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Courtney Love Sued

Was that $17,000 date with Adrien Brody worth it? Because following the random spending spree, Courtney Love is being sued by Jacob & Co, the blingiest jewelers to celebrities in New York. Courtney needs to stop throwing that cash around because the collectors are riding in on their piggy banks. Jacob & Co claim that the singer owes them close to $114,000 worth of borrowed jewelry. If we were Courtney, we would have hidden under a big rock—possibly the diamonds she was loaned—instead of flaggin down Brody. George Clooney, we’d understand. He’s worth going to jail for.

The jewelry in question includes two white gold and diamond chains, a white gold, floral-design mesh bracelet and a pair of white gold and diamond pave hoop earring. So far, the jewelers allege that only the bracelets came back. And here’s the kicker: it has supposedly been explained that Love lost everything else. We totally understand because we lose thousands of dollars worth of loot every day. Courtney’s bad is that she agreed to be responsible for all the pieces “regardless of loss or damage.”

And that was her undoing. Courtney responsible for anything? Bad idea.

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Bruno Gets Sacha Baron Cohen Into Trouble

Mike Skiff, an LA based cameraman, is suing Sacha Baron Cohen, best known as  Bruno, Borat and Ali G. The charges against new Dad Cohen and his production company are pretty serious, and include  assault and battery, violation of civil rights, and inciting a riot. Skiff is asking them to cough up $25,000 for all the alleged misdemeanors.

Apparently Skiff was out shooting a Prop 8 rally in LA, when Cohen’s filming at the same event supposedly led Skiff to become, “injured in his health,  strength, and activity, sustaining injury to his body and shock and injury to his nervous system and person, all of which injuries causes and continue to cause Plaintiff great physical, mental, and emotion pain and suffering.”

The confusing legal doc explains the mishap, stating, “In order to create dramatic content for it’s production, Bruno Productions’ intent was to promote violent discord between the assembled yes and no factions. In start contrast with the ‘ultra gay’ Bruno character, members of the crew of Bruno Productions carried ‘Yes On Proposition 8′ signs contrived for the sole purpose of inciting and sparking unrest to enhance the dramatic effect of what they may capture on film…”

Skiff also says that he’s gay and was in the process of trying to document an important moment in the community’s history when the Bruno team totally messed things up, and he believes that, “…Plaintiff sexual orientation was the very purpose of Bruno Productions perpetration of the violence and intimidation against Plaintiff: all for its own commercial benefit. Bruno Productions conduct was, inescapably, an egregious affront to the homosexual community, and a despicable example of discrimination, manifested by violence, intimidation and threats, perpetrated on Plaintiff.”

Ergo, pay up. Not the first time that Baron Cohen has been sued, so he should be used to it by now.

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Kat Von D Threatens To Sue Her Producers In Order To Protect Nikki Sixx’s Precious Feelings

Roll out the sterile gauze and get those antibiotics ready! Apparently Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D are slobbering all over each others’ tattoos again, and Kat’s so afraid of hurting her boo’s little baby bunny feelings that she has threatened to sue her show’s own producers if they showed footage of her insulting him. Because she was riding high on boner fumes during her brief but disgusting tryst with Jesse James (and because she is a paragon of elegance and poise) Kat took it upon herself to rip Nikki a new one while the cameras were rolling for her TLC show “Ink”. After abandoning Sandra Bullock’s sloppy seconds, Von D reportedly “freaked out” at the possibility that beloved would hear her smack-talking him on any upcoming episodes…and do what? Cry into his black velvet pillows? Write about it in his emotions journal? CALL HIS MOM?

Von D demanded any potentially offensive moments be edited out of the series, as well rejected a “Jesse vs. Nikki” plot line that seems designed to induce vomiting spice up the series. Wow, whatever Kat said must have been harsh if she thought Nikki would care that much. That or the man bruises like a peach…emotionally. We’ll probably have to wait for the DVD to see what she really had to say. Or we’ll just wait until they break-up again. Next week. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Busta Rhymes Back In Court For Battery And Assault

Way to control the angers issues! Not. Busta Rhymes is in trouble for allegedly throwing a glass of water at a woman called Devin Cooper at Mr Chows in Beverly Hills.

The lawsuit states that the rapper’s (real name: Trevor Smith) entourage started the bust-up. A woman seated with him started yelling at Ms. Cooper and her friend because they were apparently “too close to their table.”  Excuse you! And even though they did move, Devin and her friend allege that Busta’s lady pal didn’t stop making “loud and aggressive” comments. And when Cooper and Co. asked the woman to chill Busta apparently popped a vein and screamed, “That’s my sister, that’s my blood!”

He then supposedly got increasingly aggressive and threw a glass of water at Devin, which missed her by a hair’s breadth, leaving her “shocked and afraid for her safety.” The result, they relate, is that they bolted from the restaurant, but are now hitting back with claim for $25,000 for assault and battery.

What, say you, is the consensus? True or false? This isn’t the first time he’s being sued for losing his cool. Busta was sued by Roberto LeBron for allegedly spitting on his car and beating him up  in 2007. And lets not forget that he was also sued earlier that year for kicking his driver, Eddie Hatchett. The odds don’t look good!

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Diddy Sued: Mo Money Mo Problems

Diddy he or Diddyn’t he discriminate? That is the question, and it’s now up to the courts to decide, as P Diddy is being sued for $12 million by an ex Bad Boy label employee claiming discrimination.

As always there are two sides to the story. The law-suit happy side has Francesca Spero suing bad boy Sean Combs (Puffy, Puff, Diddy and whatever else we’ve missed) for firing her based on that fact that she was old and disabled.

She’s stating that she worked with the company from 1998 and was doing her job as a high-flying executive very well. Apparently she needed urgent hip surgery in 2008. Unfortunately she then “suffered a relapse” with prescription meds and alcohol addictions. She claims Diddy was “unsympathetic to her condition”  which led to him giving her the axe. And to add insult to injury she was the replaced by a much younger woman, who Spero claims “lacked the skill set and experience Spero brought to the position.”  Sour grapes, or serious stuff?

Diddy’s side has a spokesperson giving his view straight-up, stating, “This is a grab for money by someone who concedes in her complaint to having had a drug relapse while on the job and an employer who was not satisfied with her work.” Ouch. About the discrimination claims, it was added that, “There are many reasons why Ms. Spero is no longer employed by Bad Boy, but age discrimination is not one of them.”

Question is…which side do you believe?

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Taylor Lautner Sues Because He Didn’t Get A Fancy Trailer


Taylor Lautner is mad. Suing mad. ‘Cause when Tay-Tay asks for his trailer, you better deliver. We kid you not. Everyone’s favorite werewolf was scheduled to start filming a new movie and had, on the 1st of May, sealed a deal with a company called McMahon’s RV. They were supposed to deliver a fancy $300,000 2006 Affinity Country Coach RV to Taylor by June 21st because that’s when filming commenced and Tay needed a space to oil down his abs in private. (We kid.) We googled the mobile home, and lets just say that it is fancier than our apartment could ever hope to be.

Unfortunately, McMahon dropped off the trailer but it wasn’t exactly in mint condition and allegedly had multiple safety violations,  which, as the legal papers say, resulted “in displeasure, annoyance and emotional distress of Taylor Lautner.”

Just give the dude his trailer, okay? Is that so much to ask for? Don’t you know he phases when he gets angry? Or worse still, do you really, want him to sic the wolf pack on you?

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Clash Of The Worlds Biggest Idiots: Michael Lohan To Sue Rachel Uchitel

So this whole six degrees of separation theory doesn’t apply for all of humanity. Because apparently, between slime balls, there’s only one degree. Case in point: Michael Lohan and Rachel Uchitel. And in true slime ball form, he’s thinking about suing her.

Michael supposedly helped Yuckitel with getting her fame whore on, including her upcoming stint on Celebrity Rehab. Who the hell would trust their “career” with Michael Lohan? She should be sued just for that alone. But to be fair, Rachel isn’t exactly known for her brains. Soooo, Papa Lohan introduced the man-eating Tiger to David Weintraub. Now this dude is supposed to be some sort of talent manager, but we seriously doubt that because he agreed to accept Rachel as a client. Scratch “talent” right off his business card.

He’s the one who got Uchitel on Celeb Rehab where she’s allegedly raking in $500,000. Now this is when it gets mangled: Michael gets a commission off the clients he gets Weintraub, who was supposed to get a 20 percent commission off of Uchitel, which he would have then shared with Lohan. But now Rachel’s apparently played both of them. Lohan said she made a payment installment of $60,000 but refused to pay anymore and gave the rest of the money to charity. And by “charity” she probably means “shoes.” To add insult to injury, she want’s the original payment back. We have no idea why, but this is Michael Lohan’s story.

No money for Weintraub means no money for Lohan. And the statements coming from both Uchitel and Weintraub seem to be telling Lohan to make like the crazy banana he is and split. Rachel’s lawyer, Gloria Allred‘s statement basically translates to “F*ck off” reading, “Rachel has no agreement either in writing or otherwise with Michael Lohan. She is mystified as to why he believes he has any legal claim. She will not dignify his comments about her with any additional response. She has no further comment on this matter.”

Lohan’s giving her a week to pay up, else it’s off to courts. Please God, let this happen.

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Hayden Christensen Takes On A TV Network With The Force

Hayden Christensen will not fade into obscurity even though he’s stopped doing movies. He recently popped onto our radar when he and cutie Rachel Bilson ended their engagement. Now he’s back again alongside his older brother suing the USA Network because they apparently plagiarized the brothers idea for a TV show.

The brothers Christensen claim they approached the channel (they’re an NBC subsidiary) in 2005 with the idea for Housecall which which going to be a comedic drama about a concierge doctor making house calls to the jet set. And Voila! USA Network has a show, now in its second season, called Royal Pains. Guess what it’s about? Yup – it’s a comedic drama about a concierge doctor making house calls to the jet set.

The brothers are crying “Rip off!” and have filed suit in Manhattan federal court. Naturally, no comment whatsoever from the network. Now a lot of people may think the siblings don’t stand a chance because of the whole ‘two little people [does Hayden count as a star, still?] versus a network’ odds, but consider Christensen/Darth Vader’s nemesis Yoda’s words: “Size matters not … Look at me. Judge me by size, do you?”

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