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Are Amanda Seyfried And Ryan Phillippe The Newest Couple On The Downlow?

Shopping companions Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried are taking their loving across the border, possibly looking for some privacy (they’re not getting it, clearly). Apparently Ryan and Amanda were in Mexico together, spotted enjoying a romantic dinner in Tulum. An inquisitive source reveals, “They were kissing all throughout dinner. It was a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant.”  Sounds like a new(ish) couple to us!

Are they-aren’t they about these two started on Halloween last year. They were both at a costume party at Kate Hudson‘s and Seyfried was seen leaving Phillipe’s house the following day. When asked what the deal was, she mysteriously replied, “You never know!” Not much mystery about what’s going on there! Ryan’s done good post Reese Witherspoon!

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Eva Longoria Spotted With Penelope Cruz’s Brother

Lot’s of ex-couples are finding quick solace in new partners after getting divorced. John Mellancamp and Meg Ryan for one, or the apparent “friendship” between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Supposedly, the latest newly-single celebrity to join this camp is Eva Longoria post her split with Tony Parker. And the person allegedly ushering in this period of contentment for Eva is Penelope Cruz‘s younger brother Eduardo Cruz.

The story is that the Desperate Housewives actress was looking quite comfortable, dressed in a short white robe and walking around barefoot in her garage on Christmas Eve. Sounds like nothing, right? But the kicker is that she was soon followed by Eduardo, in the same state of undress. A source revealed to OK!, “He’s there at least three nights out of every four—he turns up and he leaves the next morning. They are trying desperately to stay beneath the radar.” Longoria’s rep responded “Eva and Eduardo are friends,” but her neighbors were a lot more verbose, saying Eva’s been hanging out a fair amount with Eduardo (who is a Spanish pop singer). Doesn’t sound like “just friends” to us. And what’s up with the whole two degrees of separation in celebrity-land? Something you want to respond to, Eva?


Report: Meg Ryan And John Mellencamp Are Dating

John Mellencamp & Meg Ryan

Looks like John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan aren’t “just friends” after all. People reports that the pair have been dating for almost two months, recently being spotted in Martha’s Vineyard and NYC. “She usually comes in by herself or with her daughter,” said a witness who spotted Ryan grocery shopping with Johnny Cougar. “I thought that was her husband because they seemed for comfortable and familiar with each other, just like an old married couple.”

Actually, Ryan hasn’t been tied down since splitting with Dennis Quaid in 2001, but John just split with wife Elaine Irwin Mellencamp after nearly 20 years of marriage. People’s sources claim that the Mellencamps were secretly separated for months before things got serious with Meg. We’re inclined to believe it, as it’s hard to imagine one would trade their banging hot model wife/mother-of-your-children for Meg Ryan in 2010. No, Meg Ryan is what you go for after you become a short, single 59-year-old with a pompadour.

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Newest Random (Apparent) Hook-Up: Rumer Willis And Zac Efron


This is a rumor that makes us arch an eyebrow, unlike the one about Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock that makes us want to bounce around on pogo sticks. Like the alleged “quality time” BullRey have been spending together, Zac Efron and Rumer Willis apparently, have been enjoying much of the same.

The newly single Zefron is on vacay, for some strange reason, with Rumer’s whole family in Turks & Caicos. They’re all holed up at The Parrot island Resort where Zac and Rumer rang in the New Year a deux looking, as a source revealed, “extremely cozy”. Of course they’re going to look “cozy”. Vacation pheromones are the the most potent kind! Plus it’s probably all simpatico there what with Zac and Ashton Kutcher basically being the same age!

But if this is going to turn out to be more than just a holiday hook-up, then Rumer has stiff competition from Zac’s ex of like, a billion years in Hollywood-time, Vanessa Hudgens. A source has totally nixed the possibility of the holidaying hotties getting together because of Baby V’s loving ex-but-not-quite clutches. “They speak every single day… they wanted some free time, but they’ll get back together”, predicted the source. Spoilsport.

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Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried Get Close, Hope We’re Watching

According to E! Online, “friends” Amanda Seyfried & Ryan Phillippe “both are surprised they haven’t been caught by the paparazzi” on one of their recent (romantic?) rendezvous. Well forgive us if we don’t chase supporting actors from MacGruber around night and day! Anyway, Amanda & Ryan were finally caught together shopping in LA Tuesday. “He was in a baseball cap and she had on a big jacket. They seemed to want to keep a super low profile but looked comfortable around each other.” Wait, they were Christmas shopping together but didn’t look annoyed? Obviously, they’re not really a couple yet.

“I’m not sure if they are exclusive, but I know he likes her a lot,” says E!’s source, who should also be aware that Ryan Phillippe likes all young blondes a lot. The pair were also spotted smooching over dinner recently—maybe they can double date with Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift! We can just see all four of them walking hand in hand, back and forth in front of Reese Witherspoon‘s house.


Are Amanda Seyfried And Ryan Phillippe An Item?

When one relationship falters, another springs up in its place, that’s the Hollywood way. So while we were sad to hear that Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper broke up last summer, we knew that neither of them would be long for the single life.

Seyfried seems to have moved on this Halloween, though. She was seen going home with Ryan Phillippe this weekend after they both attended a costume party thrown by Kate Hudson. Seyfried, who was dressed as a dog, tried to conceal her identity as they drove off, but was seen leaving Phillippe’s home the next day and when asked if they were an item, she replied “You never know!”

The former Mr. Reese Witherspoon certainly has a thing for super-successful blondes, huh?

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Is Robert Pattinson BFF Tom Sturridge Dating Carey Mulligan? (We Hope So!)


If you’ve seen Robert Pattinson (photos), you’ve seen Tom Sturridge. The BFFs are attached at their bony Brit hips, but now there might be a reason for the pair to explore some time apart. Tom was spotted leaving Carey Mulligan‘s Best Western home away from home in Los Angeles with the actress (photo above) and wise web sleuths have noticed that they’ve already shared a t-shirt (taking one from the Robsten Secret Relationship Handbook, how cute!). So does this mean they’re actually an item?

According to Lainey Gossip, Carey’s ex Shia LeBeouf has moved on with another girl and is dragging her to papparazzi haunts to make Carey jealous. Carey, on the other hand, is desperate to get out of LA and back to London (can’t say we blame her) and has been spotted hanging out with Tom (er, TomStu) recently. No doubt his accent helps to cure her homesickness, and his cheekbones and bizarrely adorable fashion sense can’t hurt either! But it’s still unclear if they’re shacking up or just hanging out as friends.

It’s no secret we adore Tom – his weird hiking boots, the way he lurks around while Rob and Kristen make out – and he’s a talented dude to boot. Plus he and Carey kinda make the perfect alt-Brit couple, indie darlings with delicate features and precious smiles. Please let this relationship actually make it to the not-so-secretly-dating phase!

Because we’re a glutton for Tom, check out some pics of the Brit below. And tell us what you think of this new pairing – are they or aren’t they a couple? Is Tom an upgrade from Shia? Are Kristen and Carey destined to be BFFs?

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Did Taylor And John Run Into Each Other At The SNL After-Party?

Call it the most perfect PR stunt for Taylor Swift’s (see her hottest outfits) new album, Speak Now. The singer, who is performing live tonight on Vh1.com, was apparently at the Saturday Night Live after-party this weekend on the arm of doe-eyed hunk Jake Gyllenhaal. According to Lainey Gossip, Taylor and Jake showed up together and awkwardly flirted and held hands. What’s more, Taylor introduced Jake to people as “her date,” and they – duh duh duh -  left together. While we haven’t seen photos of the new pair together, it’s entirely plausible this went down. Tay is in town for her performance tonight (and she’s also tight with this weekend’s SNL host Emma Stone) and Jakey is here promoting his new movie, Love and Other Drugs. We love that sweet, sweet circumstantial evidence!

But what makes this story wonderfully scandalous and awkward is that John Mayer was at the same party on Saturday (see pic of him arriving, above). We’ve now listened to Taylor’s song “Dear John” 10+ times, and it’s a pretty scathing take-down of the 32-year-old horndog. Did Taylor have an uncomfortable run-in with her “expert at sorry”? Did Jake protectively fend off Mayer and his hockey hair from his new woman? Or did they all just peacefully co-exist in the same room like mature adults?

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5 Possible Scenarios Behind Taylor Swift’s (Alleged) Song To John Mayer


Yes, we’ve heard about Taylor Swift‘s new song “Dear John,” read the lyrics and devoured web coverage of the sappy, whiny heartbreak jam. The song title and lyrics, combined with this quote in which Taylor describes the targets of her new songs as “very clear,” has lead the world to believe that “Dear John” is indeed about Mr. Sexual Napalm himself. Here’s part of the “Dear John” chorus for you to ponder:

“Dear John
I see it all now that you’re gone
Don’t you think I was too young
To be messed with
The girl in the dress
Cried the whole way home
I should’ve known.

It was wrong
Don’t you think nineteen’s too young
To be played
By your dark, twisted games
When I loved you so.

My mother accused me of losing my mind
But I swore I was fine
You’ll add my name to your long list of traitors
Who don’t understand
And I’ll look back in regret
I ignored what they said ‘Run as fast as you can.”

But we don’t want to jump to conclusions and point fingers at Mayer without exploring other possible scenarios behind Taylor’s latest lovesick song. Let’s review some other options, shall we?

1. John, 32,  performed the booty call version of a dine and ditch on 19-year-old Taylor and she wrote a song calling him out on it.
What this means: John is gross for banging a kid 13 years his junior, Taylor is gross for banging a guy gross enough to bang a girl 13 years his junior, Mama Swift was aware of the whole thing.
Clues: The song title, rumors the pair got a little too close last spring, and the fact that TSwift’s songs are painfully literal. (She has a song on her new album called “Mean,” about…someone who was mean to her. Genius.)

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No Romance With 50 Cent, Tweets Chelsea Handler (But We Don’t Believe Her)

Is there really a romance brewing between Chelsea Handler and 50 cent? No go, is what Chelsea is saying. She clarified over Twitter, writing, “Everyone, calm down. I met with mr. Cent about a potential project. There’s nothing to report yet, ill let you know if there is.”

The latter half of that sentence intrigues us. Because it’s not a flat out denial. The fact that she said “…yet” and “ill [sic] let you know if there is’ indicated that there’s a door left open just a tad. And considering 50’s tweeting up a storm about her, it’s likely that he wants to go in swingin’. So halfway-deny all you want Chelsea. Our spidey-sense is tingling! We’re onto you!

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