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Jennifer Lopez’s Former Driver Takes Her To Court, Sues Her For Unspecified Damages

Jennifer Lopez Sued By Ex-Driver

Jennifer Lopez is being taken to court by one of her ex-employees, for alleged wrongs perpetrated by her manager Benny Medina. The singer’s former driver, Hakob Manoukian, claims that he started working for her and then husband, Marc Anthony back in 2005 and that he was so genius at his job, and got on so well with the couple, that they asked Manoukian to become J.Lo’s Head of Security and Transportation. This meant closing down his own company so he could join her team, of course. The lawsuit also claims that Jennifer and he came to an agreement that his remuneration would hit an excess of $200,000 annually, so it was a big bump up.

So where does Benny Medina fit into this picture? Everywhere, apparently. Manoukian claims that Medina humiliated him all through the time J.Lo was filming What To Expect When You’re Expecting, as the manager and ex-driver ended up spending time together on the job. Medina claims that the man is just a “disgruntled employee who chose to quit,” but Manoukian has more serious allegations. He claims that the manager hated him as he was born in Iraq and made his life hell by yelling at him constantly and made fun of him in front of people and otherwise about the way he dressed.

To add insult to injury, the lawsuit states that Medina was directly responsible for the loss of Hakob’s promotion by making Jennifer take away his security responsibilities According to Hakob, he went back to square one of being just a driver, because of Medina’s interference and now he wants payback. No, seriously. He wants them to pay him back, hence he’s suing for unspecified damages! We don’t get how he can sue Jennifer from any of the stuff allegedly done by Medina, though? Shouldn’t he be suing Medina for that?

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Pauly D Sued For A Piece Of Those Jersey Shore Millions

We always suspected Pauly D was doing alright for himself, what with the 50 Cent and Britney Spears collabos. And that’s not even considering the monies he made beating up the beat for his spin-off The Pauly D Project. In case you were wondering exactly how much the Jersey Shore star is pulling in, however, a new lawsuit brought by his former management company claims it is, to put it bluntly, a buttload. According to the complaint filed by ICM, the talent agency allegedly helped Pauly wrangle $100,000 an episode for Season Four, in addition to a “$200,000 ‘thank you’ bonus.” For Season 5, he earned $150,000 per episode and a $400,000 signing bonus. Hey, remember when Pauly and Vinny spent an entire episode moving patio furniture into the living room  as a practical joke? Yeah, we need to go lie down for a minute before we finish this post.

As the result of the deals it finagled for him, ICM claims Pauly owes them $370,000 for the dough he’s already raked in, as well as “a minimum of $210,000” from the next season.“We are surprised by ICM’s contention that it is due commissions after ICM was terminated in favor of William Morris Endeavor,” the reality star’s lawyer Hilary Hughes said in a statement today. “ICM was paid for its services.” If not, it ain’t no thing: Pauly D is allegedly signed on for Season 6…at $175,000 an episode. So why would the cast ever leave this show? With salaries like this, we expect to see Snooki‘s baby graduate from med school on TV. On a related note, do they have a med school in the back of that t-shirt shop?

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JWoww Sued By Landlord Over Jersey Shore Filming

Snooki has been getting all the attention lately, what with her “ShortnTan” baby on the way and her newly announced engagement to juice-up gorilla boyfriend Jionni LaValle confirmed. So we wanted to take a minute and check in with JWoww, just so she knows we still love and appreciate her. What’s that, Jenni? You’re getting sued by your landlord? Well, ummmm, we guess that’s kind of like a baby? In as much as it will keep you up all night and eat all your money? Sorry. We are the worst.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, homeowner Stuart Levin filed a lawsuit Monday in New York Supreme Court claiming the property he leased to the Jersey Shore star in 2008 was filmed on more than five occasions for the show. Hmmm, could Jenni’s daring rescue of her two tiny dogs in season three have been one of those occasions? We’re so thankful JWoww and Snooki have moved on to their own spin-off in Jersey City, where they can to call ahead and have places like Bambi Baby prepared for their shooting pleasure. Levin is reportedly suing for a whopping $450,000 for unauthorized use of his property. Because really, who would have thought to put “no filming the greatest reality show of all time” on the lease? Besides us?

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The Situation Sued For Ripping Off Serious Pimp

News that The Situation defrauded an actual pimp would be a surprise to absolutely no one. Even rumors that a pimp had somehow taken him to court would result in only a single raised eyebrow. That being said, try to keep your jaw from dropping and your monocle from falling in your martini glass when we tell you the Jersey Shore star is currently being sued by Serious Pimp, an actual men’s clothing line. Did he do it just so we could write that amazing headline? The world may never know.

In all seriousness (or, like, some seriousness), The Sitch, or Mike Sorrentino as his parents might still call him, was hit with a lawsuit today by the company, who claims they paid the reality star $25,000 to promote their t-shirt line on the show, Twitter and Facebook. Allegedly neither the Situation nor his brother, also part of the suit, made good on the deal. Wait one minute…are we to believe that The Situation hasn’t tweeted, said or otherwise conveyed the phrase “serious pimp” at least 12 times a day for the past 2 years? Even accidentally? Either way, this lawsuit is shaping up way better than when The Situation filed a suit against Abercrombie & Fitch…or his own dad.

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Jay-Z Sued Over Workers Comp

Rumors are swirling that Beyonce’s due date might be upon us, though no official confirmation has been made. In the mean time, Jay-Z probably has his hands full with the brand new lawsuit that the stork delivered him this week. Awww! It’s so cute! Look at it’s chubby little torts!

According to TMZ, Hov is being sued by the Workers Compensation Board of New York after he failed to pony up for the insurance to cover his employees for three months back in 2009. Jay-Z owes $18,000 in fines, though his camp insists the fines are the result of a clerical error. Considering $18,000 is the exact amount Hov has already tucked into the pockets of their diaper bag (we’re assuming), it won’t be hard for him to get right with the law either way. Oh, and speaking of labor laws … is Beyonce giving birth yet? Seriously, we need some kind of tweet, a little sky writing, anything. Just let us know! Everything we write will be tinged with baby-related longing until we do!

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Lady Gaga’s Ex-Assistant Sues For $380,000 In Unpaid Wages

Lady Gaga, we expect more from an enigmatic pop superstar like yourself. Sure, carry the Elephant Man’s bones in a canvas tote or rent out a pyramid sarcophagus in New Orleans if you want, but mistreating your workers? That seems bizarrely out of character, so we hope this latest allegation is untrue. According to CNN, however, Lady Gaga‘s ex-assistant Jennifer O’Neill is currently suing the diva for almost $380,000, payment for the whopping 7,168 hours of unpaid overtime O’Neill claims to have accumulated in 2009 and 2010. You know wig-related tasks alone could have easily add up to 500 hours. Shouldn’t quality weave wrangling be justly rewarded?

According to the lawsuit she filed December 14, O’Neill claims Monster Monster was, well, something of a goblin queen while on her Monster’s Ball tour, often requiring her assistant to work without breaks for meals or adequate sleep, as well as functioning as Gaga’s “personal alarm clock” and “ensuring the promptness of a towel following a shower.” Predictably, Gaga’s reps says O’Neill’s “lawsuit is completely without merit.” It had better be, Gaga. Don’t you know we’d wake you up with fresh hot towels for free? You would if you would just read any of our letters.

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Courtney Love Faces Eviction From New York Apartment

Courtney Love! What did you do to this place? Aw, you know we can’t stay mad at you; Courtney’s neighbors, on the other hand, probably can. According to Page Six, Love is currently being evicted from her West Village apartment “after she set it on fire and ‘ruined’ its decor,” among other things. According to Donna Lyon, the owner of Courtney’s building, the Hole front woman allegedly violated her lease by damaging her apartment, as well as owing more than $50,000 in rent. “I came to New York to see it and I was horrified by what [Love] had done,” Lyons added. “The walls that had been hand-painted and glazed were ruined, covered in damask wallpaper and ice-blue paint.” That’s what’s horrifying? The wallpaper? In that case, just wait to see what Courtney left in the linen closet. It’s unspeakable!

Of course, Courtney’s current dilemma is only the latest in a string of eyebrow-raising legal issues Love has run into this year. In May, Courtney was required to pay thousands of dollars in back pay to her maids, while in March the singer had to shell out $430,000 after settling a Twitter defamation case brought by designer Dawn Simorangkir. Love has a court date scheduled for December 21, but we’re sure she’ll charm her way out of this one like she always does. Oh wait, sorry: never. Like she never does.

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Tobey Maguire Settles Weird Underground Poker Lawsuit

Finding out that Tobey Maguire regularly rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars at underground A-list poker games is like finding out your soft-spoken gym teacher was a mafioso, or that the school nurse was an exotic animals smuggler. Kind of cool, but weirdly unexpected and, therefore, unsettling? Rather than go to court and potentially have more perturbingly cool secrets revealed, the Great Gatsby star decided to pony up $80,000 to settle a lawsuit over winnings he got from poker buddy/corrupt investor Brad Ruderman. Maguire won $311,000 off Ruderman during said awesome games; Ruderman’s clients now insist that their funds illegally made their way into the Spider-Man actor’s winnings. Tobey asserted as part of the settlement that he didn’t know about Ruderman’s financial dealings “or any other improper activity.” That being said, it all really makes you wonder what secrets lurk behind those sleepy, sleepy eyes. Seriously, the man was in Seabiscuit! It just doesn’t seem right!

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Matthew Fox Sues Party Bus Driver Over Crotch-Punching Accusations

Matthew Fox has officially boarded the party bus. Destination: justice! In what has officially become our favorite news story of the 2011, Lost star Matthew Fox is suing Heather Bormann, the driver of a Cleveland party bus, after she accused him of drunkenly assaulting her back in August. Bormann filed a lawsuit against the actor in September, which alleged, amongst other things, that Fox punched her in the crotch after being denied entrance to the bus she was operating. According to Fox’s suit, Bormann was the one who physically attacked him, and that her false allegations have lead to “public hatred, contempt, ridicule and shame.” As far as we can tell Fox has not denied drunkenly trying to board a party bus in Cleveland, Ohio, so we say keep that ridicule and shame coming!

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Taylor Swift Considers Lawsuit Over Fake Scandalous Picture

Taylor Swift? Leaked nude photographs? Say it isn’t so! It isn’t and she’s suing mad at anyone who says it is. TMZ reports that a site called Celebrity Jihad posted a photograph of a topless woman they claim to be Taylor captioning it with “Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked?” They were obviously trying to capitalize on the whole hacked celebrity nude picture phenomenon.

Taylor’s lawyers immediately sent a letter demanding they take the picture down, as it’s a case of wronged identity. Which, seriously, we just can’t imagine ladylike Taylor passing around pics of herself. Her team will sue for trademark infringement if it isn’t taken down.