, or if he does something she doesn’t approve of or like, she goes crazy on him, screaming and shouting,” a source claims. Wow, is this the same Halle Berry we all� know and love? If this is even half-way true, Halle should get an Oscar for her finest role yet: pretending to be a normal human being.

Supposedly it’s Aubry’s luck with the ladies that really has Berry in a twist. “She was particularly angry that he had been so public, even going to a Lakers game one time, and she totally berated him, basically telling him that if he has to date, just date a nobody waitress that nobody will care about,” the source explains. To be fair, if we saw our ex on TV sitting courtside with Kim Kardashian, we don’t know what we’d do either, beside shut the game off. Things have gotten so bad, Gabriel suspects Berry of hiring a private detective to tail him around. Since most of these allegations sound like the ravings of one of Aubry’s disgruntled college buddies, we’ll going to go ahead and give Berry the benefit of a doubt.� If not, we’ll nominate Halle ourselves!

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Feud Of The Day: Kim Kardashian Vs. Teen Moms

Well this is quite the conundrum. Yesterday, Kim Kardashian slammed the popularity of Teen Mom and the “glamorization” of young motherhood in a blog post. Kim wrote that while filming at The Today Show, she learned about “a Memphis high school where 90 young female students were either pregnant or have given birth this year.” She followed up by writing “It seems that shows like Teen Mom are all of a sudden making teen pregnancy seem cool in the eyes of young girls.” Point taken, Kim, that is worrisome stuff.

But one Teen Mom in particular, Amber Portwood, isn’t taking Kardashian‘s criticism lightly, firing back to E! “There’s actually a study that shows since the original 16 and Pregnant aired, the number of teen pregnancies have gone down. Last time I checked, Kim Kardashian had a sex tape floating around on the internet and I’m pretty sure she made a lot of money off of it.” Touch, girlfriend. While Kim makes a very good point that girls need to “think very carefully before you make these kind of decisions. Talk to your family, friends, teachers, and most of all, be careful,” she is not a shining example of abstinence or even good judgment, really. But then again, even though Amber did the Wham! thing to do and chose life, she’s no shining example of motherhood. Whose opinion do we care about more??

After some thought, we decided who we’re siding with—neither of them! Lesson learned. When in doubt, don’t look to reality stars for advice, kids.

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Did Christina Aguilera Scream At Julianne Hough At The Golden Globes?

Listen, we all love a diva, and Christina Aguilera is nothing if not 20 lbs of diva stuffed in a 10 lb bag. But if Naomi Campbell has taught us anything, sometimes fierce can go to far. According to E!, Christina Aguilera attacked Julianne Hough at a Golden Globes pre-party. Says an an eye-witness, “Christina really got in her face.” even grabbing Julianne’s arm to the point that Hough warned her Burlesque co-star, “Don’t touch me!” Julianne was “visibly upset” afterward, according to another insider. “The whole thing was troubling. People felt bad for Julianne.” It takes a lot of cajones to start a public fight before an awards ceremony. Argh, if only Ricky Gervais could have been told in time!

Christina’s agent has already dismissed the reports as “nonsense.” We hope they are, because before the ladies parted ways, reportedly Aguilera threatened to ruin Hough’s country music career. You know, if Burlesque had been this tawdry and exciting, maybe someone other than us would have seen it. Not that we approve of in-fighting! We’re just saying.

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Ryan Seacrest Claims Simon Cowell Jealous Of His Career, Is In For A World Of Pain

We predict there will be tight t-shirts a-ripping and clumps of chest hair a-flying after Ryan Seacrest accused Simon Cowell of jealousy. The American Idol host claims that while a judge Cowell was “just so jealous of me… from Day One, he was envious of my career at such a young age.” Apparently now that Cowell is off AI and heading up The X-Factor, Ryan is under the impression Simon can’t physically hear the insults he says about him. Heads up to Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Who knows if Seacrest will take out his claws once you’re gone too?

Now that Cowell is off the American Idol set, “There are less clouds of smoke. We start earlier. There’s less — what’s that English dish he always ordered for lunch? — Shepherd’s Pie,” snarks Seacrest. Hey! Shepard’s pie is delicious! Though Seacrest and Cowell were famously at each other’s throats the entire time AI was on air, last season seemed particularly tense between the two. After one extremely awkward encounter last March, Simon called Ryan “aggressive” on air, even asking him, “Do you want my job?” Both tried to play the insults off as playful banter, but by the end of Season 9 we knew that dislike was genuine. Maybe this explains why Cowell locked horns with Ellen Degeneres when was on AI too.  He was just jealous of her sweet sexy dance moves.


Did Ashley Greene’s E-Mails Make Demi Lovato Go Crazy?

Ashley Greene, Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato may be one wild Disney star, but she should know better than to f— with a vampire. X17 Online reported last week that Lovato and Twilight‘s Ashley Greene swapped angry e-mails after Greene started dating Lovato’s ex, Joe Jonas. Apparently the feud started when Lovato sent Greene a “very nasty e-mail” when the vamp joined the JoBros and Lovato on tour, accusing her of “stealing her boyfriend and parading around with him.” And how did Greene respond? By sending Demi a picture of Joe and Ash together. All together now, carolers: “damn!”

The beefing continued right up to Lovato’s rush to rehab, with Ashley tweeting a pic of her man the same night Lovato made her announcement with the caption “Tonight. Was. Incredible.” What, did Ashley see Demi dragged away in a safejacket or something? While we’re glad Joe Jonas is dating a non-clone (for once!), this is just not how a 23-year-old should be dealing with her new boyfriend’s 18-year-old ex.

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SuperHead Accuses Family Matters Star Ex Of Abuse

Karrine Steffans & Darius McCrary

In June 2008, Darius McCrary filed a restraining order against ex-girlfriend Karrine “SuperHead” Steffans, accusing her of stalking and abusive behavior. Two-and-a-half years (and one brief marriage) later, Steffans has done the same, telling an LA court that the Family Matters star of attacking her with a belt in front of her son. According to her court papers, the belt incident occurred last February, though it was a public assault outside the Marquis Hotel last month that inspired her to seek protection.

McCrary, who played Eddie Winslow on the hit sitcom, said video star/author Steffans was “extremely controlling, very manipulative and abusive” after their 2008 meltdown, though that didn’t stop the pair from marrying the following April. Sadly, the nuptials didn’t even make it to the next Valentine’s Day, with McCrary sending her divorce papers along with a bouquet of flowers just before the holiday. And even that didn’t stop the pair from appearing at the Daytime Emmys together this June. Here’s hoping this restraining order can finally keep these two apart.

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Demi Lovato Ready To Settle With Background Dancer

It looks like Demi Lovato might not be getting sued after all. Backup dancer Alex “Shorty” Welch has been making a lot of noise in the press accusing the troubled Disney star of assaulting her, but the lawyers are making moves to avoid a lawsuit. According to Welch’s attourney Don Karpel, both sides are attempting to settle out of court. And by that, we don’t mean a Disney rumble in the court parking lot. “I have engaged in discussions with Demi Lovato’s attorney,” Karpel told E! Online, “I’m fairly confident we will be able to resolve these issues.”

Demi’s reps confirmed the story, saying, “They are exploring the possibility of an amicable resolution of this matter.” For those of you just tuning in, Alex claimed that Demi used her as a human punching bag while on a a chartered jet at the end of October. According to the backup dancer, she was just sitting there minding her own business when Demi “walked up…with a closed fist [and] struck her on the left side of her face.” We’re sure she did nothing to provoke her (not). It’s unclear whether the incident played any role in Demi’s trip to rehab soon after, but Alex reportedly consulted a plastic surgeon following the attack. Two words, Alex: ice pack.

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