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Do We Like Anna Faris’ New Hair?

That’s a lot of change. Anna Faris has gone from sunshine beauty to a brunette pixie for her new movie The Dictator. That’s the one with Sacha Baron Cohen in it! Anna play’s his love interest in the film, so we know it’s going to be a riot. But with regards to her hair — we still don’t know whether this a wig or not. Our guess is that it is because H’wood actresses gotta be careful with the ‘do. She’s got the face to pull it off, but it’s such a drastic change! We’re still wrapping our heads around it and we’d like to know what you think. Vote away!

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Evan Rachel Wood’s New Haircut: Love It Or Hate It?

That’s quite a drastic change! Evan Rachel Wood debuted a new hairstyle at the premiere for season 4 premiere of True Blood. It’s so much shorter, but we think she’s pulling it off. Can’t go very wrong with bone structure like that. It’s a pretty gutsy move considering just how much of her hair she’s chopped off. It’s like a punk pixie cut! We also think she worked the look perfectly with her wardrobe — a vest, pants and red suspenders — all by Dolce & Gabbana. We’d like to know what you think so go ahead and vote.

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Chord Overstreet Tired Of His Insane Hotness, Goes Brunette

Well, our first question is: Why, God, Why? Why would Glee‘s Chord Overstreet dye his hair?  This is just like when Keri Russell cut off her beautiful curly hair and Felicity got canceled. (Oh, you don’t remember who that is? Start paying attention to your sixth-grade geometry teacher, and stop reading the Internet during class).  Following in the footsteps of Dianna Argon’s short haircut, Chord told US Magazine yesterday, “At the end of the season, I just wanted a haircut, so I cut it all off. I cut the highlights out.” Photos of Chord Overstreet in glasses prove the boy would look good in anything, but let’s be real: that shimmering chestnut shine is straight out of a box of Clairol Natural Instincts, not the hand of Mother Nature.  Though now that we look at him a little more, Overstreet does look cute in a “your coworker’s approachable cousin” kind of way. What do you think about Chord’s new color?

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Dianna Agron’s New Short ‘Do

Looks like Dianna Agron is taking a page from the Emma Watson playbook! The Glee hottie celebrated finishing up a second super successful season by trimming her blonde tresses into a shoulder length bob. “Season 2 wrap,” she tweeted, “A remedy to the seven year itch. Finally!” She then posted a video of the big event to her tumblr before sitting for a photo shoot with celeb photographer Tyler Shields. Are you diggin’ the new do, or do you long for the long locks? Let us know in the poll below!

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Blake Lively: Better As A Blonde Or A Redhead?

Blake Lively made her debut as a redhead at the Time 100 Gala last night and we’re strangely fascinated by her new color. On the one hand, Blake’s long blonde locks are one of the reasons we love her so much, but on the other, this new look makes her look completely different (even her brows have been dyed to match). Is Blake trying out for The Lindsay Lohan Story (circa 2004?) or is she just experimenting? Actually, the new color is for her role in the film Hick. So what do you think of the new style?

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Drew Barrymore’s Got New Hair And We Love It

We’re loving Drew Barrymore‘s new red hair-do! The actress showed off the new color at Kimberly Snyder’s book launch party for The Beauty Detox in L.A on Wednesday night and merchandised it up with a hippy-ish long feather earring. A lot of people like Drew better as a sunny blonde but we feel the darker do’s suits her a lot more, and brings out that gorgeous complexion. Besides the color job she’s been rocking over the last few months was pretty lame. At the CoverGirl 50th Anniversary party, she had this weird two-tone hair that, even though we love Drew, we just couldn’t condone. It was like she didn’t care that her roots had reached halfway down her head. That’s all sorted now, and we’re hoping red-headed Drew sticks around for a while! [Photos: Getty Images]

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Oprah Wants To Make Over Donald Trump Before Her Show Ends

Oprah Winfrey‘s talk show will end on May 25th of this year. Given that she is Oprah, the stakes are already pretty high, how do you end a twenty-five-year-long run of iconic television and still thrill your viewers? It’s going to be hard to top “Everybody gets a car!” but she is certainly going to try and outdo herself.  Page Six reports that for one of her final episodes, Oprah has reached out to Donald Trump to try and convince the tycoon to get a makeover and cut his famously terrible hair for her audience’s viewing pleasure.

A source from Trump’s office said they received an email from Oprah’s camp asking him to be on her show, saying that “The eyes of the world will be upon these episodes,” and if he chooses to come on, his makeover will be treated with “integrity” and that Oprah will “not let it become a joke or silly…This will become one of those historical television moments that will become iconic.” Of course, they would also allow Trump to do what he does best: self-promote. He would be offered the chance to discuss his 2012 presidential bid (dear God, no) and talk about The Celebrity Apprentice in exchange for the trim. Trump’s hair has been a punchline for so long that we doubt he’d let Oprah touch it, but if he thinks about all the attention it will get him, he may not be able to resist.

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Brooklyn Decker Gets Bobbed

Brooklyn Decker took it all off on Wednesday. Not her clothes, her hair. Brooklyn chopped off 10 whole inches of it! She tweeted the photos with a message to her her stylist and colorist saying, “Chopped my hair OFF today!! Thank you!! I love!! @jasonhueman @tedgibson”. We really love it too! We know Brooklyn would look good in a sack with a paper bag over her face, but we’re totally feeling this sun-kissed, soft, wavy vibe. It’s a keeper! We actually prefer it to her long haired avatar. But we’re going to leave the ultimate call to you. So what say, you guys? Do you like this look better, or were those scissors the Delilah to her Samson?

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Someone Paid $40K For A Lock Of BiebHair

When Justin Bieber chopped his famous hair two weeks ago, he mentioned that he would be donating his locks to charity to be auctioned off. Well, the results are in and one lucky eBay bidder paid a whopping $40,668 for the autographed box o’ Bieber hair. Bieber gave the hair to Ellen DeGeneres on her show last week, and Ellen put it on eBay, noting that all the proceeds would go to The Gentle Barn Foundation, an animal rescue. Ninety-eight bids later some lucky, wealthy girl and/or her crazy mom is the proud owner of Bieber DNA. Don’t go getting any cloning ideas, whoever you are.

While it seems ridiculous that someone would pay that much for old, dead bangs, the winner will also get the chance to meet Bieber the next time he appears on Ellen’s show, which is a bonus. Not sure it’s a $40,668 bonus, but still, it’s nice that they threw that in.

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Chris Brown Is Blonde Now, For Reasons That Are Beyond Us

Early in the AM yesterday, Chris Brown tweeted a message that read, “look at me now” along with a photograph. Now we assumed that the picture would entail him doing some celebrity posturing, but how incredibly wrong we were. Nothing could have really prepared us for this. Chris has dyed his hair blonde. It’s a close cropped style, but definitely extremely blonde, as you can see from the snap above.

One might naturally deduce that the new ‘do is a precursor to his new album, F.A.M.E releasing on March 22nd, but it still doesn’t prevent the why, Chris, why? What is it about F.A.M.E that inspired this? Because we’re already thinking about not giving it a listen for obvious reasons (he’s not exactly the most popular punk on the scene still). He’s just helping cement that decision. Because if an album is in any way responsible for such a bad decision, we’re totally giving it a miss. We still have to ask, though — what do you think of the newly blonde Chris?

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