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From Emme Anthony To Willow Smith: We Look Back On The 30 Best Dressed Celeb Kids Of 2012

We know that all celeb kids are cute. Obviously. We have eyes with which to see. It’s just that some celeb kids have a preternaturally developed sense of style, while the rest of us are wearing old soccer t-shirts with grape juice stains. As adults. So while we are more than happy to squee over the most shabbily dressed bundle of joy, we’d like to give props to the Best of 2012 celeb kids and babies, from Moroccan Scott Cannon to Suri Cruise, who will be dictating what America will be wearing in five to ten years. Or right now. We already feel compelled to wear short pants, bow ties and pull-ups. Don’t tell us we can’t because we already stopped listening!

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Stick with MTV as we count down the Best of 2012, including the Best Songs of 2012, Live Performances, Movies and EDM Videos of the year.

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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter Maddie Channels Early Brit: It’s Like Looking In An Adorable Mirror

Well, squee. We’re never going to not like a little kid dressed up as a celebrity, and it’s certainly no different if the kid is actually related to the famous person in question. “Guess who Maddie want to for Celebrity Day at school #HomecomingWeek,” Jamie Lynn Spears tweeted today, along with a photo of her teeny daughter shuffling off to class in Britney‘s “Baby One More Time” uniform. Based on the thousands of times we saw it in 1999, we can confirm that Maddie’s hair game is particularly dead-on. God bless Claire’s, or whatever store at the mall still has baby pink marabou hair ties! In some small way, they’re helping keep BritBrit’s legacy alive for the next generation.

In case you don’t already follow her, Jamie Lynn’s Instagram keeps a reliable stream of cuteness coming, from vacation time pics to cuddling pets. Speaking of cute, we actually just checked the “Baby One More Time” video again and realized that Maddy’s outfit is demonstrably cuter than the original. Why was everyone wearing giant Frankenstein loafers with huge square heels in the late ’90s? And the burgundy lipstick? No human of any age, in any era, should wear so much lip liner. 

[Photo: Jamie Lynn Spears’ Instagram]

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Suri Cruise Skips Around Talking On Her Tricked-Out Phone, Normal Six-Year-Old Stuff

Suri Cruise Talks On Cellphone In New York

Phone friend: Suri!

Suri Cruise: Oh, hai gurl!

Phone friend: Where you be?

Suri: Mom and I were bored so we just spent a gazillion dollars on Fifth Ave.

Phone friend: Paps?

Suri: You know it.

Phone friend: Outfit?

Suri: Lanvin and Loubs. But I didn’t feel like my heels today.

Phone friend: Hair?

Suri: Ponytail. Low. Pigtails are so kindergarten.

Suri Cruise Talks On Cellphone In New York

Suri: Mom’s so embarrassing. She’s wearing a poncho. And it’s not even Missoni.

Phone friend: NO!

Suri: Why am I even talking on this phone? Where my new iPhone 5? I’m SIX, people. It’s not like I’m getting any younger.

Phone friend: Nooooo way … you look fantaaastic. SO amazi …

Suri: I’m over this. Later.

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The Beckhams Take Over Fashion Week, Little Harper Is The Breakout Star

David, Harper, Victoria Beckam At Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham‘s Spring Summer 2012 show at New York Fashion Week yesterday is a bona fide hit and pulling in rave reviews. She actually burst into emotional, but happy tears while taking a bow and backstage! Elle U.K. wrote, “After eight years building a small dress collection into an internationally significant brand, Victoria Beckham has a self-confidence that allowed her to move the signature aesthetic sharply on. There were flat shoes (conceived with the help of Manolo Blahnik, no less). There were men’s shoes! Hell, there [were] even trousers! But most of all, there was a sense of quiet assurance …” Harper’s Bazaar added, “It is clear Victoria Beckham understands what a woman wants but with this collection she is sure to gain new admirers.” The Los Angeles Times gushed, “A knockout. Beckham’s collection is really evolving, and it’s been impressive to watch her designing things that you wouldn’t necessarily imagine her wearing. The brand isn’t just about Beckham anymore, it’s about her customer.”

She must be over the moon. But even with all the hype surrounding her show, we think that all the fabulous clothes were overshadowed by her famous husband, David Beckham, and daughter, Harper Seven. OK, not overshadowed, per se, but you have to admit that David looks like magicsauce holding their gorgeous baby girl. The photos above were taking as the family headed to Balthazar to have a meal after the show. But the photograph after the jump may be the single most fabulous picture to emerge out of the whole of Fashion Week. It was tweeted by Victoria, and is basically, Harper walking down the runway before the show. Werk it, Harper! Read more…

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In Case You Don’t “Get” Jennifer Lopez’s Boyfriend Casper Smart, These Pool Photos Should Explain It

Jennifer Lopez's Boyfriend Casper Smart Plays With Her Kids

If you thought that Casper Smart was Jennifer Lopez‘s hot, jacked 20-something dancer rebound following her split from Marc Anthony…well, okay, you’re probably right. But Casper isn’t just a hot, jacked 20-something rebound; he’s also so cute with JLo’s kids, we want to die. The couple was spotted hanging out by the pool at the SLS in Miami Beach yesterday with Jen’s twins. Between Casper’s abs and playing pool games with Emme and Max, we’re surprised Lopez didn’t drop to one knee and propose right then and there. Actually…we sort of want to propose to him now, too. Sure, we don’t have a ring and, yes, we’d just be talking to a computer screen, but explain to us how anyone can look at this adorableness and not squee out loud. We’re approaching Flipper-levels of squeeing over here.

Jennifer Lopez Bikinis With Casper Smart

Seeing as how she’s already busy touring with Enrique Iglesias, as well as working with Anthony on their singing competition show, we understand now why Jen would drop American Idol to fit more of this beauty in her life. Who knew a few photos would give us a completely new level of comprehension about JLo’s decision-making process?

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Important Style Lessons Learned From Zahara Jolie-Pitt, Harper Beckham And Other Celeb Kids

Celeb Kids Fashion

Sometimes it’s easy to get in a fashion rut. We can’t be the only ones who open our closets and want to dump everything down the garbage shut, right? Luckily there is one source of constant style inspiration, and that, of course, is celeb kids. From queen Suri to Harper Beckham, Zahara Jolie-Pitt to Ava Jackson, the lessons offered by famous offspring can help energize your excitement for fashion again. Click through our gallery for the important tips these miniature style icons have to offer. We’ll give you one right now: comfortable shoes can be cute too! Especially if they’re made out of cloth and you have a giant person constantly carrying you around so they never touch the ground. Who wouldn’t want to have that look?

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Jennifer Hudson Before And After Getting Glammed Up On Smash Set

Jennifer With And Without Makeup On Smash Set

Jennifer Hudson was filming scenes with Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty on the Smash set in New York yesterday. And geez, did she stand out. Her wardrobe consisted off a hot pink mindress, edgy jacket and studded flats (which we now covet) but it was her face that garnered all the attention. Jennifer, on the left, came on set without any makeup on and didn’t care that there were cameras around. Not that she needs to because the woman’s skin is absolutely flawless. Was there any base on her because it’s ridiculously smooth? Her no-makeup look was soon transformed as she got ready for her shot and bam — glamazon! Big hair, defined eyes and glossy pink lips. We’d like a professional artist with us at all times too, thank you very much. But here’s the thing — now that we’ve seen the before and after shots of J.Hud, we’re totally loving the bare-faced version. If we saw her like that (with less messy, transition hair) in that dress and with those shoes, we’d still do a double-take because she looks awesome. Jennifer was also joined on set by her adorable little son David Otunga Jr. She also proceeded to change into a super glamorous black sequined dress afterwards. Click after the jump to see the shots! Read more…

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Vivienne Jolie-Pitt Makes Her Acting Debut With Mom, Angelina Jolie, In Maleficent

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt Acting In Maleficent With Mom Angelina

By now, we all know that Angelina Jolie is going to look wickedly awesome in Maleficent, as both promotional shots of her in character and on-set pictures have been released. The live-action film is going to tell the story of Sleeping Beauty’s villain, Maleficent, portrayed by Angelina. But we’re wondering if she’s going to be overshadowed by another famous face in the film? Her 4-year-old daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, is making her acting debut in the film, under the watchful eye of her mom. Little Viv’s playing the kid version of Princess Aurora, who grows up to be Elle Fanning in the movie.  We can’t wait to see that angelic face in action! Angie’s kids have visited her on the Maleficent set, but we didn’t know that one of them was actually going to be involved in the film. But it was kind of hilarious to see Angelina, in full costume with those huge horns, toting around her kids on her hip. We wonder how big Vivienne’s role of going to be in the film, but with that adorable mug, we know she’s going to make a big impression even if she’s got a small part.

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Angelina Jolie Looks Wicked Good On The Set Of Maleficent
Angelina Jolie’s Kids Pay Her A Visit On The Maleficent Set

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Suri Cruise, Zuma Rossdale Other Celeb Kids Show Us How They Spent Their Summer Vacation

Henry Samuel, Suri Cruise, Zuma Rossdale on vacation

We’re guessing “summer vacation” means something different when mom and dad can whip you off to St. Tropez or Maui any time of year, but it still means something for celebrity kids, judging from the fun pics we’ve seen. School’s out, mom and dad take you to the park, the beach, the yacht, the private jet, and you get to play all you want. For some little ones, like Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxwell or Hilary Duff’s son Luca, everything about summer must be new and fun, and the paparazzi don’t have anything on mom’s need to capture their every move. Jennifer Hudson’s and Gwen Stefani’s sons had to squeeze their fun in with their parents’ busy work schedules. Kids like Matilda Ledger and Sean Federline got to spend some quality time with their moms’ significant others. And we’re happy to see that even the children of newly split parents, like Suri Cruise, and Heidi Klum and Seal’s brood, were able to enjoy some carefree moments in the sun.

One thing’s for certain: Whatever these famous offspring were doing for the past three months, it was way more fabulous than our own summer pastimes. See for yourself…

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Kingston Rossdale Explores His Punk Rocker Roots … Again!

Kingston Rossdale With Blue Hair At JFK Airport

We’ve said this time and time again, but we’ll say it one more time — Kingston Rossdale is way cool for school. And he’s just six years old. We’ve seen him suit up in a natty blazer and tee-shirt combination on Easter Hunts. We’ve seen him rock face paint. We’ve seen him look absolutely adorable in a bowtie and coat for Thanksgiving with his grandparents. While his whole outfit would have looked preppy on anyone else, Kingston made it look hipster, but not annoyingly so! And while we’re on this subject, how can we forget his crazy, awesome blue mohawk? Really, he’s six. We’re not kidding about that. Blue also seems to be his favorite shade. He was spotted headed into JFK with his mom, Gwen Stefani, yesterday, where they were most likely to be jetting off to some place cool. No Doubt, about that. See what we did there? Anywho, while mamma Gwen looked as effortlessly fabulous as ever, all eyes were on Kingston thanks to his blue hair! Yep, it’s back. Not a mohawk this time, but it’s there all right. Don’t miss the complementing pirate shirt, either. And the smiley face fake tattoo on his arm. And the red pants. And the blue sneakers. And this is our point — we want to start calling him Kingston Rock-dale now.

Also, is that nailpaint he has on? Yep, that looks like black nail polish.  Read more…