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Melissa McCarthy, Nicole Richie Trot Out Pony Manes At The Golden Globes

Look at these pretty little fillies! If you’re looking for the latest hair trend to ride into the sunset, Jessica Chastain, Nicole Richie and Melissa McCarthy all rocked voluminous pony manes on the Golden Globes red carpet tonight. The hair’s not quite up and it’s not quite in a bouffant, but either way you want to brush it for hours and feed Jessica sugar cubs from the palm of your hand. So, are you ready to saddle up for your very own mane, or should we put this look immediately out to pasture?

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So, What Do We Think Of Robert Pattinson’s Hair?

Well, it’s not like this is the first time he’s done this to us. Still, after waiting for hours to see Robert Pattinson appear at the People’s Choice Awards (sometimes known as the Twilight Awards, only this year, there was no actual eligible Twi-movie), it came as a bit of a shock. There he was, sitting in the front row with Betty White, sans his adorably mussed locks. And when he got up to accept the Favorite Drama Movie award for Water for Elephants, he seemed a little shocked himself — how does one accept an award without running your hand through your hair? Well, he did it like a champ, of course. Anyway, more on the PCAs soon, but in the meantime, let’s hear your thoughts (eulogies?) on RPattz’s buzzcut in the comments below.

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Celebrate Christina Aguilera’s Birthday With 25 Photos Of Her Hair-volution

We’re going to take a wild guess that Christina Aguilera has enjoyed this year better than last — while 2010 featured a divorce, a panned movie debut and a scrapped tour, 2011 saw her dominate the charts with Maroon 5 and “Moves Like Jagger” while she doled out advice to singers on the hit show The Voice. Oh, well, we’re just going to pretend that little Super Bowl incident happened in 2010 — February can go either way, right? Oh, but there was that sort-of arrest too. Well, let’s look forward to 2012, Xtina.

But first, to celebrate your 31st b-day on Sunday, we’re also offering this helpful little look back at your hairstyles over the past 11 years, because you sometimes need a reminder of what works and what doesn’t. (Hint, if your hair extends outside the mirror, it is probably too big.) Anyway, happy birthday!

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Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston Top Google’s Celeb Haircuts List

No, the fact that Justin Bieber’s, Jennifer Aniston’s and Emma Watson’s haircuts were the most searched-for haircuts of 2011 is not Earth-shattering news by any means. What we do find entertaining, however, is the fact that Google seems to have taken a lot of time measuring something like this. Click around the site’s 2011 Zeitgeist feature and you’ll find all sorts of not-very-shocking info (Bieber is the most-searched person, Rebecca Black is the fastest rising, Kim Kardashian and William and Kate had the most popular weddings, etc.) laid out in very nifty-looking bar graphs. This is the perfect toy to play with as we wait out our office-party hangover. If that seems like too much math for your foggy brain, just click through our gallery of the year’s top 10 celebrity haircuts, according to the Zeitgeist.

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Shakira’s Brand New Short Haircut: Do We Like It?

Some celebrities have no qualms going all out when they want to shake things up. Shakira just joined their ranks, with this new haircut. And it’s not a timid an-inch-off-the-bottom, either. The singer now has a choppy bob, which we think looks fantastic on her. Shakira tweeted this picture yesterday with a bilingual message that read, “Hace 4 horas estoy estrenando corte de pelo!! 4 hours ago I got my hair cut!” That’s a lot of haircut, if you catch our drift. We’re all for change, so while we’re on board with this look, we want to know what your thoughts are. Fill us in with the poll below.

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Nicki And Taylor Are Both Banging At Billboard’s Women In Music Event

What is it about blunt-cut bangs that make a woman want to give the paparazzi some serious face? Both Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj rocked a solid fringe at Billboard‘s sixth annual Women in Music event today in New York, and it’s pretty obvious they know how good that hair looks. While Taylor Swift debuted her new look earlier today on Twitter, Nicki Minaj swapped her usual black (or hot pink) for blond and added mermaid waves to her Zooey D bangs. Actually, at this rate Taylor and Nicki will eventually swap hairstyles completely, ushering in a new and totally uncharted era of hotness. Hey, as long as they continue to work it out either way, they have our blessings.

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Britney Spears’ Hair-volution: Blonde To Bald And Back Again

It’s hard to believe that it has been 13 years since Britney Spears came into our lives. And yes, your math is correct, the not-that-innocent one turns 30 on Friday. Britney has always kept us on our toes when it comes to her look. Throughout the years we have seen her transform from a teenage pop tart to a genuine pop icon and mother of two. While her danceable music hasn’t changed drastically, one thing that Spears likes to experiment with is her hair. We always picture her with her signature locks (the long, flowing blond hair we coveted when we were younger), so we sometimes forget how many different hairstyles Britney has tried out. Who could forget her seriously sexy hair surrounded by that snake, the numerous hair colors in her music video for Toxic, and her ill-fated attempt at the Amber Rose look (well, back then we knew it as the Sinead O’Connor ‘do). Some styles were a nice change, some had us seriously worried. Even though she has changed her look countless times, she always seems to go back to her, um, roots. Check out Britney’s Hair-volution in the gallery below!

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Demi Lovato Goes Cherry Red In Latest Stage Of Her Hair-volution

Demi Lovato is a woman of many looks, but the actress/singer has at least one style constant: perpetually awesome hair. “Just woke up from a nap.. Can’t believe I fell asleep before tweeting this……….. ;)” Demi tweeted, along with a photo of her new Jessica Rabbit locks. We love a style transformation as much as anyone, which is why we decided to look back on Demi Lovato‘s hair-volution. Bangs or no bangs, from dark to blond and back again, the fierceness is strong in this one.

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Michelle Williams Says Short Hair A “Memorial” To Heath Ledger

Michelle Williams can pull off a pixie cut better than Tinkerbell herself (plus, she looks better in green!), but it turns out the My Week With Marilyn actress keeps her locks cropped for a reason other than her insane cheekbones. “I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it,” Williams tells Elle, explaining that ex Heath Ledger always preferred her with a short cut. No, we aren’t crying; we just got something in our eye! Like a short, fabulous bang!

“What Matilda would love is for her mom to grow out the cropped hair, though that’s unlikely to happen any time soon,” Michelle laughed. “Of course, the only people who like it are gay men and my girlfriends. Straight men across the board are not into this hair!” Far be it from us to disagree with a 6-year-old and 90 percent of men on the planet (allegedly), but we think Michelle’s cropped hair looks gorgeous on her. So amazing, in fact, that we decided to rep for all the other ladies, from Rihanna to Tilda Swinton, Emma Watson to Robyn, who have looked amazingly hot with short hair. Because Monroe herself rarely went longer than a bob, and that’s real.

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Lady Gaga Arrives In India, Rainbow Beehive In Tow

If we told you Lady Gaga visited New Dehli, India sporting a multi-colored beehive, would you be disappointed to find out she wasn’t wearing an actual beehive with real bees swarming out of it? She probably just couldn’t bring it through customs, that’s all. Luckily for us, Gaga’s fabulous candy-colored bouffant, which she wore to promote her concert following India’s Formula 1 racing debut, is almost as good as if she had filled a $400,000 hand-made crystal hive with the finest organic honey and strapped it to directly to her scalp. Better even, since this way she would be covered in dozens of painful bee stings!

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