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Eyewitnesses Allege Bobby Brown Passed Out Drunk On Airplane

He may have quit the drugs, but alcohol and Bobby Brown still seem to get on just fine. The singer was on his way back to Miami from Aruba this week, along with his wife Alicia Etheridge and son Cassius, and as eyewitnesses allege, Bobby was blind drunk on the American Airlines flight. Still in the vacation spirit(s), Mr. Brown?

A co-passenger named Brian Brown (not related to Bobby) revealed to RadarOnline, “It was obvious in the terminal that he’d been drinking a lot. He was staggering and several of his family members had to hold him up in order to board the flight. Security had to check his sobriety and kept him at the jet bridge entrance until finally letting him board.” Bobby promptly passed out on the flight as soon as he was allowed on apparently, and Brian added, “He reeked of alcohol and his wife had to help him recline his seat. He was passed out for almost the entire three hour flight!” The good news is that he didn’t go bananas and get belligerent like Jonathan Rhys Meyers and company. But should you be that hammered around your kid? We don’t think so!

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Have Scarlett Johansson And Sean Penn Broken Up?

Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson have split? People would like to think so. They’re reporting that the star couple are dunzo, breaking up as swiftly as they got together! An unnamed source told them of the news adding fuel to the rumors that started after Scarlett didn’t make an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival for Sean’s movie The Tree of Life. Both their representative’s are mum on the matter, but they normally don’t comment when something is underway. It remains to be seen whether that matter is indeed, a break-up.

If that’s the case, then that’s quite the fizzle for a relationship that’s been meteoric! They went from being “ScarJo-and-Sean on flirty lunch dates“, to “OMG! ScarJo and Sean are in Mexico” to “WTF! ScarJo and Sean are living together” in the blink of an eye. Someone needs to start talking, or denying, or something fast ’cause we’d like to progress from the “WTF” stage.

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Shania Twain Receives Her Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Shania Twain received her Hollywood Walk of Fame star yesterday and it was about time! We’re happy for her because she’s been through a pretty rough patch with her divorce from Robert “Mutt” Lange, who was having an affair with her now-ex best friend! Thankfully that period is over and now, Shania has her star, a memoir, a documentary and a hot French husband Frederic Thiébaud, who just happened to be the husband of the cheating’ ex-BFF! Things have definitely looked up since then!

Shania looked absolutely lovely while telling the assembled gathering, “I mean, why is a girl from Timmins, Ontario, standing here, getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? I really don’t know…it’s a small miracle, to be honest, that I am here today.” And we don’t know why she was around for all of this, but it’s pretty cool that Bo Derek showed up as well. Looking good, ladies!

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Stranded Bono Rescued By A Fan, Who Happens To Be An NHL Star!

These are the kind of legendary stories that you pass on to your kids! U2 is playing a couple of concerts up in Canada this week and apparently the weather gets kinda tricky up there, eh? Someone who understands this better than anyone now is Bono who got stuck in a downpour along with his assistant while they were taking a walk in West Vancouver. They also, clearly, were lost because Bono went ahead and started hitchhiking on the side the road! One of the most famous musicians in the world and you probably passed him by!

NHL player Gilbert Brule and his girlfriend, Kelsey Nichols, became his rescuers as they just happened to be heading to a local dog park on that very road. The Edmonton Oilers player recognized Bono and stopped the car, and rescued the pack. Bono and his assistant ending up sharing the backseat with a German Shepherd, but that’s never a bad thing.  And here’s the coolest part — Bono gave them both autographed passes as u2 was scheduled to play in Edmonton the next night! Fate! Serendipity! Kismet! Kelsey’s pass got, “Thanks for the ride” scrawled on while Brule got, “My hero Gilbert”. Bono told the Edmonton Journal the story the next day adding, “I like ice hockey because people who play ice hockey are the kind of people who pick up hitchhikers.” Why can’t something this cool happen to us?

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Cops Visit Lindsay Lohan After Her Ankle Bracelet Goes Off

Lindsay Lohan: she only has to watch TV and the world goes on alert. Probation officials excitedly hopped over to her house Tuesday after Lindsay’s electronic monitoring device went off, only to discover the actress was busy posing for paparazzi on her roof patio, reading scripts and watching her 3D TV. Apparently, making a mockery of house detention isn’t a crime (posing on your roof patio? 3D TV?), and LiLo was allowed to return to business as usual. “They came as part of standard procedure to make sure the monitoring equipment was working properly,” said Lindsay’s rep.

Aside from this moment of confusion, Lindsay’s house arrest, now a week into its expected 35 days, has gone on with little excitement—unless you count the aforementioned paparazzi pics and the surprisingly rare tweet (all she said yesterday was “Happyy 85th birthdayy to mariyn monroe”).  But at least we know that the authorities will be hot on her trail if she actually does try to pull something.

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Porn Companies Bidding Over Racy Jennifer Lopez Footage

A judge decided last week that racy footage of Jennifer Lopez, shot by ex-husband Ojani Noa during their honeymoon, can be released to the public despite her legal injunctions—as long as Ojani isn’t the one releasing it. Naturally, porn companies are crawling over each other for the opportunity. Looks like Noa and his girlfriend Claudia Vasquez are finally getting the payday they’ve been fighting J. Lo in court over, right?

Not quite. Currently the bids for J. Lo honeymoon footage, which allegedly contains “spanking” but little nudity and no sex, are hovering around $40,000—a less than impressive number considering how much has likely been spent on their legal battles. As it’s unlikely Vasquez will get the $10 million in damages she wants from Lopez——their legal “victory” might do more for J. Lo’s public profile than their bank account. In other words, they might still have to get jobs.

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Jamie Kennedy Handcuffed After Shoving Match In Vegas

Looks like Malibu’s Most Wanted is still getting in scrapes with the law. TMZ has video of Jamie Kennedy handcuffed at the Cosmo Casino in Vegas following a shoving match with a man who thought the Scream star was hitting on his girlfriend. According to their sources, a woman asked Kennedy for career advice and her boyfriend decided to get territorial. Security pulled the pair out—with Jamie evidently rowdy enough to require handcuffs—but no charges were filed. Here’s some career advice for free, lady: dump the guy who picks fights with successful actors!

Kennedy, who turned 41 last week, was at the casino to celebrate his birthday. And judging from his Twitter, he may well have been on the prowl. “Thanks to everybody who wished me happy bday, really appreciate it. 41…jeez what’s the youngest I can date…creeper.” Kennedy split with Ghost Whisperer co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt just over a year ago.

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Report: Jennifer Aniston Throwing Meet-My-BF Parties For Justin Theroux

While some people are going to great lengths to shut down rumors of a Jennifer Aniston-Justin Theroux romance—especially the mother of his alleged current girlfriend, stylist Heidi Bivens—the gossip doesn’t appear to be going away. In fact, People is confident to say that Aniston even threw a party with Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler to introduce her friends to the Tropic Thunder scripter/Your Highness star. “They all had a great time and enjoyed Justin’s company,” says their source.  “They’re doing great. He’s edgier than the guys Jen usually dates. She really likes him!”

Ironically, Us Magazine says Cox and Aniston are fighting over Courteney’s cavalier treatment of husband David Arquette during their separation, with her beach vacation with Josh Hopkins allegedly giving Jen some bad Brangelina flashbacks. Hey, if that’s true, how does Courteney feel about Jennifer swiping Justin from that stylist? Huh? If only we could work a Matthew Perry double-take into this Friends drama…assuming any of it’s even remotely true.

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Martin Scorsese To Direct Richard Burton/Liz Taylor Biopic?

If Elizabeth Taylor lived to see this…it probably wouldn’t be happening. Following a bidding war spurred by the legendary actress’ death, Deadline reports that Paramount Pictures has optioned Furious Love, the popular book chronicling the relationship between Taylor and two-time husband Richard Burton. Martin Scorsese is set to direct the film—which will avoid the standard biopic structure to focus solely on their relationship. No casting announcements have been made, though you can bet the competition will get hot if Scorsese’s officially signed.

This isn’t the first time Scorsese’s taken a look back at old Hollywood—on top of 2004’s Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator, Scorsese is set to direct a film on the life of Frank Sinatra, ironically after trying to make a film about Dean Martin with Tom Hanks for years. With the Sinatra film still in pre-production and his two-monks-in-Japan epic Silence still allegedly in the cards, there’s no promise this film is any more certain to arrive than Scorsese’s aborted Theodore Roosevelt film with Leonardo DiCaprio. But unless you think the director’s time would be better spent getting one last mobster epic out of Robert DeNiro, it’s something to look forward to!

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More Alleged Blake Lively Nude Photos Hit Web

Man, nude photo leakers are a touchy bunch. A day after a rep threatened to sue anyone who published the alleged Blake Lively nude shots scooting around the web, a second batch of NSFW photos has been dumped online with a message to the Gossip Girl star’s handlers. “Oh yes, Blake’s rep, these are totally fake. We really believe you. Want moar? BTW, thanks for all the faps.” So far neither Blake nor her rep has said whether or not they’d like “moar.”

Judging from the star tattoos on her chest, the good folks at ONTD think the pics were taken around the time of The Town, though it’s worth noting that her character in the upcoming Green Lantern film, Carol Ferris, eventually became the villain Star Sapphire. Why is that worth noting, you ask? Because Green Lantern comes out in two weeks! Between that film, the “fake” nudes and Blake’s quality time with Leonardo DiCaprio, June could be her highest profile month yet. And, if the film flops and the pics are real, her most embarrassing.

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