Celebrity Hook Ups


Are Justin Timberlake And Rihanna An Item?!


Waiiiit, what is this? Are Justin Timberlake and Rihanna secretly an item?! This is news to us (and we bet it’s news to Jessica Biel), but the rumor mill is hard at work trying to prove that the pop stars are in fact dating. Today a source noted to Showbiz Spy that “Justin and Rihanna have been seeing each other for the past few weeks,” and the rag also mentions that the couple were featured in a blind item in the New York Daily News recently that read, “two pop stars made sweet music together after the gal gave the guy a private lap dance” at a New York club. One witness corroborated the story, saying, “It was at 10ak in NYC and they left together. They are seeing each other on the low!”

This would be huge – imagine what a super-couple these two would make. We’re keeping a close eye on these kids to see what happens.  [Photos: GettyImages]


John Mayer Denies A Cavallari Hookup

John Mayer

Is Kristin Cavallari‘s body a wonderland? John Mayer claims not to know. The rumor yesterday was that Mayer and Cavallari hooked up and were secretly dating, but Mayer took to his Twitter to set the record straight.

In a series of tweets, Mayer wrote, “Rumor control: How do I put this like a gentleman…I have never high fived Kristin Cavalari with my penis…I’m sure she’s a wonderful gal but we have never tasted the Skittles Rainbow together…My Milli has never slam danced with her Vanilli…I have never Bensoned her Hedges, nor have I attempted to Bartle her James.”

How poetic. Remind us again why so many people have dated this guy? [Photo: GettyImages]


Chris Brown And Rihanna “Planning Trip To Acapulco?”


Could Rihanna and Chris Brown really be so desperate to get around the restraining order he’s been slapped with that they’ll try and meet up in a different country? That’s the latest story coming out about the are-they-aren’t-they couple, claiming that they’re planning a vacation to Acapulco, Mexico, next month in order to circumnavigate the order that bans Chris from coming within 50 yards of Ri in the next five years in the U.S.

“They spoke to their lawyers to see what was allowed, and are now planning two weeks in Mexico. They want to spend some quality time together and know they have a lot to reconcile before they can make their relationship public again,” claims British celebrity mag Star.

Chris has famously already stated that he still “loves” the woman he beat up and choked that night back in February, and rumors have constantly swirled that the two still had feelings for each other and had already hooked up. Are they really going to make a go of it again? We guess only time will tell. [Photo: WireImage]


Shia LaBeouf’s New Girlfriend Is Super-Talented Brit


Looks like those Megan Fox rumors were off the mark. Shia LaBeouf has been stepping out with new girlfriend Carey Mulligan, who we predict is going to be a big star. The British actress is soon to be seen in Brothers opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, is about to shoot Brighton Rock with Helen Mirren and has already been seen on the big screen in Public Enemies with Johnny Depp.

We’ve already caught Carey in a starring role in this fall’s forthcoming An Education and she is absolutely amazing. If you haven’t heard about this girl already, then movie star boyfriend + incredible acting talent = Kate Winslet-style fame soon enough. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Pussycat Doll Still Dating Leo, According To Pussycat Doll

Pussycat Dolls

Our favorite Pussycat Doll, the limelight-loving Kimberly Wyatt, is up to her old tricks again. Always going after the maximum attention – especially since many of the group have complained about Nicole Scherzinger grabbing all the headlines – we applaud her blatant publicity attempts. In London, Kim attended the launch of the MOBO awards, and wore her third outfit of the day to do so – a hideously tacky dress made of metallic strips. Gloriously horrible.

Kimberly also ensured she got a mention by referring to the recent reports that Leonardo Dicaprio hooked up with her bandmate Ashley Roberts - and inferred it was still going on. “I’m so pleased for Ashley,” Kim said to The London Paper. “Leo is the most talented actor in the whole world.” Bingo! We bet Leo’s pleased that his GF’s bandmate has such loose lips. She’s a clever girl. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Now It’s Cammy And Keanu


OK – we officially can’t keep up. First it was Jude Law, then Leonardo DiCaprio, and only two days ago, Cameron Diaz was spotted dating Jason Lewis. And now, apparently, it’s Keanu Reeves.

The pair were reportedly seen together at LA’s Whisper Lounge, with an onlooker commenting, “They looked very cosy [sic]. Cameron was stuffing her burger in her mouth and playing up the fact that she has that wide mouth. Keanu was laughing – it was strange to see him giggling like that as he’s regarded as a bit serious.”

Well, it’s an unusual dating technique but clearly it works. Maybe Cammy should take a break from this acting lark and instead start up courses on how to hook a hottie. Lesson 101: Why Sticking Chopsticks Up Your Nose Is Irresistible. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Report: Cammy Dating SATC’s Smith


We love this rumored hookup! Britain’s Grazia magazine is stamping an “exclusive” on their report that Cameron Diaz is bumping uglies with Jason Lewis, aka Smith Jerrod of Sex and the City. According to them, the two blond health-nut Californians were spotted getting amorous in a Venice Beach restaurant.

“[They] were sitting in a corner of Shima Sushi totally wrapped up in one another. They couldn’t stop touching each other. And we couldn’t stop looking,” the mag reports fellow diner Trish Ratner saying.

Cute. It’s also been noted that in the fashion of Paul Sculfor and John Mayer, Jason is also a (brief) ex of Jennifer Aniston‘s. Blimey. We’re surprised these two Hollywood A-listers haven’t become BFFs yet – they clearly have a lot in common, and plenty of comparison notes to go over with each other. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Katy Perry Kissed Russell Brand, And She Liked It

They’re both sexy stars with their tousled dark hair, good looks and controversial comments, so it’s only natural, we think, that Katy Perry and Russell Brand have hooked up. Oh, only for a film, sadly. K-Pez revealed that she locked lips with the British Lothario on the set of Get Him To The Greek.

“I did a little cameo scene for his movie. It’s really just a quick clip but I got to kiss him. He said: ‘You’re a great actress’. But that’s all I had to do – kiss him. I had heard all about his reputation and I have to agree he has a certain je ne sais pas about him,” she said.

But the Brand charm has probably had a stronger effect than Katy would like us to think, as she’s forgotten her French 101 there – it’s “je ne sais quoi”, pedantic fact fans. Clearly she’s smitten and we look forward to a new celeb coupling to distract us from the hundreds of pap shots of stars on the beach this summer. It’s making us jealous.


Mel Gibson’s Lover Can’t Stop Going On About Mel Gibson


Ping! An email arrived in TheFabLife’s London inbox breathlessly announcing the release of one Oksana Grigorieva’s new album. And why should we care? Why, because she’s humping Mel Gibson and is knocked up with his baby. And if we weren’t aware of this fact, the press release makes it abundantly clear.

“Beautiful Heartache is the debut album from classically-trained musician and songwriter Oksana Grigorieva, released by Mel Gibson’s Icon Distribution …  the Mel Gibson-directed videos for “Say My Name” and “Beautiful Heartache” are currently available for free download… Actor/Director Mel Gibson heard her perform and was astounded by her skillful mastery of the keyboard, saying, “My jaw dropped as I watched her perform Chopin and Rachmaninoff effortlessly.”…Soon Gibson’s Icon Distribution stepped forward with a deal and work started on what would become Beautiful Heartache,” it reads. Believe us, it goes on a bit more than this.

Aw. It’s as if we’re led to believe classical fan Mel just couldn’t believe the amazing body talent in front of him, and magnanimously has brought her music to the world, to share with us. Isn’t he kind? And not blinded by sex at all! [Photo: AFP]


Sienna Miller Hooks Up With New Non-Married Boyfriend


Progress! Sienna Miller is soaking up the sun in Ibiza currently with her new beau George Barker and looks as “besotted” as the newspapers say she is. Laying out on a yacht (grr) for stepmum Kelly Hoppen‘s surprise 50th birthday celebrations, Sienna is getting romantic with her new man, who so far, hasn’t revealed he’s hidden a wife and numerous children somewhere. Sienna hasn’t been dating the trance DJ – who performs under the name Slinky Wizard – for long, but judging by these photos they’re enjoying that first flush of summer love. Ahhhh. [Photo: Splash News Online]