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Frankie Muniz Allegedly Hit Girlfriend, Threatened Suicide With Gun

With many child actors, it’s usually a matter of when, not if, news of their impending meltdown hits the web. For example, allegedly Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz hit girlfriend Elycia Turnbow and threatened suicide while the two were in Phoenix, AZ last Friday. According to the police report filled by Turnbow, the actor “grabbed a gun and held it to his head, possibly with intent of committing suicide.” Elycia called one of Frankie’s bandmates and Muniz was taken to the hospital. The actor was released later that same night, indicating  that child actors should wear some sort of ear tag or radio collar so doctors know not to immediately release them back in the wild.

When Muniz returned home, Turnbow claimed he “punched her in the back of the head, and threw her into a wall while in the downstairs bedroom.” While Elycia said Frankie hit her after an argument about “prior relationships,” Muniz says it was she who instigated the fight “by Elycia yelling at him and hitting him in the face.” As for threatening to end his life, the actor told police, “I grabbed the case, but not the gun … it isn’t even loaded.” The fact that the police then went back to their house and found the gun loaded should be a surprise to absolutely no one.

Now, contrary to both Frankie and Elycia’s comments on the night of the incident, Muniz’s rep denies the fight took place. “The police were called to the residence,” Muniz’s rep said this afternoon. “A gun played no part in the argument and was voluntarily given to the police for safekeeping.  There were no bruises and neither left the residence. He was not suicidal.  She was not assaulted.” Despite what sounded like an unpleasant weekend, Muniz tweeted about Elycia yesterday, announcing, “The table all set for Valentine’s Day dinner…I love @elyciamarie.” Here’s hoping the couple immediately break-up or proceed to counseling; no amount of adorable Valentine’s Day surprises are going to replace good old fashion psychological therapy.

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Jamie Foxx Brawls With Ex-Manager During Usher’s Grammy Show

We associate awards season with unflattering couture gowns more than hand-to-hand combat, but after Jamie Foxx got jumped at Usher’s pre-Grammy show last night, we aren’t quite so confident. According to RadarOnline, Foxx fought with his former manager, allegedly duking it out before Usher even finished performing. “Jamie and the other guy started fighting about half way through Usher’s set at around 11:30pm,” their source says. “The fight spilled to the outside area and I don’t think Usher even noticed because the place was so packed with people.” Said the eyewitness, “When they got outside security intervened and after some cops approached both men seemed to make-up with one another before they left.” But…but…but Jamie has an Oscar! We though for sure that guaranteed you’d never have to sucker-punch your way out of a street fight ever again!

MediaTakeOut claims two friends of Foxx’s ex-manager joined in the fight, but Damien Dante Wayans described it as “a little altercation … between two friends” when interviewed by TMZ immediately after the fact. Said MTO’s source, “They didn’t beat [Jamie] too bad, but he definitely got a bunch of fists to the head.” Seems like there are a number of better ways to get a slice of Foxx’s fame other beating him mercilessly. Then again, we’ve never worked with movie stars.

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Shia Gets Into La Beouf This Weekend, Handcuffed After Bar Brawl

Peace and love, people. Some folks who needs a dose of that shanti apparently, are one Mark Mastro and Shia LeBeouf, who got into a bar brawl this weekend. The actor was at Mad Bull’s Tavern in California, where he got into a fight while leaving the bar. Cops were called, and Shia was briefly handcuffed and questioned before being allowed to leave around 1 am. UsWeekly reports that Shia was “sucker punched in the mouth” by a fellow barfly when their beef was taken outside. Apparently, some of them had been messing with Shia whilst at the bar.

RadarOnline presents the story from a different angle. They approached Mastro, who fought with Shia, but says the actor threw the first punch. Mastro says he went over to request Shia for a photograph but LeBeouf, “didn’t want anything to do with me. He said he just wanted to chill and refused to do photos. I walked away.” The problem allegedly started when he saw Shia walking out. A friend of Mastro’s apparently said, “what’s up, Shia”, but the actor’s supposedly slurred response was. “Get the f— out of my way.”

Shia reportedly got into his black truck but for some reason got out and charged Mastro and gang. “All of sudden, he jumped out, and ran back towards the bar. He charged at me!…He was getting in my face.” Long story short, Mastro says the bouncer intervened, handed him to a policeman who happened to be in the vicinity, and other cops were called for back-up. Whoever started it, for whatever reasons, like we said earlier…people need to chill out.

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