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Tom Brady Fine After Car Accident Though His Hair Was Slightly Tousled


New England Patriots star Tom Brady is fine after a car accident in Boston today. Hey, he was fine before the car accident too! Am I right? Ladies? Anyones?

A minivan reportedly ran a red light and collided with Brady’s Audi as he was driving through an intersection in Boston. The passenger of the minivan had to be removed from the automobile using the jaws of life, but injuries are not life threatening. Brady was unharmed and made it to Patriots practice later that morning.

Now that we know everyone’s okay, we have one quick observation to make. After taking a closer look at photos from the wreck, we became concerned because, you guys, Tom Brady – husband to Gisele Bundchen, foxy athlete extraordinaire – has Bieber hair. This is upsetting. At what age does a man become immune to extra-long bangs? We thought 33 would be well past the cutoff, but we’re clearly wrong. Unless…oh we get it now. He just wants to give Troy Polamalu‘s hair a run for its money.

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Anne Hathaway’s New ‘Do – Love It Or Hate It?


We’re going to stay, straight up, that we’re feeling Anne Hathaway‘s new hair. The reason for the chopped locks is that she’s filming One Day in Paris with Jim Sturgess. The movie is adapted from the David Nicholls‘ eponymous, best-selling novel, BTW.

So, if the film is sticking to the book then the movie should start set in 1988 and then gradually progress to the 21st century. She does look retro here (outfit included), doesn’t she? Almost elfin. Seal of approval because not many actresses could carry off this look. Except Emma Watson.

Oh, to be a gazillion feet tall and a bazillion pounds lighter. It’s a big change but we’re digging it! Check out some of her past styles in the gallery below!

Update: Her publicist just went on record to say that this new ‘do, sadly, is just a wig.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Hail Mary, The Situation’s Got A New ‘Do


The Situation‘s got a new hairdo, folks, and it’s actually pretty impressive, what with the shooting stars and religious imagery. (Or is that star actually the Footaction logo? We can’t tell.) And here we thought the most stunning hairdo of the week belonged to the Oreo Lady.

Turns out, the answer to “WWJD?” is actually “GTL”.

[Photos: Splash News Online]


A Convention Of Brad Pitt’s Exes, Or The Premiere Of The Switch?

Jennifer Aniston and Juliette Lewis have a lot in common. They co-star in The Switch together. They were present at the film’s premiere last night at the ArcLight in Los Angeles. They both did it with Brad Pitt. (He sure does not have a type, huh? These two, Gwyneth, Angie…There is no common thread.)

One more thing these women are famous for is their hair. Er, at least, Aniston is, and Lewis wants to be, as you can see from her latest look. Juliette had no choice but to try and upstage Jen on the red carpet with her X-Men inspired blue tresses. Hey, if you can’t have those famous caramel-colored locks, you might as well go in the complete opposite direction, right? For pics of these two ladies and the rest of the cast, check out our gallery below.

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When Katy Met Bob


Someone should tell Katy Perry that Katie Holmes has already snagged the role of Jackie O. in the upcoming Kennedy miniseries. Somehow though we doubt that Perry cut her hair into a bob for any other reason except to keep Russell Brand on his toes – maybe they plan to do some Bettie Page role playing in the near future. Perry was spotted with her new ‘do walking through the Tokyo airport and even though we’re not convinced it’s not a wig, we’re kinda digging the new look. For a better look at Katy’s hair history, check out our gallery below.

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Please Let This Start A Trend In Hollywood


Holy crap, Emma Watson‘s new haircut looks ah-mah-zing. Sure, she has the world’s prettiest face and is British so she can like, do anything she wants and still manage to be adorable, but this trim is a win. And now, let us bow our heads in prayer:

Dear Jesus and all the angels in heaven (Brittany Murphy, RIP). Please let Emma Watson’s recent hair chopping inspire Lindsay Lohan and other hos with extensions in different area codes to take shears and scissors to their plastic locks and chop away. Allow the orange-skinned skanks of Jersey Shore and The Hills to be free from the synthetic prisons sitting atop their heads. Shake Ashley Greene’s head free of the plastic porn star locks she so desperately has glued to her scalp. Dear lord in heaven, hear our prayer.

Also, please send us the new iPhone.

[Photo: EmmaWatson]


Channing Tatum Is Growing Some Unfortunate Facial Hair

Pleaseohplease let this facial hair be for a role. This goatee on Channing Tatum is not good. Goatees just say “1990s” to us because they were all the rage when we were in high school and every guy was trying to forcibly grow one to look like Chris Cornell or Layne Staley or really anyone else featured on the Singles soundtrack. And now they’re coming back – Jon Stewart showed up with one on The Daily Show, Nicolas Cage has a creepy one, and now this. Guys, please. Grow a full-on beard or just shave it all off. Anything in between makes you look creepy.

by (@missmuttoo)

WTF!? Naomi Campbell’s Disappearing Hairline


YIKES. What’s up with Naomi Campbell‘s hair? The super(angry)model debuted this “look” that wasn’t quite hidden beneath her glossy wig, while posing for designer Dennis Basso (look around her ear). Campbell has hair missing around her ear and along her hairline. Click on the link for the true extent and reason behind our horror.

Years of braiding, weaving, extensions, not to mention the countless color jobs and intense heat due to crimping/straightening have finally taken their toll. But the real culprit apparently are the extensions. They’re woven very tightly and can cause severe breakage to the follicles. This is not an urban legend… look at her hair and decide for yourself. The hair loss condition due to all the weaves and other hair raising escapades is apparently called traction alopecia. Ummm, all that crazy anger, vanity, disrespect too… karma works in funny ways. You make other people lose their hair… you lose yours at some point.

Lindsay Lohan - are you listening?

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Kristen Stewart’s New ‘Do: Love It Or Meh?

Do we love this? Do we? Do we? Kristen Stewart(photos) debuted this new look at a taping for the Late Show with David Letterman in New York City.  Apparently, Kristen’s new hair is for her role as MaryLou in a screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac‘s iconic novel On the Road.

Those are the facts, but they don’t help us in deciding what we think of it. It’s short, wavy, soft and strawberry-blondish. Or a light brown-tad-of-red? Or… light brown with hints of blond? GAH…we can’t even decide on a color. We’re so used to seeing our KStew rocking jet-black because she’s our fave goth-ish rockstar. But at the same time, her skin is flawless and her make-up is aces. And she’s still the same person underneath the follicles. So yes… it’s growing on us already. What say you? Comments away!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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HairStyle Wars: Janet Jackson’s New Short ‘Do

Janet Jackson has been keeping a low profile as of late, but she stepped out in London yesterday with a new man and a new super short crop. The junior Jackson apparently trimmed her tresses for her role in the upcoming Tyler Perry film, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf (try saying that ten times fast). Long title, short hair. Are you digging the new ‘do, or is this a serious “scissor malfunction?” [Photos: Getty Images, Splash News]

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