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Josh Hutcherson Buys Heath Ledger’s Former Home, Joins The Ranks Of Teen Stars With Awesome Cribs

Josh Hutcherson buys Heath Ledger's former house

It’s gotta be nice to be a teenage celebrity. If your parents tell you to turn your music down, just go out and buy your own house! Yes, while the rest of us were worrying about cleaning our rooms, these fresh faced actors and actresses are splurging on pads of their very own. Hunger Games hero Josh Hutcherson just shelled out some serious bucks to own the Hollywood Hills “tree house” once owned by the late great Heath Ledger. The 1,861 mansion set him back $2.995 million and boasts 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an outdoor theater nestled in the sycamore trees!

Of course, the 19-year-old isn’t the only teenage multimillionaire that’s got a crib of his own. Justin Bieber just recently spent over $6 million on a massive estate on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Country-pop princess Taylor Swift also has a swanky Beverly Hills home to her name, as do former Disney stars Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Head down to the gallery below to see more incredible homes of teenage stars. As if you needed another reason to be jealous of these guys…

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Hilary Duff Marvels At Husband’s Giant Butt


While Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie might be busy packing up their house for a big move,  the only junk that has Hil’s attention is that which is in her husband’s trunk. Says Duff, “I bought him a bunch of clothes for his birthday and I was like, ‘this is your size? It’s huge!’ But I don’t know. Maybe it’s because he has a big butt because he’s a hockey player.” We’d never heard the stereotype that hockey players have to wear Applebottom jeans (with the boots with the fur), but what do we know? We ain’t buying pants for any professional athletes.

Laughed Hilary, “Right now we have two separate closets, and mine is significantly bigger than his, but he needs a lot of space too! He has a lot of suits and his jeans are huge.” WE GET IT, Hilary.  As his wife cannot emphasize enough, Mike Comrie’s buttocks is simply enormous. His booty is so gigantic, in fact, that his jeans take up thrice the size of a normal man’s pants. Just throw some more junk in that trunk, they wouldn’t even have to pay for movers.

“It’s funny, now we’re moving into a smaller house and we’re going to have to downsize in a big way. It’s scary, I don’t know how I’m going to part with my things,” says Duff. Based on Hil’s little clues, we’re 98% sure Mike’s cavernous jeans were so mammoth they actually took over the Comrie-Duff household and forced the couple to take shelter in neighboring tool shed. Why else would a celebrity move into a smaller home? We mean, that’s the only plausible reason we can think of. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Celine Dion’s New Pool Is Actually A Water Park


Every kid has a friend with a pool. That friend inevitably seems more rich, exotic and cool, all because his parents chose to install a giant cement hole in their backyard. Celine Dion‘s son Rene Charles and the upcoming twins she plans to birth are going to put all other pool-owning kids to shame though, because Dion has built the world’s most insane backyard water park we’ve ever seen.

The home, on Jupiter Island in Florida, reportedly cost $20 million, and the construction on the pools has only recently been completed. It took a while because of the two pools, two water slides and lazy river that needed  to be built. A lazy river. In her yard, people.  Dion reportedly had to build six wells on her property to keep the 500,000 gallon pools full of fresh water and reportedly caused a drought on the island, which angered neighbors in the posh community (neighbors which include Tiger Woods, who is totally fantasizing about using the giant pool to reenact that Showgirls sex scene). Environmental concerns and bad economy be-damned, Celine is going to go tubing in her own backyard, dammit. For pictures, check out The Daily Mail‘s full spread of the water world.

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ScarJo and Ryan Reynolds Buy Louisiana Farmhouse


Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds have remained seriously low-key about their marriage (can you believe they have been married for two years now?). Aside from the occasional trip to the gym together, they’re rarely seen in public, and in keeping with their low profiles, they just bought a house in Louisiana, about two thousand miles from the lights of Hollywood.

The couple were down south for a visit recently to survey the damage from the oil spill in the Gulf and snapped up a farm house with a separate barn and plan to outfit the home with all sorts of eco-friendly accessories. The couple moved to New York earlier in the year so Scarlett could take a role on Broadway, but now it looks like they’ll split their time between the Big Apple and the Big Easy. Maybe Ryan got the idea to move down south from his co-star in The ProposalSandra Bullock, who recently moved to New Orleans herself. For a glimpse of the new home, check out the pictures below.

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Miley Cyrus’ New Home Is An Oasis Of Zen Calm, Y’all!


Poor Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus – try as they might to keep daughter Miley under their thumb for as long as possible, she decided it was time to move out and get her own place. Commence the aching and breaking of their hearts NOW.

Miley tells People that even though her mother wanted her to live at home until she turned 20, she convinced her otherwise. “I’m actually buying a placem” she says. “I haven’t moved in yet. I’m still reconstructing and stuff.” Her mom is on board with the new pad though and plans to help decorate, she explains. “My mom’s an interior designer so my house is going to be perfect all the time.”

At seventeen we had some interesting (i.e. embarrassing) ideas about what was cool, and it turns out that Miley is no different – like us, she’s a hippie who leans toward a Pier 1 aesthetic. “We did all these different things to make it a place that’s so chill, like all my couches are on the floor and I have pillows on the floor. It’s just serene – like my own kind of therapy.” Or, you know, like the  lobby of a yoga studio.

Then she revealed the secret meaning behind all these low-to-the-ground furnishings that we never understood before, divulging that, “my religion is love, so my door is always open for anyone who wants to come in.” Except for pregnant ladies and old people who have trouble getting up out of their chairs even when they’re at a normal height – your religion excludes them.

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Kate Winslet Wants To “Escape” Her $6M Apartment


So you’ve just announced that you’re getting a divorce, the reasonable thing to do is divvy up your belongings and kids and, per usual, make your husband look for a bachelor pad not too far away so he can see the children on weekends and every other Martin Luther King Day. Kate Winslet, however, is not keen to keep the family home she and hubby Sam Mendes shared for five years.

A source told Page Six that Winslet can’t wait to leave the $6 million triplex located in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood fast enough. “Kate really wants to leave the apartment. She sees it as a house of horrors because of the fights she and Sam had there. She feels it is tainted,” the source said. Well, if no one is currently occupying the horrific-sounding manse, we will gladly volunteer to stay there until its aura is cleansed and a new owner is found. Both Winslet and Mendes are currently living and working in New York, which means she’s probably going to be calling on a Man With A Van pretty soon to help her schlep her literal and metaphorical baggage to a new pad. [Photo: Getty Images]