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Shakira Caught Holding Hands With Rumored Hot New Boyfriend

About a month and a half after Shakira announced her break-up with longterm fiance Antonio de la Rua, the singer seems to have bounced right back into the dating game. And props to the She Wolf for moving on with a bonafied hottie. A fan posted this picture on Facebook of Shakira holding hands with Spanish footballer Gerard Pique.

Rumors of Shakira and Pique started during the World Cup last year (where the singer had recorded the official song Waka Waka) but all stories were denied, of course. The FC Barcelona defender was one of the stars featured in the video, and was cited as one of the reasons for Shakira breaking up with de la Rua. They’ve been denying stories of hook-ups for the last couple of months, chronicled by the Spanish newspaper El Periodico de Catalunya.

Good luck denying the rumors now, guys. A picture speaks a thousand words, so don’t even try denying it now! It’s not like it’s a crime or anything? Just two ridiculously hot people getting together.

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Is Rihanna Dating Travis Barker?

Rihanna and Travis Barker have been friends for a while now, with the Blink-182 drummer allegedly giving her some percussion tips for her “Rude Boy” video last year and appearing in the clip for “Rock Star 101.” But if Media TakeOut can be believed, the Rihanna and Barker’s relationship has gone beyond teacher-pupil. “They stayed in contact,” swears MTO, “And since Rihanna became single, the two HIT IT OFF.” B-dum, bum.

Since Rihanna’s reportedly set to appear in Barker’s video for his new single “Can A Drummer Get Some?” it’s possible this is just some hype to suggest that, yes, a drummer can get some. Has Travis been working a slow game on Ri-Ri? Check out a video of the pair drumming last year and tell us if you think they’ve got any serious chemistry.

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Eva Longoria’s New Boyfriend?

We spy, with our little eyes, Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz getting on a yacht in Miami. The latter being Penelope Cruz‘s younger brother who was last spotted getting quite comfortable walking around in Eva’s garage wearing a robe. Her rep dismissed it saying, “Eva and Eduardo are friends.” but her neighbors totally busted Eva, revealing that Eduardo is quite the fixture at her home.

And now here they are on a yacht with rumors buzzing even louder that there are, indeed, a couple. It’s just them, and pictures do speak a thousand words. So ‘fess up, Eva. Is he your sexy Spanish lovah?

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Chelsea Handler Reportedly Dumps 50 Cent For Hotelier Andre Balazs

While these two seemed like an unlikely couple, Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent did look like they were having a blast together. Apart from their coy are we-aren’t we dating yo-yo we had pretty much made peace with the fact that they were dating. So when UsMagazine writes a piece on how Chelsea broke 50 cent’s heart, our reaction was pretty high on the WTF scale. Also because Fiddy doesn’t seem like the sort to get his heart broken and then mope around. But that’s exactly what he’s been doing, reportedly. And hello, ice-cold Chelsea!

The comedienne apparently dumped him before the holidays quite unexpectedly. When the rapper tried to win back her heart by sending her presents, she supposedly sent them right back. One returned gift, the magazine says, had a note tucked in that read, “I can buy my own gifts”. Bit on the brutal side, right? Where was your holiday spirit, Chelsea? Apparently, it had already spirited away to a new target. It being hotelier Andre Balazs who Chelsea has been reportedly getting hot and heavy with at Sundance. (Balazs also happens to have a famous ex, Uma Thurman).

People says this new supposed couple have been making out all over Sundance. They were also at the Florence+Machine gig where a source reveals, “They were making out in the corner of the dance floor upstairs.” Later at the Tao, another source says,” They were very touchy-feely, both laughing and very happy. They looked totally smitten.” That’s just dandy, but Fiddy’s also at Sundance. Try not to rub it in his face, guys.

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Glee Castmates Chord Overstreet And Naya Rivera Hook Up In Vegas

We have the same facial expression as Kevin McHale does standing between these two: say what? Sources claim that Glee’s Chord Overstreet and Naya Rivera hooked up in Las Vegas at Rivera’s birthday party. Several of the cast members including McHale and Cory Monteith were partying at the Bellagio for Naya’s 24 when the Gleeks started sucking face. “They were all over each other inside,” an eyewitness claims. Says another, “Yeah, they hooked up. Who knows where it will go?” We guess that explains why in the party photos Chord looks like he was rode hard and put away wet and Naya did her hair with an egg beater. At least, we hope it does.

If the reports are true, Overstreet had better hope their smooch fest works out the way Naya wants, given Rivera’s revenge against ex Mark Salling. “She knew what she was doing, trying to make [Mark] jealous. Funny thing is, he really couldn’t care less,” another insider claims. Jealousy doesn’t work, three dozen eggs smashed against his windshield doesn’t work. Jeez, is Mark Salling made out of stone?!?


Is Justin Timberlake Still Texting Olivia Munn?

Olivia Munn doesn’t care what you think, ladies. Somehow Life & Style reportedly got word that Justin Timberlake has been texting the Daily Show correspondent on the regular, months after Munn & Timberlake’s alleged affair. According to a pal of Munn’s who claims she was passing her phone around over New Years’, “One said, ‘My relationship is basically over.’ “The other said, ‘I’m thinking about you.’ There was part of a third that said something like, ‘You don’t understand how hard it is.'” Well, she probably grasps that something is hard, Justin.

“She’s super flattered,” the source told Life & Style, “but she’s not stupid. She’s not expecting it to go anywhere – but she’d love it if it did!” Well, why else would the sexy social climber be sharing these texts with her friends, anonymous squealer? Whether or not she’d have to stab Jessica Biel in the back, dating Justin would only enhance her name recognition. Chelsea Handler, do you have something you want to say to this woman?

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Are Leighton Meester And Garrett Hedlund Hooking Up?


Maybe award shows like the Golden Globes are an aphrodisiac? Everyone’s looking so glamorous and drinking non-stop like Paz de la Huerta. Seems like the right place for a single girl like Leighton Meester to get some action with a single dude like Country Strong co-star Garrett Hedlund. As sources reveal, the pair were  “inseparable the entire night” at the HBO after party.  The same voyeuristic sources also added, “Garrett wrapped his arm around her. She wraps her arm completely around his neck and pulls him for a quick peck on the lips.” They also left together while gorgeous Garrett was “massaging her shoulders”.

That kinda screams hook-up to us and kinda makes sense that the two hotties would eventually get something going. Makes shooting a film about an alcoholic washed up country singer a lot more interesting. All these new pheromones… must be something in the air which folks like Jake Gyllenhaal and Camilla Belle seem to be catching too. Now we just need to bump into Ian Somerhalder at one of these things and let the award show magic do its thing.

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Jake Gyllenhaal’s Belle Du Jour—Camilla, That Is


This freshly single dude’s getting bizz-ay. Newly split from Taylor SwiftJake Gyllenhaal apparently set his sights on Camilla Belle on Saturday night at the Art of  Elysium “Heaven” Gala held at the California Science Center in L.A. He likes them young, huh? Someone should tell him both Taylor and Camille are Joe Jonas‘ sloppy seconds!

RadarOnline found a source who witnessed them hitting it off. They said, “They hung out together the entire night. They were talking intimately, and laughing.  There really seemed to be chemistry, a connection.” It’s not rocket science, guys. Two people that hot? Put them on a table and bang… and by that we mean. erm, bang. We’re trying not to get crass. For all we know, we’re going to see them go apple picking or something next weekend.

We don’t what else came out of this smoldering gala time other than them supposedly flirting all night. All we know is that Jake got game. The benefit and Camilla were on Saturday night. And we all know that Sunday was Golden Globes night where Jake brought Jenny Lewis. A different girl for every night? We need Taylor to step up her game and appear with some super buff, Tay L-Shirtless Wolf type character, stat.

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Is Blake Lively Flirting With Leonardo DiCaprio?

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio

Hey, Blake Lively‘s just a friendly girl! Hot off the hub-bub that Blake and Ryan Reynolds got close on the Green Lantern set, and that she cuddled with Ryan Gosling at the Blue Valentine premiere, Page Six now says the Gossip Girl star spent quality time with Leonardo DiCaprio at Jeremy Renner‘s birthday bash last week. “They were on the balcony together for an hour,” says their source. “They were standing close in a corner and looked like there was a lot of flirting. Later, they were together again by the bar.”

Speaking of bars, didn’t Leo spend New Year’s in Hawaii with girlfriend Bar Rafaeli? They certainly looked happy paddle surfing, so we doubt those two are on the outs—plus Leo left the party with bro Kevin Connolly, not Blake. But if he does decide to spend more time with the aspiring movie star, we are soooo going with “Leovely” as their nickname. Gosling, Reynolds, DiCaprio…Penn Badgley must feel like training wheels right now.

See photos of the purple blossom dress Lively wore to the 2011 National Board Of Review gala in the gallery below.

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John Mellencamp And Meg Ryan Go Public

John Mellencamp & Meg Ryan

Now that everyone knows Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are an item, there’s no reason for them to pretend otherwise. Taking a break from their usual grocery store trips together (aw), the 59-year-old rocker and his 49-year-old date passed paparazzi on the way to the Whitney Museum of Art yesterday, with the pair laughing—and still wearing their sunglasses—in the lobby. Judging from John’s touchy-feely body language, this is one pairing that won’t Swyllenhaal brief.

See photos of John and Ry-an, two American stars catching an exhibit of Karthik Pandian, in the gallery blow.

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