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Lindsay Lohan To Star In A Lady Gaga Video? Those Hollywood Sleepovers Really Pay Off!

Lindsay Lohan To Star In Lady Gaga Video

In case forcing the crew of The Canyon to take off their clothes before her nude scene hadn’t convinced you, this rumor confirms what we’ve long suspected: Lindsay Lohan must be so much fun to hang out with, other celebs quickly forget about all her arrests. And her car accidents. And I Know Who Killed Me. According to the New York Post, Lilo has allegedly been cast in an upcoming music video from Lady Gaga‘s new album ARTPOP. Seeing as how the news emerged only days after Lohan spent the night hanging out with Gaga at the Chateau Marmont, maybe Lindsy should book a whole bunch of celebrity sleepovers! Not in a filthy way, you pervs. We mean in a Boogle-playing, Chex mix-eating, Poltergeist-watching kind of way. Oh wait, that’s starting to sound sexy too. Hmmm….

So maybe Lindsay did get Gaga her part as La Chameleon in Robert Rodiguez‘s Machete Kills like we postulated. Tit for tat, ya’ll! Anyway you slice it, Lindsay’s innate awesomeness must have played a big part in landing her the role, considering the fact Lady G could have any actress she wanted star in her videos. Gaga could have someone build a time machine, travel back to the ’50s and bring back Marilyn Monroe if she really wanted to! Marilyn probably wouldn’t be as much fun at a sleepover, though; she’d be too busy screaming at having been kidnapped through time.

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Justin Timberlake Ruins Ryan Gosling’s Hipster Cred In GQ

Ryan Gosling walks the fine line between someone you’d want to cuddle with during The Office, and someone you’d believe really went crazy in that elevator scene in Drive (you know what we’re talking about). The truth is, however, that Ryan can’t get away with the satin scorpion-emblazoned jacket side of his persona if everyone knows he spent his tween years pillow-fighting with Justin Timberlake. So excuse Ryan for trying to look cool, Justin, and quit blowing up his spot in your new GQ interview! Joined by Jimmy Fallon in the GQ “Men of the Year” issue, Timberlake has some bad news regarding Gosling’s smoldering hipster image:

“Jimmy Fallon: ‘Dude, I was just talking to [Ryan] Gosling about that. Did Gosling really live on your couch when he was a kid?’
Justin Timberlake: ‘So he tried to make it seem like he was bohemian even back then?’
Jimmy Fallon: ‘Definitely, man. He said he was struggling and you helped him out.’
Justin Timberlake: ‘Ryan’s mom had to stay back in Canada and my mom was his guardian for a year so he could come down and be on the show. But Gosling got his own bed. He didn’t sleep on the couch. He said that?’
Jimmy Fallon: ‘It’s a better story!’
Justin Timberlake: ‘I’m picturing a ten-year-old Gosling bumming Marlboro Reds off some bum, growing hipster facial hair…’
Jimmy Fallon: ‘All I got is this one pair of Underoos, man! I got nothing, man!'”

Ugh, why don’t you two just bring up the fact that Ryan is Canadian already, if you want to throw him under the bus? If Timberlake ever reveals that Ryan’s perfect three-day stubble gets applied by Makeup every morning, so help us, we will find a new fantasy boyfriend to quietly obsess over!

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Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria And Baby Harper: Celebrity BFF Report

Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria have been BFFs for a while, and not just fake friends for the cameras, we think. We find this picture of them with Victoria’s baby Harper Seven just adorable. The besties were watching Vicky’s hubby David Beckham’s team, the Los Angeles Galaxy, take on the New York Red Bulls in Carson, California. Which is probably why Mrs. Beckham looks so nervous. But what’s really sweet is how Eva cuddled up to baby Harper, toting her around. Harper looks quite comfortable with the actress as well.

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Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Reunite For Mobster Movie

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are teaming up once again, and not just in our dreams where we revert to our inner boy-crazy eighth graders. Reuniting for their first joint venture since Good Will Hunting, Affleck and Damon will partner up for a biopic of recently captured crime boss Whitey Bulger. The two will direct and star, respectively. “Matt and I have been looking for something to do together for some time. We’ve heard about Whitey Bulger since we were kids, and we are excited by the prospect of putting it on screen,” Affleck said, according to Deadline. Based on our Matt Damon And Ben Affleck: BFFs Forever time line, these two were due for a new project to further their fourteen-year professional history together. On top of that, squee!

  • 1997: Matt and Ben clean up at the 1998 Oscars with Good Will Hunting, snagging a Best Original Screenplay Oscar for themselves, a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Robin Williams and seven other nominations for pretty much every other category.
  • 1999: Matt and Ben wreak some havoc as fallen angels in Kevin Smith’s Dogma.
  • 2001 to 2005: Matt and Ben team up with other directors and writers for HBO’s Project Greenlight, a contest and TV series dedicated to producing one film from one first-time filmmaker per season.
  • 2003 and 2004: With the help of Matt, Ben makes it through the release of Gigli and Jersey Girl, as well as the cultural phenomenon that was Bennifer.
  • 2010: Ben presented the award to honoree Matt at last year’s American Cinematheque 24th Annual Award Presentation.

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Rashida Jones Looks Back Fondly At “Alien” Friend Michael Jackson

Everyone is familiar with the story of the little girl who befriends an alien and has some out-of-this-world adventures. Oh wait, you’re thinking of E.T. We’re talking about the friendship that blossomed between Rashida Jones and Michael Jackson. “He was definitely a little bit of an alien, for sure, and when I was young, it felt as if he was my age, not 18 years older, but with just a little bit more pep,” the Parks and Rec star tells Playboy. Plus, how many adults own their own monkey? Not as many as you’d think as a kid.

It was through her producer father Quincy Jones that Rashida got to hang out with Michael Jackson and as you might expect, a man who’s house is mostly an amusement park is usually a lot of fun. “Later, we’d go out on the town together. He always wore those surgical masks,” Jones recalls. “Once, my sister, Michael, ­Emmanuel Lewis and I got in a car with Super Soakers and went by a movie theater and supersoaked the hell out of people waiting in line. They had no idea they’d just been supersoaked by the King of Pop.” Seriously though, why wasn’t that a movie? We’d pay $12 to see that on the big screen.

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Reese Witherspoon And Taylor Swift Do Lunch, Eat Jake Gyllenhaal, Perhaps?

Who knew these two were pals? We meant to say that in a surprised tone, that’s all. Because we totally love that these two Tennessee ladies are bonding and if they become BFF, that’s just fine with us. Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift had lunch together at L.A’s Boa Steakhouse last week. And guess what they ate? Ex, Jake Gyllenhaal, of course!

The two ladies may have fourteen years between them but that didn’t stop their common link, Jake, from being the main course! Didn’t Taylor follow up Reese on his dating flowchart? It doesn’t matter because their ribbing was all done with a smile and no ill intentions. A source reveals, “They talked about how vain and self-aborbed Jake can be. They laughed about it.” The only person who probably ended up with a stomach ache was Mr G himself!

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Jennifer Lopez And Victoria Beckham Are Movie Buddies

Jenny from the Block has some famous friends keeping her company. Although their idea of “the block” and ours aren’t exactly on the same scale, if you know what we mean. But celebrities, they’re normal people too. They like to watch movies and hang out. Case in point — Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham are going to watch The Hangover Part II together. They probably have movie theatre in their homes, but they’ll still go out and grace the public with their presences.

Jennifer’s currently in France doing talk show rounds, as seen in the photograph on the left. We love the whole ‘Jenny from the 70’s’ look she’s pulling off with that Farrah Fawcett flick and the white coat-dress. She appeared on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man! show and revealed that Posh and her, “saw Hangover together so now it is a tradition. So when I get back to LA we will go see [The Hangover Part II]!” They have a plan to move around without getting recognized too, those minxes. Jen said they, “go dressed down in sweats and sneakers. We sneak in through the kitchens.” And pop goes our little bubble. The thought of Jennifer or Victoria in anything other than stilettos and couture? No … we can’t accept that.

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Lindsay Lohan And James Franco: BFFs?

We don’t know what to make of this. Lindsay Lohan recently told the New York Post that she would love to be in the upcoming Wizard Of Oz prequel called Oz: The Great And Powerful, but only because it would allow her to work with James Franco who, she claims, is her best friend. “I think the only role I could play is Glinda,” Lohan told Page Six. “I’ll only do the movie if I can work with [James Franco]. We’re like best friends. We’re hanging out later.” What??? Forget the part about Lohan playing the saintly Good Witch Of The North for a second and focus on the Franco.

We know that the pair posed recently for a book that photographer Terry Richardson is working on (a book that features Lohan reportedly posing nude), but we didn’t realize their friendship had blossomed into bestie territory. Look, both celebrities are fascinating in their own ways, but given their current Hollywood statures (Franco being one of the most employable actors at the moment, Lohan being the opposite of that), we’re a bit surprised. Of course it may just one more super-meta Franco stunts, like his stint on General Hospital, where he’s just doing it to mess with people. Unless…They really are just best friends. In which case, we’re at a total loss.

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Gwyneth Interviews BFF Jay-Z About His Fabulous Taste

They always say you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friends nose, because they already have a full-time employee who’s job is doing only that. Earlier today Gwyneth Paltrow interviewed Jay-Z for her lifestyles site GOOP, and immediately afterward Jay-Z interviewed Gwyneth on his new man-GOOP site Life + Times. Jay-Z and Gwyneth’s friendship has always been a thing of wonder, but this time they take it to a whole new level. In her interview, titled “Straight Outta Compton?”, the rap superstar tells his bestie that he’s “very surprised at your extensive knowledge of hip-hop songs. Particularly how you can sing ’90s hip-hip songs word for word. I can’t even do that!,” while Gwyneth reps Biggie Smalls over Tupac: “Biggie by miles.” Jay-Z and Gwyn then wrote mash notes and had a pillow fight on 800-count Egyptian cotton sheets.

Meanwhile over on GOOP, you could tell Paltrow was practically weaving a friendship bracelet from newborn emu leather as she gushed about the fabulous Mr. Carter. “As someone who has walked through museums with you, eaten with you, heard music with you, I know firsthand how creativity in all areas lifts your consciousness,” she raves. Maybe after they’re done high-fiving for a thousand years, Jay-Z and Gwyn can sing a duet of  Cee-Lo’s new song “Friend You,” then inhale each other’s farts out of $2,000 crystal cognac snifters. Friends 4 Eva!

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Miley Back On Twitter, Recognizes A Sheenius When She Sees One

Now we sort of understand Billy Ray Cyrus gave that overtly fearful Vanity Fair interview awhile ago. His daughter isn’t exactly Ruth Bader Ginsburg with the judgment over here. After Miley Cyrus’s Twitter career restarted with an account hyping her upcoming Gypsy Heart tour, Miley Cyrus tweeted about Charlie Sheen, enthusing “‘Do not fear…the Sheenius is here!’ I’m not gonna lie. I came back to twitter for 2 reasons. My fans and to follow Charlie Sheen.” The pop star had quit social media complaining that she wanted to protect her privacy. Now Miley’s ready for the whole world to see her love for Uncle Charlie’s Laugh-A-Minute Tweet Beat. Cut to Billy Ray frantically pulling wires out of his PC, trying to shut down the internet.

Even more panic-inducing, Charlie Sheen tweeted Miley back. “Dear Miley, Welcome back to Twitter! Always felt you were epic! Now you proved it! Thanks for the love,” the former sitcom star wrote, inspiring the singer to gush “I always felt the same about you! You have taught me everything I know about WINNING. Duh!” and “Makin dinner for my fam right now. Honey sesame chicken, garlic rice & salad. There’s only one thing missing & that’s Charlie Sheen!” Today Miley swooned, “The only person that even comes close to winning as hard core as @charliesheen is @ConanOBrien =] I will see ya tonight @ 11 COB! TWEET ME!” We’d always hoped we’d one day see Charlie Sheen and a weeping Billy Ray Cyrus engage in hand-to-hand combat. We just couldn’t imagine how the universe would deliver us such a gift. Until today.

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