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Vanessa Hudgens Debuts New Peroxide Blonde Locks On The Spring Breakers Set

Vanessa Hudgens is nothing if not committed to her craft. First she chopped off her long dark locks and lived in a homeless shelter for two weeks for the upcoming drama Gimme Shelter. Now she’s dosed her head in peroxide and leaving extremely visible roots for Spring Breakers, costarring  Selena Gomez. Okay, so maybe the photos of her new bleached tresses were taken before she visited Hair & Make-Up; we don’t know. That being said, if the film is about “[f]our college girls who land in jail after robbing a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation find themselves bailed out by a drug and arms dealer who wants them to do some dirty work” like IMDB claims and the movie’s director is Harmony Korine (Of Kids fame. We are not joking), then Vanessa’s bedraggled look is almost certainly an artistic choice.

Either way, all that fried hair just confirms what we already suspected: Hudgens is picking movies that are actually good, versus ones that will make her look good in front of a camera. It’s all very Charlize Theron of her. We mean that as the highest compliment. So which movie makeover do you prefer? Gimme Shelter‘s short and dark, or her new bleachy-blond? We psyched to see her rock both on the big screen.

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Willow Smith Works Green Hair!

One of the many things that reminds us about just how old we’re getting, is how we struggle to keep up with 11-year-old Willow Smith’s continuing hair experiments. Do we even remember what we were doing when we were 11? Memory blank. Too far away. All we know is we probably weren’t shaving our hair off. We don’t remember coloring our hair green ever, either. We still haven’t! But that’s what makes Willow so cool. She’s just a kid, who looks fairly happy, experimenting with her look. And we happen to think her parents are pretty cool too. So if Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith think it’s A-OK for their daughter to shave her hair off, or (most recently) color her hair green, we aren’t going to say a word. Besides, when you take a look at Willow’s instagram page, you’ll see just how normal she looks, green hair included.

[Photos via Willow Smith’s Instagram Page]

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Rihanna, You Can Spend All The Money You Want To On Your Hair

So, people are kind of freaking out over the report from the New York Post this morning that Rihanna spent $24,000 to fly her hairstylist from L.A. to London because her hair was messed up. OK, yes, that is a lot of money. And we’re sure they have hairstylists in London. BUT, when you consider the details, this really isn’t all that shocking. First, we’re talking about Rihanna, whose every haircut and outfit change becomes a headline, for better or worse. And the girl knows that appearing in a cap for two days in a row is not doing wonders for her image (nor is that all-denim outfit, my dear, fyi). Second, this isn’t just any old barber. This is Ursula Stephen, the woman who created “The Rihanna” cut back in 2008 and has been partially responsible for making RiRi as much a style icon as she is a pop star. According to the Post, the newly blond bombshell experienced a lapse in judgment (not her first in recent weeks, ahem) and subjected her locks to a swimming pool, a steam room and a sauna, resulting in a matted, tangled mess. She probably tried very hard to fix it herself — much the way we’ve botched many a bang trim on our own — before giving in and calling Ursula. And we doubt this is the first time Ms. Stephen has had to make an emergency house call, either. Just look at this video from Essence about how much stars depend on her expertise.

And anyway, do we really want to live in a world where we don’t have Rihanna’s myriad hairstyles to brighten our day? She’s doing a service for us all, frankly.

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R-Patz Goes Bald, Kendall Jenner Goes Blonde, Miley Goes Rachel From Friends

It’s been a busy few days in the world of celeb hair! Last night our beloved Robert Pattinson arrived to the Berlin premiere of Bel Ami looking balder than usual. We know he jettisoned his trademark unruly locks back in January when he appeared at the People’s Choice Awards. But they definitely should have grown in by now, and yet he looks balder than ever!

Kardashian Version 2.0 sister Kendall Jenner posted a pic to her twitter showing off long blonde tresses in the place of her usual brunette. But before we got too used to it, she posted a second photo, dark locks restored. “Still brunette! Don’t worry kids!” We’d been duped. You just can’t trust the Kardashians. She and her little sister Kylie were seen out and about wearing the blonde wigs. Trying to throw off the paparazzi? Or attract attention? The world may never know.

Both of these style changes follow Miley Cyrus dramatic chop earlier this week. She posted a picture to her own twitter on Sunday showing off her new hair ‘do, which definitely seems to be remeinicent of Jennifer Aniston’s famous Friends-era hair. “You likey?” she asked. Well, do you? Get a closer look in the gallery below, and take our poll to let us know who you think works their new look the best!

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Nicki Minaj Channels Dolly Parton On Good Morning America

Gigantic blond curls, larger-than-life curves, sizzlingly on-screen chemistry with Mr. Burt Reynolds (we assuming)…is it us or is Nicki Minaj slowly morphing into Dolly Parton? If so, based on photos snapped during Nicki’s visit to Good Morning America today to promote her new MAC Viva Glam lipstick, the transformation is nearly complete!

As if that wasn’t enough evidence for you (and it should be), Minaj’s cover for New York Magazine’s Spring Fashion issue could basically be a poster for Rhinestone Cowboy. We’re kidding, of course. We acknowledge Dolly Parton and Nicki Minaj each have their own very distinct (yet complementary) steez. That being said, we’re still going to cross our fingers for a Nicki Minaj/Kenny Rogers duet. And you know it’s only a matter of time before they remake The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas!

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Grammys Red Carpet Hair: Colorful, Wild And Totally Wrong

We certainly would never want folks at the Grammys to go all Oscars sophisticated in the style department. We like our musicians unpredictable. At the same time, we feel really bad for any short person stuck sitting behind the massive hairstylings of Diana Ross or Corinne Bailey Rae. And we are not entirely sure we want Katy Perry’s match-your-hair-to-your-dress thing to catch on; that just seems exhausting. For better or worse, there was a lot of hair to marvel at last night. Paris Hilton and Taylor Swift had beautiful buns (HAIR buns, people!). Kelly Rowland’s ponytail brought out her eyes. Adele updated her style for her dramatic return to the stage. Rihanna’s big hair completed her Michelle Pfeiffer/Scarface look, while Jennifer Hudson’s ’80s ‘do was just part of a fitting homage to Whitney Houston’s heyday. Will we be taking pics of these stars to the salon anytime soon? Probably not. Well, not until its our turn to take the stage, anyway.

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Brad Pitt’s Hair-volution: Honoring Brad’s Award-Worthy Hair

Is there anything more perfect than Oscar nominee Brad Pitt? He’s got the perfect wife, perfect career, perfect kids, perfect smile, perfect muscular physique and … let’s stop there, because while we could go on all day, we’re pretty sure none of you need convincing. Even his fashion missteps are perfect, in their own special way! It’s true. We can’t entirely fault Brad for those long bleached blonde locks (it was the ’90s) or even the Kate Gosselin-styled ‘do (also ’90s!). And no one else could rock a scraggly, dreaded beard more grandly than Pitt. Also, most of his, shall we say, less-than-ideal stylings were for a role, or for saving New Orleans, or something. That’s why we are awarding Brad Pitt with TheFABlife’s prestigious Perfect Hair Award (we’ll be on standby if Brad wants to give us an acceptance speech.).

Oh, to be a follicle on that perfectly shaped scalp, or a faint bit of stubble along his perfectly chiseled jawline, but we digress. Check out Brad’s Hair-volution through the years and tell us which look is your fave!

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Rihanna’s New Blond ‘Do — Or Don’t? Tell Us!

As if Rihanna doesn’t already keep us guessing with her bikini Twitpics and pant-free ensembles, Ri Ri surprised her fans last night by revealing her first magazine cover of 2012 while tweeting a picture of her as what? You guessed it, a blondie.

Surprised fans and friends hit Rihanna with a load of questions about the hair change. The pop star confirmed she dyed her actual locks blonde and added a few extensions for the Elle shoot. “Bleach + weave #WERQ” she tweeted in response. Now the Barbados princess has rocked more than a couple of OMG ‘dos in the past. We all remember the fire engine red of 2011 don’t we? So what do you think of the pop star as Goldie Locks? Definite “Do” or “Oh-na-na”?

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Willow Smith Shaves All Her Hair Off

There’s not much hair left to whip now. None of it, in fact. Willow Smith posted this photograph on her WhoSay account yesterday, and she’s as bald as bald can be. No words, just a picture that says it all. Do you like Willow’s new look? It doesn’t really matter either way, because she’s just 11 years old. It’ll grow back soon enough. Also, we need a new song from her, so maybe this experience will inspire one.

And if you’re missing her fierce locks, here’s a little flashback to her awesome looks, from her whipping-back-and-forth days:

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[Photo via WhoSay]

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Justin Timberlake’s Hair-volution: Celebrating His Birthday One Curl At A Time

Justin Timberlake turns 31 today, and while we’re mostly hoping that with age, comes the realization that he owes the world another album. What can we do to petition fiancee Jessica Biel to get on our side with this? Well, while we hope for him to bring the sexy back, some of us aren’t so eager for the return of some of his style choices of years past. JT’s no stranger to trying out new ‘dos and has always kept us guessing from color to length. In his ‘N Sync days, Justin’s two-toned curls graced many a girl’s bedroom walls, but maybe they need to stay there? These days, Justin’s keeping it clean and tapered with a buzz cut. And what do we think of his facial hair experimentation? The Friends With Benefits star has sported a beard or two in his hair-volution. Justin’s ability to pull off these many ‘dos seems to be another of his many talents. So, join us in wishing him a happy birthday as you browse through his hair hits and misses.

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